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José Alvear

Streaming Media Expert

José Alvear joined Streaming Media, Inc. as Senior Editor in May 2000. His relationship with the company dates to March 1999, when he began editing the Streaming Media Newsletter, the world's #1 e-mail newsletter focusing on the streaming media industry. Previously, he was a freelance writer contributing to various publications about the new media industry and a speaker at many computer and multimedia conferences. He is also the author of the first technical book on streaming called "Guide to Streaming Multimedia" published in 1998 by John Wiley.

Articles for José Alvear

On2 Previews VP5

In an interview, On2 CEO Douglas McIntyre discusses the company’s latest codec, VP5, and its potential for Internet streaming and the set-top box market.

Streaming Media News Roundup

Although the newly announced CARP royalty rates garnered the most headlines this week, other big stories involved wireless streaming, online movies and some new (and big) entrants into the streaming field. Senior Editor José Alvear looks at this week’s noteworthy news.

Comparing the Royalty Rates

Streaming Media News Roundup

This week Apple demonstrated--but didn’t release--QuickTime 6. In other news, there were updated products from Virage and Telestream, plus Arbitron is offering a preview of its new Internet radio study. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a look at this week’s notable news.

Apple Demos QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4 Support

During Tuesday’s QuickTime Live conference, Apple unveiled QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4 support. But Apple held back its official release because of stringent “per hour” fees associated with the MPEG-4 license pool. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a look at the not-yet released QuickTime 6.

Streaming Media News Roundup

Internet-enabled stereo systems, new funding, new patents and a new ISMA member rounds out this week’s news. Senior Editor José Alvear reports on the major happenings in the streaming world.

Amnis Streams for the Government

Company sees increased market opportunity for video surveillance.

Globix Mulls Bankruptcy

Company cites turbulent market conditions as contributing factor.

Streaming Drives Success At

At Streaming Media East, Christie Hefner, chairman and CEO of Playboy, showed how streaming is driving the success at

Virage Shows Gamut of Streaming Applications

At Streaming Media East on Thursday, Virage CEO and President Paul Lego showed how enterprise and media companies use streaming media.

Generic Media Unveils Live Streaming

At Streaming Media East, the transcoding and delivery company also announces a new Japanese customer and additional wireless support.

Microsoft Unveils Corona

During his keynote at Streaming Media East, Will Poole, VP at Microsoft’s Digital Media Division unveiled the newest version of its Windows Media technology, code-named "Corona". Technical Editor Bill Bernat and Senior Editor José Alvear spoke to Microsoft about Corona on Tuesday.

RealNetworks Moves to MPEG-4

RealNetworks adds support for MPEG-4 via Envivio plug-ins, as the industry moves to the upcoming streaming standard. Senior Editor José Alvear reports from Streaming Media East in New York.

DAM: Building Utility into Media (Part II)

Whether it’s baseball game footage or corporate training videos, audio and video archives can be a true asset — but only if they’re well managed. Digital asset management technologies can put your media to work for you. Senior Editor José Alvear gives us the lay of the land. Launches Music Subscription Service

New "Rhapsody" service lets users stream music from independent labels and beats MusicNet and PressPlay out of the gate.

RealNetworks Launches RealOne

After unveiling the RealOne subscription, player and content in June, RealNetworks launched the RealOne consumer offering on Tuesday with premium content from ABCNews, FoxSports, CNN, CBS and the unveiling of MusicNet's music subscription service. Senior Editor José Alvear looks at RealNetworks most ambitious offerings to date.

Live365 Down Due to Connectivity Problems

Over 30,000 webcasters are down after its bandwidth provider shuts down Live365's Internet service provider on Monday.

DAM: Building Utility into Media

Whether it’s baseball game footage or corporate training videos, audio and video archives can be a true asset — but only if they’re well managed. Digital asset management technologies can put your media to work for you. Senior Editor José Alvear gives us the lay of the land.

Williams Gets Court Approval to Purchase Assets of iBEAM

Williams Communications gets intellectual property, customers and other assets for $25 million in cash.

ContentGuard Speaks Digital Rights Language

Senior Editor José Alvear delves into digital rights as the company releases XrML 2.0

Yahoo! Uses SpotLife for Video E-Mail

Service currently supports only Windows users.

Noize Play Goes for Advertainment

Series launches featuring combination of games and branding.

HotRoof Expands Line, Gets New Funding

Company releases Streamwriter Select and Streamwriter Direct and gets $825,000 in new funding.

DSMCi and Convera in Court Dispute

Asset management company DSMCi files a $15 million lawsuit against competitor Convera alleging theft of trade secrets. Senior Editor José Alvear talks to both companies.

Microsoft Unveils Producer for PowerPoint 2002

Microsoft's new streaming and presentation authoring software is available free today for PowerPoint 2002 users.

Court: AOL Must Stop Distributing AOL 6.0 Software

U.S. Court said that AOL is using PlayMedia's MP3 decoding engine without permission and must stop distributing its AOL 6.0 disks.

NaviSite Gets Key Financing

Troubled NaviSite announced on Tuesday that it had received cash from Compaq, and a retirement of debt.

Clear Channel Starts Radio Subscriptions

After trying to make money on Internet radio, Clear Channel turns offs its free streaming and makes listeners pay $6.95 a month to listen to syndicated talk shows. Senior Editor José Alvear tunes in.

Radiowave Shuts Down

Lack of advertising contributed to downfall.

ChainCast Acquires StreamAudio

Peer-to-peer streaming company acquires provider of streaming radio services for an undisclosed amount.

Network Appliance Gets RealNetworks Certification

Network Appliance's storage devices get stamp of approval from RealNetworks.

Liquid Audio Mulls Buyout Offer

Discussions deteriorate in buyout drama.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Media Player for XP

Launch party festivities include live concert by Sting.

NetRadio shuts down

Intertainer Rolls Out VOD Services

Movies on demand got a big boost Wednesday, as Intertainer debuted the first widely available broadband video on demand service, available in 35 cities in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Hollywood studios are busy readying their own VOD services to debut soon. Senior Editor José Alvear reports on the burgeoning VOD market.

NetRadio Shuts Down

After five years of streaming music programming, NetRadio fails to get funding and shut down its operations.

Inktomi Networks with CUNA Mutual

Inktomi will provide financial services company with its Media Publisher solution.

iBEAM Files for Bankruptcy; Williams Purchases iBEAM Assets for $25 Million

Ailing iBEAM files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and gets loan from Williams Communication.

New Hardware Broadens Streaming Server Market

In a big week for streaming servers, Real cut a deal with Compaq to distribute its RealSystem iQ, while SGI unveiled its Origin 300 server. The result is more choices in an already complex market for streaming server hardware. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a closer look at this changing landscape.

Yahoo! Unveils E-Learning Solution

Solution created for on-demand access for small groups or companies.

ISMA Unveils MPEG-4 Specs

The ISMA unveils MPEG-4 interoperability specifications, calling it a "blueprint" for streaming media. But critics, like Microsoft, see MPEG-4 as an incomplete solution. Senior Editor José Alvear and Associate Technical Editor Bill Bernat report on what the specification means to the industry.

RealONE: All For One

This week, RealNetworks announced its new all-in-one media player, RealONE. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a first look at the new features of RealONE.

Surgient Surges Forward

Surgient gets RealNetworks' certification for its data center streaming server.

Loudeye Acquires Activate for $4 Million

Company looks to strengthen its enterprise streaming business.

RealNetworks Unveils RealONE Platform

At the RealConference in Seattle, RealNetworks unveiled a new integrated streaming/jukebox player, re-branded its subscription service and showcased a new platform for content developers. Senior Editor José Alvear reports on RealONE and how it's heating up the media player battle.

Convera and NBA Terminate Agreement

Convera shifts business strategy from interactive services to software products.

Interactive Video Technologies Buys Digital Lava Assets

Company cites inability to secure funding as reason behind sale.

Webconferencing Companies Offer Services Amid Crisis

After the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, online collaboration and videoconferencing companies are seeing increased demand and higher stock prices. Senior Editor José Alvear finds some companies using streaming to help those affected by the tragedy.

Sonic Foundry to Acquire MediaSite

Company plans to offer single source solution for managing media.

Disney and News Corporation Announce Video on Demand Service

Companies follow in footsteps of other major movie studios.

BroadWare Helps Companies Monitor Business

After receiving $7.7 million in funding, BroadWare inks a deal to push its monitoring services to businesses looking to take their cameras online.

AOL Time Warner Joins the ISMA

The Internet Streaming Media Alliance counts AOL Time Warner, Inktomi and others as new members.

California State University Boosts Training

Playback Media signs an agreement with CSU to offer its e-Learning program to over 41,000 faculty and staff.

Autodesk Acquires Media 100's Streaming Software for $16 Million

Design resource company enters streaming media space with acquisition.

Peer-to-Peer Streaming Finds Friends

A new breed of companies is targeting the peer-to-peer distribution method to lower the costs of streaming. Can they help alleviate the economies of streaming? Senior Editor Jose Alvear reports.

Webcast Audience Over 50 Percent of Internet Users

Recent study reveals over 70 million people stream.

AtomShockwave Re-Launches Web Site, Adds New Content

Company also strikes year-long ad insertion deal.

On2 Releases Codec to Open Source

Source code will be available sometime this quarter.

WorldStream Shuts Down

Provider of enterprise streaming solutions dismisses employees last week after failing to get funding.

Sharpening Business Skills with Ninth House

San Francisco-based company announces new version of its business skills streaming system.

WebTrends Unveils New Analysis Software

Company unveils updates software that can analyze and report streaming server log files.

Court Rules Against Broadcasters

A district court ruled today that terrestrial radio stations must pay music labels extra money to stream online, while two congressmen introduced new legislation to help out webcasters.

NaviSite Cuts 25 Percent of Workforce

NaviSite says its Streaming Media Group unaffected by layoffs.

Big Brother Webcast Counts 25,000 Subscribers

Offering proves success of paid subscription services.

Videoconferencing Companies Team Up

PictureTel and First Virtual finalize alliance announced earlier this year.

Digital Pipe and enScaler Team Up For Enterprise

On the heels of Inktomi's aggressive move into the enterprise space, Digital Pipe and enScaler join forces to help manage, secure and distribute corporate content.

RealNetworks Cuts 15 Percent of Workforce

Layoffs follow disappointing second quarter results.

Ampex Shuts Down iNEXTV

Ampex shuts down its iNEXTV Internet content subsidiary, while announces it filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.

Audible Cuts Jobs

Audible announces an almost 40% workforce reduction, including the resignation of its CEO Thomas Baxter.

Microsoft Pushes Windows Media Player Forward

Microsoft unveils a Mac OS X version of its Windows Media Player, and adds MP3 ripping and DVD playback support in its upcoming Windows XP.

Exclusive Deal for On2 and Real

RealNetworks Licenses On2's VP4 Codec

Inktomi Reaches for the Enterprise

Company acquires eScene and announces new product offerings.

Sorenson Puts the Squeeze on Mac

Company unveils new compression tool for Macintosh users.

NaviSite Scores with Wimbledon

Company reports 750,000 streams.

eYada No More

Company shuts down leaving listeners with an e-mail goodbye.

Loudeye Tunes in to Radio

Company acquires theDial; expands its presence in Internet radio.

CBS and RealNetworks Offer up Big Brother Subscriptions

Fans of the TV show must now pay to view live streams.

Live365: "We're Not Closed"

Company denies demise despite rumors.

RealNetworks Partners with Symbian

Announcement underscores the opportunities — and limitations — of the wireless streaming space, while heating up yet another potential battle between Real and Microsoft.

Yahoo! Buys Launch for $12 Million

Launch also settles its suit with Universal and looks to sell its Warped Tour concert property.

Generic Media: Expanding in Many Directions

With a new partnership with CDN Akamai for content delivery and updated multimedia solutions for handhelds, Generic is making a big push with "platform agnostic" services in a market hungry for simplification.

iBEAM Glows in Light of Financing

Company gets $30 Million from Williams Communications.

RealNetworks, Microsoft Face Off on DRM

RealNetworks’ launch of the RealSystem Media Commerce Suite is the first spark in an impending battle with Microsoft and others in the digital rights management arena. Senior Editor Jose Alvear reports from Streaming Media West.

Disney VP: “Don’t Give Up”

In his keynote at Streaming Media West 2001, Disney Internet Group Executive VP Dick Glover gave the audience a pep talk and discussed the importance of digital rights management systems.

QuickTime Goes MPEG-4

In a keynote speech at Streaming Media West, Phil Schiller, vice president of worldwide product marketing for Apple, laid out the future of the format in no uncertain terms.

Clear Channel Streams Again

After two months of taking down its radio streams, Clear Channel says it will use Hiwire’s ad insertion technology to bring all of its stations back.

Media 100 and Globix Team for the Enterprise

Two companies team to provide full solution for streaming with Cleaner Live and EarthCache content delivery system.

RealNetworks Unveils Digital Security Suite

New digital rights management software will power MusicNet's subscription service.

Vingage Releases Vingage Server 5

New version is targeted at enterprise customers.

Siemens to Sell PacketVideo Technology to Carriers

Siemens to provide systems integration with carriers around the world.

Volera Announces Velocity CDN Suite

Novell subsidiary also opens a services division to help customers.

Pulse Tunes In

Company acquires audio provider.

Roadblocks for Interactive Music

Listen drops out of RIAA lawsuit while Launch brings back a modified LaunchCast.

Music Subscriptions Heat Up

Pay-for-play is the name of the game.

Brainshark Picks up the Phone

Company unveils version 5.0 of presentation technology.

Thomson Unveils MP3 Upgrade, MP3Pro

New offering features enhanced sound quality with smaller file sizes.

Bose Knows Living Rooms

Bose and Sony are targeting home entertainment systems that feature Real's streaming.

Loudeye Providing Samples to MSN Music Service

Company makes second deal in two weeks.

Arbitron Launches New Webcast Profile Service

Survey says Net users savvy.

AudioBase Gets $5 Million

News comes on heels of record revenue numbers.

RealNetworks Partners with Cisco

Cisco will incorporate RealSystem iQ into its content networking line.

TellSoft Introduces iTalkSlides 2.0

Highlights include automatic indexing feature.

Disney Sues over Movie Trailers

Studio seeks millions in damages.

Fantastic Acquires StarBurst from Adero

Products complementary to current offerings.

Luxxon Streams at the Staples Center

Luxxon's Mediator system will deliver wireless streaming to iPAQs at the Staples Center.

Talkway Announces Deal with AT&T WorldNet

AT&T will allow ISP subscribers access to Talkway's audio/Video e-mail functions.

RIAA Files Again

The quagmire over interactive music gets murkier.

Napster Chooses Loudeye

Napster will use Loudeye for song identification to detect copyrighted music.

MusicMatch Gets Bundling Deal with Sony

MusicMatch Jukebox software to be bundled with Sony CD-R/RW drives.

Streaming Ad Market to Reach $138 Million in 2001

Predicted to surpass other forms of online advertising.

Napster Joins MusicNet

Napster joins AOL, RealNetworks to offer downloading and streaming music.

Radical Communications Shutting Down

Hiwire also announces job cuts.

AtomShockwave Cuts Staff

Company streamlines focus.

Bertelsmann Acquires myPlay

Latest in a series of moves in the online music world.

.tv Unveils Personal Webcasting Solution

Users can stream video through a personalized .tv Web site. Files for Bankruptcy

Company will sell off assets.

Artesia to Acquire Marcus Technology

Deal expected to close in a few weeks.

Microsoft Releases Windows Media Updates

Additional software vendors announce support of codec.

ICDNs: Delivery into the enterprise

Back when streaming video first started catching on, many companies were compelled to try streaming over their corporate networks. But IT managers feared that streaming would clog the pipes, slowing the passage of mission-critical data. Stream-enabling a network quickly became a priority.

What Should You Look For In A CDN?

Because the total product CDNs’ supply is comprised of multiple parts and suppliers, service scope and quality can differ widely. The added-value trappings can differentiate a Ford from a Rolls Royce in the CDN world.

Brand New Infrastructure: The FedEx Model

Just like with physical goods, data must be transported from A to B. Like trucks on a highway, data usually travels the most frequented routes. But as more vehicles start cruising that highway, and as the trips become longer, packages get delayed, go astray, arrive spoiled, or don’t arrive at all.

The Players

CDNs: Fast Route to Main Street

The world of content delivery networks can confuse even a veteran to streaming, but navigating it might be necessary for the success of your streaming operation. Sr. Editor Jose Alvear and Contributor John Townley tell you how CDNs operate, how they set their prices, and why — or if — you need them.

Do You Really Need A CDN?

Comparison shopping for CDNs is crucial, as is negotiating on price once a decision has been made. But first, you’ll need to determine if you actually need — or can afford — a CDN.

Evoke Changes Name to Raindance Communications

Company on its third name.

TEN-TV Gets $5 Million in Funding

B2B video portal company gets funding from Crest Communications Holding.

Avid Expands Trilligent Line

The company is targeting the enterprise space with new Trilligent streaming systems.

Anark Launches Media Authoring Environment

Three-part system handles multiple formats.

PictureTel, FVC and CUseeMe Announce Alliance

Videoconference companies team up to integrate technologies and marketing initiatives.

iBEAM and CCBN Team for Corporate Webcasts

Companies form alliance to help customers webcast their financial presentations.

MusicMatch Unveils New Subscription Radio Service

Users get personalized radio through MusicMatch's Jukebox software.

New Companies, New Markets In Asia

In Hong Kong, at Streaming Media Asia 2001, a host of homegrown startups attempt to tap the just-emerging streaming media market.

BackWeb Goes Enterprise

Company unveils new video solution targeted at enterprise customers.

WorldStream Gets New Enterprise Clients

New study shows one in four large businesses use streaming media.

Yahoo! Unveils Yahoo! Broadcast

WildBrain, Mondo Media and among list of partners.

Automated Encoding Battle Heats Up at NAB

New enterprise-class automated encoding releases from Anystream and Telestream, and the entrance of Media 100, point to a trend toward more economical streaming.

Dwindling Dot-Coms

Companies shy away from dot-com moniker.

Inktomi Teams with F5

Inktomi's inks third OEM deal; previously partnered with HP and Compaq.

Digital Lava Partners with Network Appliance

Alliance will create streaming media enterprise solution.

Digital Fountain: Quantum Leap?

Digital Fountain unveils a new rack-mounted server that it says can change the delivery and economics of streaming.

Network Appliance Touts Enterprise CDNs

Company releases two "eCDN" packages and updated appliance and software for its streaming delivery platform.

DaimlerChrysler Chooses Amnis for Streaming Video

Amnis MPEG streaming system to be used for DaimlerChrysler's communications and training.

Bulldog and Telestream Partner for Transcoding Video

TeleStream will integrate its transcoding engine into Bulldog's digital asset management software.

Loral Cyberstar Announces Enterprise Streaming Solution

The company's new ClearStream Live service targets the corporate market.

Gotuit Snaps Up iCAST Execs

Team will help launch Gotuit's new video product.

Macromedia and Intel Team Up for 3D

Macromedia's upcoming Director 8.5 to push 3D and streaming.

HotRoof Unveils StreamWriter Publishing System

Golf Digest uses StreamWriter to deliver and publish custom golf videos.

Changes Abound at Yack

CEO and president Jeff Morris steps down; company announces more layoffs.

StreamAudio Powers Village Voice Radio

Online radio show debuts this week.

RadioFreeVirgin Allows Recording of Songs

VideoShare and Brainshark Team for Corporate Communications

Two companies combine resources to help customers distribute presentations online.

RealNetworks and Major League Baseball Announce Subscription Deal

Companies agree on a three-year deal to distribute audio and video online in a subscription format.

StickyFish Rewards Users for Consuming Streaming Media

Yet another program launches that rewards users for watching or listening to streaming media.

PSMG Changes Name to GlobalStreams; Gets $22 Million

Company gets funding from Highland Capital Partners after acquiring parent company Play Inc.

3Com Drops Kerbango

3Com cites the slowing economy for discontinuing its consumer appliances, including the Kerbango and Audrey.

First Virtual and CUseeMe Merge

Companies to combine their videoconferencing and IP video technologies.

Compaq and Inktomi Team Up for Caching Appliances

Inktomi furthers its alliance with Compaq by integrating caching and streaming support on Compaq's TaskSmart appliances.

Madge Launches Content Delivery Service

First customer, will use Madge.web to distribute its streaming.

Loudeye Buys OnAir Assets

Company looks to expand to online radio after purchasing assets from OnAir Streaming Networks.

AtomShockwave Officially Launches

The newly merged company gets almost $23 million in financing.

Digital Lava Cuts Jobs, Concludes Investigation

After the company finishes its internal investigation regarding sales, Digital Lava announces 22 percent job cuts.

MeasureCast Unveils Internet Radio Index

New index to detail the growth of Internet radio usage.

Media 100 Announces Cleaner Live

New software gives Media 100 a webcasting solution.

Globix Unveils Automatic Transcoding Service

New service adds "hands off" transcoding of digital files.

Streamedia Fires Chairman

Company makes sudden move to get back on track.

British Parliament Using Virage

Westminster Digital uses Virage for Parliament footage.

Virtuebroadcasting Partners for European Streaming Network

Interoute invests 12 million euros in Virtuebroadcasting to build European streaming network.

Enron and Blockbuster Terminate Relationship

Enron and Blockbuster announced Friday that they have terminated their exclusive relationship.

Grass Valley Group Goes Streaming

Broadcast veteran announces its new Aqua Internet Encoder, for encoding audio and video.

Akamai and Context Media Partner

Companies will co-market their products and services.

Nortel and PacketVideo Team Up for Wireless Streaming

PacketVideo will use Nortel's UMTS for testing its wireless streaming video solution.

Streaming to the Home

Streaming media is leaping into your living room as SonicBlue, Microsoft and RealNetworks make deals.

Internet Broadcasting Systems Using Anystream

IBS says it will use Anystream's Agility Enterprise encoding for its local TV station partners.

eScene Upgrades Training Application

StreamLine 2.2 includes better functionality for workgroups and integration with CDNs.

Miami, Cincinnati and Houston Top Streaming Usage

A new study by Nielsen/NetRatings finds the top 20 cities consuming streaming media.

Activate Opens Network Operations Center

Activate's "Grand Central" facility opens, then gets jolted by the Seattle earthquake.

StarBak Releases Updated Streaming Appliance

New Torrent 100 1.1 increases the number of simultaneous streams.

Pinnacle Ships New StreamGenie

New version boasts faster processing capabilities.

CUseeMe Announces Enterprise Version of CUseeMe Web

New version focuses on business rather than consumers.

Blockbuster to Distribute Universal Movies over VOD

Announces additional deal with Radio Shack.

EyeWonder To Provide Technology to Shopping Channel UK

Company will license its Java-based streaming.

MidStream Gets New CEO

Edward L. Huguez, formerly of INTERVU, is appointed CEO.

BBC Gets into Streaming

The BBC is setting up a new company to take on digital media and streaming. "There is Money in Streaming"

After trying the consumer side of streaming, Media1st turned to e-learning and is finding early success.

PacketVideo Updates Wireless Streaming Platform

Wireless streaming video company unveils PVPlatform 2.0, and a new trial with mobile operator Swisscom.

Generic Media: The Next Big Thing

It may not be the top-secret "IT" device that promises to change the world, but Generic Media says its new publishing service can change the economics of streaming.

Intel Drops Out of Streaming

Intel is closing up its Intel Internet Media Services division.

CacheFlow Unveils cIQ Streaming Services

New services support live and on-demand streaming delivery.

Qualcomm Teams with and

Qualcomm's BREW platform will enable development of audio over cell phones.

Audible Gets $10 Million Investment from Microsoft

Audible's stock price skyrockets over 100 percent.

Nasdaq Halts Trading on Digital Lava

After postponing the release of its earnings results, the Nasdaq halts trading on Digital Lava.

Court Awards BroadcastAmerica Assets to SurferNETWORK

After filing for bankruptcy, BroadcastAmerica's radio assets are awarded to SurferNETWORK.

Clear Channel Buys Into Internet Radio

One of the largest terrestrial radio groups buys Enigma Digital, owner of GrooveRadio and

Digital Pipe and Activate Team Up for Enterprise Streaming

Activate to carry data over its network.

OPTX Unveils New ScreenWatch 3.0

New version of screen capture software adds support for high color and includes live webcasting.

WordWave Teams with Convera

WordWave will use Convera's Screening Room product to make it easier to search video content.

Novell Launches New Content Delivery Venture, Volera

Nortel and Accenture take minority equity positions in the new company. Launches Short Film Site

New "Fusion" site, launched in partnership with

Loudeye to Acquire DiscoverMusic

Acquisition enables Loudeye to quickly establish a lead as provider of music samples to online music retailers.

Speedera Announces Live Streaming Solution

Adds support for live streaming to its existing on-demand content delivery system.

Super Bowl, Boob Bowl — Take Your Pick

The Super Bowl marketing machine kicks in. Super Bowl XXXV will be streamed — in audio only — and will have weeklong pre-game coverage online. Or if the game isn't your cup of tea, check out all the Super Bowl commercials and the "Boob Bowl".

Jukebox Market Heats Up

Apple releases new iTunes jukebox; fuels the flames of competition.

Macromedia Acquires Allaire

Two Web design software companies merge in $360 million deal.

RealNetworks Acquires Aegisoft

Company obtains developer of secure digital media technologies in a $12 million stock deal. Files for Chapter 11

Yet another content provider goes down for the count.

Tools of the Trade: Technology Co-Pilots Online Animation

In many respects, Macromedia's Flash has become the de facto standard for creating Web animation. And with good reason. Flash movies download quickly and are relatively easy to create.

Loudeye Cuts Jobs, Announces Preliminary Q4 Revenue

Cost cutting moves allow Loudeye to save about $3 million a year.

Evoke Restructures; Sells Webcasting Business to Digital Island

Evoke lays off 112 in restructuring itself away from streaming live events and focusing on collaboration and webconferencing.

Texas Instruments Chips To Support Real

Chipmaker announces it will support RealAudio and RealVideo in its digital signal processors.

Surgient Networks Secures $57 Million

Second round funding comes from Cisco and Enron Broadband Services.

SonicBox Changes Name, Hires New CEO

Co-founder Niko Bolas named chairman as company makes key manufacturing deals.

nCUBE Files Patent Suit Against SeaChange

Video on demand company nCUBE, claims SeaChange is violating its patent.

Mshow Regroups, Lays Off 24 percent of Workforce

Company cuts staff across the board.

Cidera Fires CEO, COO and Lays Off 130 Employees

Founder and chairman Doug Humphrey assumes CEO duties. Cuts 40 Percent of Staff

Company restructures, eliminating 52 jobs.

Genesys Acquires Astound

The move is intended to give Genesys an advantage in the Web conferencing arena.

Intel and Excalibur Form Convera

The combination between Intel's media division and Excalibur is completed.

POPcast Unveils POPblaster Streaming Software

New software is optimized for Intel's new Pentium 4 chip.

ACTV Files Suit Against Disney

ACTV claims that Disney is violating its enhanced TV patents; Disney disagrees. and Warner Music Sign Video Agreement

Once rivals, the two companies now sign a marketing and video licensing deal.

Sonic Foundry Cuts 40 Percent of Workforce

Citing "holiday retail weakness" and "softening in the PC industry", Sonic Foundry adjusts business plan. and Akamai in Alliance

Mshow will utilize Akamai's streaming delivery network to enhance its services.

RealNetworks Says Earnings Are Below Expectations

Citing slower technology spending, RealNetworks warns of fourth quarter earnings.

Enron and Blockbuster Launch Movies on Demand

Video on demand trial starts in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City.

Stan Lee Media Suspends Production Operations

Animation production company lays off most of its staff and stops operations after financing fails to close. and Atomfilms to Merge

Combined company will cut 100 jobs and be headquartered in San Francisco.

Large Radio Group Selects RealNetworks’ Ad Insertion Technology

Radio Network LmiV choses Real Broadcast Networks’ radio solution and new RealSystem iQ for 190 stations.

Codec Rivalry Spurs Development

With Microsoft’s announcement this week that it has significantly reduced the bit rate requirements for CD-quality audio, the rivalry between Real and Microsoft; to achieve the best level of compression, has once again taken center stage.

Yahoo! Unveils New Webcasting Initiative

Yahoo! targets business streaming.

PacketVideo Launches Wireless Streaming Showcase

PacketVideo grabs over 40 content companies for its new guide service.

NaviSite to Expand to London

NaviSite plans to open a network operations center in London next year.

Microsoft Announces New Level of Streaming Integration

In his keynote address at Streaming Media West, Microsoft president and CEO Steve Ballmer outlined the company’s “Digital Media Everywhere” initiative, and showed off major streaming improvements for the enterprise. A major wireless streaming deal with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo was also unveiled.

Loudeye Announces Deal With BMG To Offer Music Samples

Licensing deal is a step for Loudeye to eventually offer full music subscription services.

Digital Island and Unit.Net in Pact

The two companies team for streaming media solutions in Europe.

RealNetworks Announces Content Delivery Solution

New RealSystem iQ works with multiple delivery networks.

Microcast Files for Chapter 11

Company claims acquisition fell through.

Inktomi Announces Traffic Server 4.0

Also partners with satellite company Hughes.

Polycom Acquires Accord Networks For $339 Million

Videoconferencing provider Polycom furthers its infrastructure by purchasing voice and video company Accord.

Media 100 Ramps Up Streaming Services Business

Company adds a new center in Burbank, California to serve "Digital Hollywood" clients.

iCAST Shuts Down

Another big Web entertainment site goes dark Thursday.

Aerocast Teams with Starz Encore

New broadband streaming media company will start movie trial with Starz Encore.

President David Bullis named Loudeye CEO

Loudeye founder and CEO Martin Tobias steps down and retains his chairman position.

Stan Lee Media Secure Additional Financing

Ken Williams, president and CEO, announces funding and equity line.

RealNetworks Unveils New Services for Radio Broadcasters

Real Broadcast Network (RBN) unveils e-commerce and in-stream ad solution for radio stations.

Chyron Launches Streaming Services Division

Microsoft partners and invests $6 million in Chyron.

Vividon To Unveil Streaming Appliances

New streaming content delivery company, backed with close to $20 million in funding, emerges. Releases AudibleManager 3.0 Software

New software is smaller and features auto-downloading for audio content.

Windows Media Player Has More Security Flaws

Microsoft identifies and releases software patches for security vulnerabilities in Windows Media Player 6.4 and 7.0.

Streamedia Acquires Interest in Nomad Media

Financial details not released. Changes Name to Thaon Communications

Live webcasting services company also changes symbol to THAO.

StreamSearch Cuts Jobs, Turns To Syndication Business Model

Company focuses on allowing users of wireless and next generation appliances to search and play multimedia.

Evoke Co-Founder To Resign

Webconferencing company cuts 91 jobs. In Trouble

Radio broadcasting provider gets $1 million cash infusion and cuts 25 percent of staff in order to survive the next few months.

CMGI Exits Entertainment Business, Will Sell iCAST

Yet another content company is in trouble. iCAST is forced to close offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles after CMGI says it will exit the entertainment business. If no buyer is found by the end of January, iCAST will be shut down.

Music Marketing with QuickTime

Premiering music exclusively on the Internet is nothing new. But as the holiday shopping season approaches, labels are finding new ways to market their music.

Broadcast America Files for Bankruptcy, Gets Acquired

BroadcastAmerica announced it has filed for Chapter 11 protection in Maine as part of its acquisition by

iNEXTV Signs Video Syndication Deals

Inks Deal with Juno and EWRX for automotive, travel and other video content.

Max Internet CEO and President Resign

Amidst an avalanche of investor class action lawsuits, top company executives stepped down on Wednesday.

NetRadio Tops Arbitron's August Webcast Ratings

NetRadio gets 6 out of the top 10 spots

Quality Control: Streaming Measurement Services Show the Way

New streaming quality service offerings from Keynote, Exodus and Streamcheck promise to make it easier to determine how streams are being delivered and viewed by end-users. Keynote has developed a controversial new streaming quality scale as the basis of its rankings.

Streamedia In Turmoil: President/CEO and CFO Resign

Chairman appoints board member Henry Siegel as interim president and CEO amidst top executive and board resignations.

Microsoft and Eloquent Partner

Eloquent will use Windows Media in its line of servers and will now support all major file formats.

Sonic Foundry Starts New Services Division

The company says its

Incanta Gets $12 Million in Funding

Investors include Mosaic Venture Partners, AT&T Canada and Intel Capital.

TVHouse Provides Content to

New company will provide syndicated video to news and corporate sites. Strikes Preliminary Deal with Music Publishers will pay $30 million in a three-year music licensing deal with the Harry Fox Agency; the organization representing songwriters and publishers.

Exodus Unveils Streaming Media Services

Company adds streaming media consulting, design and management to its web hosting and measurement offerings.

RealNetworks Reports Third Quarter Earnings

Ad revenues are slowing but the company's earnings are in line with Wall Street expectations.

PanAmSat to Deliver Streaming to Excite@Home

PanAmSat's NET-36 company will deliver audio and video over its satellite network.

Kasenna and Team Up

Companies will combine technologies into a server/delivery platform.

Comedy World Gets $20.5 Million in Funding

Online entertainment site moves to radio and TV markets. Revamps Site, Adds

IDT Launching Broadband TV Network

dotTV Sells TV.TV to IDT Corporation for an undisclosed amount.

AxessPoint Acquires Starlight Networks From PictureTel

Distance learning company buys Starlight from PictureTel's 1414c subsidiary.

Kamera Signs Deal with

European webcaster partners with Endemol to create new reality show and web site.

BMG Starts Offering Digital Downloads

Music label releases more than 100 albums and singles.

TellSoft Adds Conferencing Services to iTalkSlides

Also announces that iPolitics and the U.S. House of Representatives will use iTalk services.

Popcast Makes Deal with BT

Also says it will open an office in London to target the European market.

Microsoft Streams Into Europe

Microsoft partners with European streaming companies. Providing Updates on Middle East Crisis

Company is webcasting on-demand daily audio and video news feeds.

Chyron Partners with Excalibur

Companies combine software and service offerings.

Kasenna Unveils Content Distribution Platform

New video distribution architecture helps deliver the

Myplay Cuts Editorial and Marketing Jobs

The company will increase workforce in sales and business development, but cut down on original content.

Intel Opens Broadcast Center in Europe

Also announces new European streaming customers.

Eveo Filmmaker Gets a Hollywood Agent

Oliver Wolfson, director of animated short

Excite@Home Unveils

Uses VideoShare's technology to allow sharing of videos with Excite's e-greetings.

Novell and Akamai in Content Delivery Alliance

Novell and Akamai work together to integrate technologies, but caching competitor Inktomi is forming its own broad alliance.

CanalWeb Creates UK Subsidiary

CanalWeb Teams with H2P for webcasting.

Globix Gets Equity Stake in UK-based Simplywebcast

Companies combine to provide streaming media and hosting services.

MeasureCast Teams with Interep and Katz for Online Ads

Leading ad rep companies partners with measurement firm MeasureCast

Rivercast Reselling DoTell's Streaming Services

Swedish streaming company Rivercast markets technology as

WildTangent Powers Games on Winamp Player

Winamp users can play 3D interactive games from their players.

Emblaze Gets Wireless Content from ShowMeTV

Provider of “how-to” video clips will let users access video on GEO’s Emblaze wireless solution.

Sonic Foundry & MusicMatch Unveil New Jukebox Software

Sonic Foundry plays catch up, while MusicMatch shows off customized MP3 radio stations in its new player.

EMI and Warner Call Off Music Mega-Merger

Two music labels drop merger plans after negotiating with the European Commission.

Pinnacle Partners with WorldStream Communications

The two companies will team up to deliver webcasting solution.

WordWave Debuts Searchable Streaming Media Service

There are more choices for companies looking to make their streaming audio and video searchable. WordWave and Vodium recently came out of the gates with searchable video offerings.

Film Roman Distributing Animated Shorts

Teams with BroadcastAmerica, Intertainer and to distribute its animated content.

Wonderhorse Gets $3.1 Million

VoIP company gets funding and looks to launch soon.

Widevine Releases Secure Streaming Media Solution

Startup Widevine says its Cypher solution encrypts streaming audio and video on the fly, but competitor SecureMedia says theirs is a more complete solution.

Genesys Conferencing to Acquire Vialog for $241 Million

French conferencing company buys into web conferencing company.

Streaming21 and the Fantastic Corp. to Integrate Technologies

Companies will work together to create a streaming/distribution solution.

NetRadio's President and CEO Resigns

Longtime CEO, Ed Tomechko, resigned unexpectedly today.

Apple Stock Falls Over 50%

Slow sales means Apple will have lower than expected earnings.

NetRadio to Launch Comedy Radio Station

Teams with cable channel Comedy Central to start new Internet station.

Akamai Unveils Digital Rights Management Solution

Teams with DRM Company Reciprocal to resell services. Cuts 30% of Staff

Custom CD maker reorganizes and cuts staff to slow burn rate.

Windows Media Player Has Security Flaw

Microsoft releases patch to fix "vulnerability" in Windows Media Player 7.

MTVi Cuts 25% of Workforce

MTVi seeks to improve inefficiencies across the entire company.

TDK and Optibase Introduce MPEG-4 Streaming Server Software

Companies partner to develop software to be used on broadband and mobile markets.

CinemaNow and FILMSpeed Make Separate Movie Deals

Companies seek to promote and stream more movies on the Internet.

Q&A with Joanna Shields, CEO of Veon

Veon, the maker of authoring software, announced its new VeonSuite product today giving content creators a new way to create and manage their interactive, broadband content.

Veon Releases VeonSuite 4.0

Brand new version of Veon's broadband software/services platform lets designers create interactive, clickable streaming video.

AudioBase Unveils E-Commerce Initiatives

Audio company powers, Gap and other stores to make ordering easier and reduce the number of users that abandon their online shopping carts.

Artesia Gets $26 Million in Financing

Company gets investments by BEA, Enron Broadband, Vignette, Razorfish, Protege Virtual Management Solutions and Warburg Pincus Ventures.

Online Radio Gets A New Hook for Ad Revenue

Targeted audio ad insertion technology is here, which allows online radio stations to strip away their regular ads and replace them with highly targeted in-stream audio ads for web listeners. Is this the killer Web app for radio stations?

Polycom Ships ViaVideo Desktop Video Appliance

Loudeye Gets License to Encode Universal Music

Will encode 30-60 second clips from U.S. catalog.

BYOBroadcast Secures $1.5 Million in Angel Funding

ASP company gets funding and names investors to board of directors.

Vividon Enters Content Delivery Market

New company aims to help deliver video over the Internet.

Evoke to Power eBay's Live Auctions

eBay to use live audio webcasts for its fine collectibles.

Q&A with Paul Sagan, President of Akamai

Akamai's being attacked from all sides but it went on the offensive Monday when it sued Digital Island for patent infringement. Forms New Division: ViewCast.Online

Hardware company moves into the services business with its new division.

Everstream Secures $8.5 Million

Gets Knight Ridder Ventures, Gannett and Pulitzer as investors.

Pseudo Bites the Dust

The last of the great, original content sites shuts its doors on Monday--just the latest in a string of content companies to close down. Apparently Pseudo couldn't stay afloat even after a $14 million round of funding in May and a recent restructuring. Can any content company build a large audience without going out of business first?

Virgin Radio Claims July Arbitron Webcasting Crown

NetRadio and KNAC round out the top three spots.

PictureTel Reorganizes Business Lines and Shuffles Management

Lew Jaffe, President and COO, to head worldwide sales.

Digital Pipe Unveils Distance Learning Initiative

Caliber Learning Network will use Digital Pipe's solution.

iCast Streamlines, Cuts 30 Jobs

Company says it isn't in trouble, just redefining itself

Speedera Unveils Streaming Media Delivery Service

Akoo Introduces Kima Wireless Audio Device

Lets users listen to streaming audio from any radio or stereo.

WAVO Sells Satellite Delivery Division to Cidera

Cidera to pay $14.5 million in stock and cash transaction.

FullAudio Gets $15 Million in Financing

Will introduce music subscription service delivering music to hardware devices.

Savos and in Wireless Partnership

Will add's audio content to its music portal.

Intel and Excalibur Call New Company

Yack Calls off ChannelSeek Acquisition

In a surprising turn of events, Yack cancelled its planned acquisition of rival streaming portal ChannelSeek. Now ChannelSeek is left with a bare bones staff and is forced to look for another buyer. What's behind the failed deal?

Lycos Launches VideoCenter, Personal Video Site

Partners with ASP Videoshare for stream hosting duties.

Inetcam Introduces iVISTA 3.0 Streaming Webcam Software

Lets users stream audio and video from webcams. Lays Off Twenty

New management looks for a slimmer

Brainshark Snares $14 Million

Investors in second round of funding include 3i, OneLiberty, SI Ventures, Citizens Capital, and Reach LLC

Network Appliance Buys WebManage for $75 Million

Content delivery company NetApp buys software company and unveils its new strategy.

StreamSearch Unveils Chinese and Japanese Guides

Will roll out further expansion into Asia later this year.

UltraCo Releases UltraPlayer 2.0

New MP3 player also plays video.

Vsoft Integrates Software into Broadband Set-Top System

Vsoft’s VideoClick@Home to be integrated into Stellar One's broadband video device.

More Options Ahead for Web Radio Fans

New Arbitron study indicates that 20% of Americans have listened to web radio.

Cisco Acquires PixStream for $369 Million

Networking giant Cisco buys hardware/software provider PixStream on Thursday. With its announcement Monday of its content delivery network solution, Cisco is undoubtedly betting big on its video networking efforts.

TeraNex Raises $30 million

Investors in encoding company include BancBoston, Audax Group, Crest Communications Holdings, and Time Warner.

Intel to Resell Virage's Services

Intel's Internet Media Services division teams with Virage to cross-sell each others streaming services

SealedMedia Introduces Secure Video

San Francisco-based digital rights management company offers solution for purchasing video.

TellSoft Signs Agreement With iSyndicate

Will enable iSyndicate's subscribers to use TellSoft's services to add streaming audio.

iVAST Secures $8.5 Million, Hires CEO

The Silicon Valley start-up is looking to implement MPEG-4 streaming technologies.

SBC Invests $5 Million in

SBC's venture capital company buys stock and warrants and gets a seat on the board.

Artesia Releases TEAMS 4.0 Asset Management Solution

New TEAMS 4.0 offers support for New XML-based multimedia synchronization language. Launches Video Entertainment Site

Yo Networks unveils entertainment and city guide site.

Yack Launches Teen-centric Portal,

Streaming media savvy 12 to 18-year olds get their own site guide.

POPcast Makes Streaming Deal With Microsoft

Microsoft will use POPcast's streaming publishing and hosting services for its Windows Movie Maker software.

V-SPAN Gets Undisclosed Investment from Enron

Enron will deliver V-SPAN video content over its delivery network.

Sonic Foundry Sacks 20 Employees

Company will combine Santa Monica offices to improve

GEO Interactive Opens for Business in U.S.

Java-based streaming company opens U.S. headquarters in New York

Evoke Works with

Evoke will power webconferencing tools at Excite@Home's

Soundbreak Signs Agreement With RIAA will pay undisclosed amount of royalties to artists.

Macromedia Ships Flash 5

Includes better integration with other Macromedia products and share-able code.

VTEL Cuts 200 Jobs

Videoconferencing company reorganizes to better focus on video networking.

Avid and IBM Ship Streaming Solution

Avid's Xpress DV 1.5 to ship with IBM IntelliStation.

Inktomi, Adero and AOL Announce Content Delivery Alliance

AOL also makes investment in Adero.

New Canadian Streaming Media Portal Launches

Toronto-based Look Communications unveils

Livecast and Partner

Companies team up for streaming video from Latin Grammy Awards

Kasenna Tags Aegisoft to Encrypt Streaming Content

Companies team up to offer secure streaming on Kasenna's broadband streaming system.

WildTangent Partners with Indigo Moon for Online Games

Indigo Moon is licensing Wild Tangent’s “DirectX for the Web” technology to build premium online games.

Reliacast and Cisco Collaborate

Cisco gets Reliacast's audience management and reporting product.

Virage to Offer Searchable Video to LEXIS-NEXIS

LEXIS-NEXIS will provide its users with Announces Wireless Streaming Video Plans

Starting a video inititative for Settles Suit with Sony Music

Sony grants license to play music on its service.

RichFX Powers Shopping Site

3-D Imaging company shows off a rich media shopping experience where users can browse, zoom and manipulate objects.

LiveWave Shows Off Sharks at

Developer of live video cams showcases streaming cams at's Streams WOR

Gets contract to stream the talk radio station and build a custom-branded player.

FastForward Networks Moves Forward

San Francisco-based FastForward Networks officially opened for business as a software provider for content delivery companies. Its aim? To help CDNs deliver the streaming goods. How? With multicast technology.

Lycos Offers Webconferencing Through Evoke

Lycos will use Evoke's offerings to add voice chat and webconferencing to its community and business sites.

Media Station Completes $15.2 Million Investment Round

Company delivers CD-ROM titles over broadband connections.

eSynch Gets $25 Million Equity Financing

UpperStream Partners with Streaming21

Companies team up to offer MPEG-based broadband streaming solutions.

Gotuit Media Gets $2.1 Million in Angel Funding

Funding led by Topol Group

iXL Spins Off Company and Forms Digital Planet

iXL Live becomes DIGITAL PLANET to cash in on streaming solutions.

Madge.web Teams with Jumpcut

Will provide services to North American and European customers.

Savos and StreamSearch In Wireless Audio Partnership

Companies will team to offer StreamSearch's database of web programming into Savos' wireless audio service.

Q&A with Umang Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Keynote

Keynote is previewing its new streaming measurement service which promises to reveal important data about what end-users are experiencing.

Smashing Pumpkins Launch Online Radio

Channel will stream Pumpkins music from the early days to current music. Gets $15 Million in Funding

Syndication and streaming hosting provider gets first round funding from EFO Holdings to build its streaming media infrastructure.

WiredPlanet Enables Radio on Networks

WiredPlanet to deliver streaming music stations to Snowball's

Intertainer to Deliver Streaming Through Akamai

Companies partner to deliver movies and music to broadband-connected consumers.

Microsoft Releases Solaris Version of Windows Media Player

Microsoft inches closer to a Linux version, with a new version of Windows Media Player 6.3 for Solaris

Optibase Opens Office in France

Israeli-based broadband video company opens shop in France.

VideoShare Service to be Offered with Windows Me

VideoShare's streaming service will be offered with Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker To Distribute Video Through ScreamingMedia

Will package audio and video content and distribute it to ScreamingMedia's customers.

Lucasfilm and Apple Renew Their Ties

Apple will use streaming Quicktime to show videos on the making of Star Wars: Episode II.

Thomson Multimedia Swallows

Consumer electronics giant buys search company and makes its move into the digital media and streaming industry.

Madge.web and Inktomi Form Alliance

Madge will use Inktomi products on its delivery network.

Adobe Files Suit Against Macromedia

Adobe claims that Macromedia's upcoming Flash 5 animation software copies the user interface from Adobe.

iBEAM Broadcasting Announces New Pay Per View Service

iBEAM unveils pay per view and interactive features.

iCAST Expands Internet Radio Programming

Company unveils redesign of site and new version of the iCASTER software.

Scour Boosts its Legal Team to Fight Lawsuits

The company hires litigator Fred Bartlit, Harvard law professor Arthur Miller and property rights author, Peter Toren to defend itself against the RIAA, MPAA and NMPA. Integrates RealSystem 8 Into ViewCast System

ViewCast's system to include the latest RealSystem.

Ecast Adds Eveo's Short Films To Network

Eveo teams with Ecast to allow broadcasts of video shorts on Ecast net appliances. To Allow Multimedia Searches Using StreamSearch

Users will be able to search StreamSearch's content for audio/video content and events.

Evoke Unveils Java-Based Media Player

Users can choose between RealPlayer and Evoke's new Java-based Media Player when sending Talking Email messages.

CUseeMe Networks Announces Agreement With Compaq

The company will provide IP-based voice and visual communications solutions to ISPs and ASPs in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.

WildTangent To Syndicate Content Through iSyndicate

Redmond start-up developing Partners With AltaVista will give AltaVista its directory of over 4,000 radio webcasters.

Excite@Home Opens Video Editing/Sharing Site

Teams with Media100 to offer IntroDV MovieMate software for editing and encoding of movies. Reports Net Loss of Over $7 Million in Second Quarter

Also announces the acquisition of Eight Cylinder Studios. Buys Magnitude Network Radio Stations for $6 Million gets more terrestrial radio stations that are streaming on the web, while Magnitude's sister company iCAST focuses more on web only stations.

Eyewonder Shows Off Java Streaming

Company says no player downloads are needed for watching streaming media. Using TellSoft's Technology

New site lets celebrities record and stream comments and opinions.

Metricom and PacketVideo Partner

Companies team up to deliver content--including streaming media--over Metricom's broadband wireless network.

New Streaming Video E-Mail Service Unveiled

Digital Media Works shows off web-based video email and video greetings. Launches Broadband and Wireless Unit

Former DirectTV dxecutive Jon Eastman joins the company to lead the charge.

AltaVista to Aggregate Content from iCAST

iCAST Purchases Shortbuzz Short Film Site

Tribune Ventures and NBC Make Investment in The FeedRoom

Tribune and NBC to Provide News Content to FeedRoom

Digital Origin Bundles Products Into Media Suite Launches All-Request Radio With Live DJs

Listeners can make live requests via e-mail and chat with DJs.

WebTrends New Server Analysis Software Supports Streaming

Enterprise Suite 5.0 Supports RealNetworks, Microsoft and Apple Media Servers.

Making In-Stream Advertising a Reality. . .

Q&A with Todd Harris, CEO and President of Hitplay Media

RocketVox Teams with NeoInformatics

First video application to debut this fall.

Warner Bros. Teams With PacketVideo for Wireless Multimedia

Warner will use Marvin the Martian to identify PacketVideo.

Dazzle Acquires Fast Multimedia's Personal Video Division

Forms Dazzle Europe

Visiosonic Releases Updated PCDJ Broadcaster

Lets Users Broadcast Music over the Internet

iBEAM Acquires NextVenue For $375 Million

Also Posts Net Loss of Over $33 Million for Second Quarter

Evoke IPO Greeted by Yawns

Ends the Day in Positive Territory, Up Just 1/8

Judge Shuts Down Napster

Federal Judge Marilyn Hall Patel ruled against Napster last week saying that it must stop distributing copyrighted songs. Napster competitor Scour also feels the heat after a suit filed by the RIAA and the MPAA.

Madge Networks Gets $60 Million Funding

Volendam Investeringen N.V. To Make Investments Over Next Months

Audible To Start Subscription Service

Offers Multiple Tiers of Service for Audible Spoken Audio Content

RioPort Gets $31.5 Million in Second-Round Financing

Investors include S3 Inc., Vulcan Ventures and Oak Investment Partners, EMC Corp., Quantum Technology Ventures and Mitsubishi Corp.

PlaceWare Acquires

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Myplay Launches New Music Locker Service

Supports Windows Media DRM Solution

Sonicbox Debuts Internet Radio Device

Available Now for $99

Reciprocal Offers Secure Streaming

Digital Rights System Works with Windows Media 7

Columbia Records Launches Online Radio Station

Stations Powered By MongoMusic's System Launches Entertainment Site

Audio company SRS Labs gets into net entertainment Tuesday with the launch of Don't they know that net entertainment is dying? Apparently, the company firmly believes its audio technology differentiates its from the competition.

Microsoft Officially Releases Windows Media 7

Unveils New Player with CD Burning Capability

SpotLife Secures $25 Million in 3rd Round Funding

Gets Investment from Aventic Partners, CMGI @Ventures, Atlas Venture, and Logitech

Napster Investors Form New File Sharing Company, AppleSoup

New Company Gets $2.5 Million Seed Round Acquires Pseudo's SpaceWatch Programming & Library

Terms of the Deal Not Disclosed

ActiveSky Gets More Content Partners

Company’s Media Player Lets Handheld PCs and PDA Play Video and Animations Launches Downloadable Music Store

Features Downloadable Music from Liquid Audio

PictureTel Gets $22 Million Investment

Says Second Quarter Financial Results will Not Meet Wall Street’s Expectations

AOL Makes Deal to Use RealNetworks Player

Says AOL Will Make a "Mulit-Platform" Media Player Teams With

Will Deliver Streaming Audio Business and Financial News

TellSoft Enhances iTalkService

Adds Archiving and Pre-Event Music

EMI Chooses Liquid Audio in Download Trial

Trial to Begin Later This Month

The Knot and Say “I Do”

Earthnoise Delivers Video Sharing Services for Wedding Site

NetRadio Claims Arbitron Crown for February 2000

Virgin Radio Slips to Number Three, Under Arbitron's New Methodology

Streaming21 Gets $11 Million in Funding Launches Interactive Radio

Unveiled on Brazilian Page; Other Regions to Follow Launches Animation Guide

Includes Classic Cartoons and Current Computer Animations

VastVideo: Video For Every Website

Q&A with Neil Braun, President of VastVideo

Polycom Tags Deutsche Telekom For Distribution in Germany

AT&T Creates Digital Media Platform

Says it Can Serve “10 Million Simultaneous Streaming Media Internet Users”; Parners with Real and Microsoft

WebTV Supports Windows Media

NetRadio Announces Alliance with Microsoft to Webcast WebTV Using Windows Media Launches Music Subscription Service

Service Launches July 15th

ClearBand Expands in Europe and Australia

Makes Deals with The industree and Request DSL

iMove Announces Partnership With GlobalCenter

GlobalCenter to Use Akamai's Content Delivery Network to Deliver iMove's Videos

Visual Data's Subsidiary Announces New CEO

Founder Kobayashi Retires - Gustafson Succeeds Him Launches Music Storage and Sharing Service

New Blackbox Offering Lets Users Store, Share, and Play Epitonic Music

Warner Music Takes Stake in

Also Gets License to Stream Warner Music Content

Eveo Launches EveoPitch

Lets Filmmakers Pitch Ideas to Movie Studio Execs Appoints Paul Cuthbertson as COO

Company Creates New Position

MusicBank Secures Over $20 Million

Will Stream BMG Music Using RealNetworks

FasTV Shuts Its Doors

The Internet video portal died on Friday, and all employees were fired. The probable culprit: A shaky shift to a new revenue model. But FasTV is still holding out hopes for a buyout.

Virage and Screaming Media In Syndication Deal

Will Syndicate Virage Content

Latin Music Site Dgolpe Gets $8 Million

Round Led by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst and Liberty Media

Canadian Radio Company Chooses

Hosts Nine Radio Stations

Preview Systems' Adds DRM to MusicMatch Jukebox

Company’s “ZipLock” Added to Jukebox System

Digital Pipe Taps Cisco Veteran as New COO

Gus A. Sanchez Named COO

iBEAM Acquires Rights Management Company for $3 Million

Acquires Server-Side Technologies for Hosting amd DRM

Virage IPO Rises 50% on First Day

Evoke and Cidera on the IPO Pipeline COO Resigns

Randy Cohen Leaves Company; CEO Doug McIntyre Eliminates Chief Operating Officer Role

Pinnacle Acquires Avid Sports for $24 Million

Also Releases New Video Software

RealNetworks Pushes Music With BackWeb

Music Delivered to Users Via Discreet Background Downloads Partners With WWW.COM

Will Add WWW Stations to its Database

HP Purchases $3 Million Worth of Downloadable Music from

Hewlett-Packard to Offer MP3 Music Downloads To CD-Writer Customers

RealNetworks Gives Content Programmers More Control

Updates Message Service and Lets Content Providers Showcase Content on

AENTV.COM Inks Syndication Deal With

Will Showcase Three Shows at

Loudeye Makes Move to Mobile Market

Looks to Encode Streaming Animation Over Wireless Devices; Teams with ActiveSky

Yahoo! Officially Launches Yahoo! Player

Based on Windows Media Player; Plays Yahoo! Radio Stations, MP3, and CDs

Eloquent Adds Collaborative Publishing

Lets Customers Edit and Update Presentations Online

Sonic Foundry Ships Vegas Video

Offers Video and Audio Editing and Transcoding

Digisette to Develop Cassette-Like Digital Audio Player

Device Will Play in Standard Cassette Players

Yack Launches Broadband Section

Bloomberg TV to be Distributed to Yahoo! International Sites

Yahoo's UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy Sites To Gain Bloomberg Video

RealNetworks on Your Cell Phone

RealNetworks and Nokia Team Up; Will Offer RealPlayer in Mobile Phones

GTS Interactive Releases Media Server 3.1

Lets Users Remotely Control Cameras Over the Internet

TellSoft Enhances iTalkMail Technology

Adds Security Features, Better Control of Distribution Lists Releases Media Server for Retail Channel

Linux-based Streaming MP3 Box Can Be Housed Inside Retail Establishments; Includes Phone/Ethernet Connections

Barnes & Launches Video Programming

BNTV Unveils Short Weekly Series on Authors and Books

Napster Steams Angry Coffee

Angry Coffee's Percolator music search tool tapped into Napster's database -- until Napster shut the door. Gets Big Into the Streaming Radio Biz

Q&A with Jeff Mandelbaum, president and CEO of GlobalMedia

Sony Gets Into Video Sharing

ASP Provider Vingage Provide Video Server Technology for Sony's Imagestation Site

Media 100 Unveils Pro and Amateur Editing Tools

IFinish 3.2 for Windows and EditDV and Media Cleaner for Macintosh

Aladdin Ships Mac Multi-Format Player

Offers Internet Radio Tuner, MP3, CDs and More

HMV Teams With Liquid Audio for Music Downloads

Downloadable Singles To be Offered Later This Year for $.99 to $2.99 Unveils New Codecs for Spoken Word Content

Allows for Downloading and Streaming at Various Rates

GeoVideo Networks Announces Beta of Software

Creating Fiber Optic Network for Delivery of Video

AOL Makes Music Rights Deal with InterTrust

InterTrust to Be a Technology Provider for AOL’s Digital Rights Management

Spotlife Teams with Compaq for Personal Broadcasting

Compaq Will Include SpotLife-Enabled Video Cameras in Compaq Presario Computers

3Com to Acquire Kerbango for $80 Million

3Com Gets Kerbango Standalone Internet Radio Device

Streaming21 Launches with MP3 Server and Broadband MPEG Streaming Suite

Delivers MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video, MP3 Audio and Windows Media Files

k.d. lang Joins Eveo Board of Advisors

Will Help Evaluate New Artists and Videos

More Layoffs and Reorganizations: EMusic, Pseudo and Beatnik Cut Jobs

Pseudo Shifts Strategy to New Always Live Interactive Content; Drops Channel Strategy Gets Boost From RealNetworks

Riffage Artists to be Promoted on Real’s Site and Players Provides Video Sharing to Asian-American Site

Powers User-Generated Content at aOnline

LAUNCH Teams With for Custom CDs and DVDs

Will Sell Custom Music CD and Music Video DVD

Excite@Home Announces Broadband Entertainment Site, Excite ClickVideo

Includes News, Short Films, Music Videos and Animation

Audible Makes Senior Management Appointments

Robert O. Kramer Joins as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Gerald D. Campbell as Vice President Operations

Vivity Secures $4.5 Million

Video Networking Provider Gets Funding From Red Rock Ventures Launches Radio Akoo

Portal Shows Off Internet Radio Stations on its Site

Disney Adds Streaming Content to Redesigned Site

Adds Classic and Original Shorts To Entertainment Site

iFUSE Syndicates Content

Delivers Original Youth-Oriented Content to, Scour, ScreamingMedia and iSyndicate

PictureTel Looks For Turnaround with New President and COO

Arthur Andersen Senior Director, Lewis Jaffe, Gets Top Post

Evoke Completes Acquisition of Contigo Software

Excite@Home Adds Audio and Video to Excite Clubs

Users can Store and Share Files

Pinnacle Ships StreamGenie Webcasting System

SpotLife Teams With RealNetworks

Personal Broadcasting Site To Gain Exposure from RealNetworks

Global Crossing Offers Webcast Service

Provides Real-time and on-demand Webcast Services

iCAST Develops Open Source MP3 Codec

No More Royalties and Licenses for Compression; Project Vorbis Gets Support from Wide Range of Music Players

Enron and Savvis Team Up For Content Delivery

Gets More Bandwidth from SAVVIS

Akamai Announces Streaming Partnership Program

Makes Deals With 25 Streaming Media Services and Will Launch Streaming Video Guide

Guide For's Programming

ShowBlast Launches Presentation Playback Site

Lets Users Store and Show Rich Media Presentations Pushes Music Service Provider Angle

Will Find Revenue Opportunities for Hardware and Software Developers

Thomson Multimedia Invests in MusicMatch Again

Also Integrates MusicMatch Jukebox into Its MP3 Lineup

Loudeye Completes Acquisition of VidiPax

Acquisition of Audio and Video Media Restoration Company Adds New Capabilities to Loudeye

MP3Karaoke Launches

Offers Downloadable MP3s for Sale for Singalong Fun Make Content Deal with

Will Broadcast Original Shows Launches Licensing Service Provider (LSP) Program

Will Have License-Ready Music For Online and Offline Content

Yack's Listings to be Distributed to British Telecommunications

UK Broadband Company Gets Listings Service

Globix Gets Capacity on Pan-European Network

eSynch's ChoiceCaster Plays Windows, Real and QuickTime Streams

Offers Click and Drag Access to Streaming Files

Speedera Adds Streaming Media Delivery

Service To Start in July

LAUNCH Acquires Warped Tour Concert Series

Will Promote and Market the Punk and Extreme Sports Shows

America Online Launches AOLTV

Watch out WebTV, AOL Enters Market

StreamSearch Unveils Affiliate Marketing Program

Offers Customized Marketing Solutions for Providers

iBEAM and Team Up For Delivering Music to Colleges

Companies Will Deliver LAUNCH Music for Free to Colleges

Destiny Launches MPE Secure Media Distribution System

Allows for Secure Delivery, and

Streambox Announces StreamboxTV

Will Unveil MPEG-2 Streaming Offers Broadband Video Email

Play Streaming Media Group Gets New President/CEO

Ted Briscoe from AskJeeves Joins PSMG

Lightningcast Launches Streaming Media Ad Network

Affiliates include,, eRadioLive and

Gizmoz Teams with Loud Records

Promoting and Distributing Loud's Artists with Gizmoz

PictureTel CFO Resigns, Ralph Takala Named Interim CFO

Company Looks to New CFO to Return to Profitability Adds Streaming to Email

Company Offers Java-Based System

Talkway Unveils Web-based Audio/Video Services

Activate and EncodeThis! Announce Alliance

Will Provide Complementary Services to Each Other's Customers

FNTV, Financial Streaming Media Site Launches

AXE Digital Changes Name To FILMSPEED

Vianet Introduces New Wavelet Codec

Includes Features like Zooming and Auto-Sensing Bandwidth Announces $14 Million Financing

Investors Include NBC, Wit Soundview and Deutsch Investments

V-Span Gets $28 Million from Goldman Sachs

Portal Site to Enable Reservationless Audio/Video Conferencing Gets $10 Million from Citigroup

Will Close Round in Several Weeks

Yack Acquires Channelseek

Channelseek CEO Tom Britt to be VP; Terms of the Deal Not Disclosed

Healthology Launches MensHealth.TV

Programming Focuses on Men's Health Issues

Edgestreme Systems Introduces Streaming Media Server

Avid Subsidiary Gets Into Streaming

Media 100 Launches Encoding and Hosting Services


Digital Lava Announces FireStream Encoding Station

Encode Multiple Formats and Rates in Real Time

Exodus Announces Streaming Media Performance Monitoring Service

Incanta Launches Broadband Video Service

Partners With CinemaNow

Virage Launches Video Application Server 2.0

Features Multiple Encoding and Bitrate Functions

Pictron Announces Solution for Searchable Video

Helps Users Manage Video Content Sites

Lariat Ships StationManager 2.0

Streaming Media Broadcast Management System Updated

Microsoft Unveils Digital Broadcast Manager System

Offers Providers Ways to Manage and Sell Digital Content

Anystream Launches Streaming Media Encoding Solution for Enterprises

Announces CNN as First Customer

Evoke Gets Into Wireless

Will Enable Mobile Webconferencing for Wireless Collaboration

Sonicbox and iBEAM Team For Internet Radio Ad Insertions

Technology Can Strip Out Ads from Traditional Radio with New Ads for Webcasting

Kasenna Releases MediaBase 4.0 for Solaris

Video Networks Inc. Says They Offer Kasenna to Their Customers

Context Media Introduces Media Management System Announced as First Customer

Audio Company Octiv Gets $1.5 Million

Gets Investment from Former AMFM Group President and Others

3CX Releases UNIVO Delivery Platform

RealNetworks To Support Streaming QuickTime Files

RealNetworks Licenses Apple’s QuickTime Format

iBEAM Introduces Activecast Webcasting Platform

Allows Audio, Video and Slideshows Presentations Unveils Streaming Media Search Service

Provides Search Technology to Sites and Portals Looking

Keynote Launches Streaming Performance Service


GMV Network’s EdgeServer Completing Beta Program Ramps Up Efforts

Moves Headquarters to Woburn

BMG Entertainment and MusicBank Enter Agreement

Music Site will Allows Users to Play BMG Music

POPcast Releases Live Webcasting Application

Will Preview New Technology

Prowebcast To Unveil Castivision

New Webcasting Service with Interactive Functions Sells Radio Contracts to GlobalMedia for $9 Million

GlobalMedia will buy Assignable Contracts for 212 Radio Stations from OnRadio

Implications of the Microsoft Order

The ruling against Microsoft may have serious implications for the streaming media industry.

Napster Users Willing to Pay, Says Report

Webnoize Report Finds College Students Would Pay to Swap MP3 Files Encoding Services Supports Big Three Formats

Will Support Microsoft, Apple and RealNetworks

LOADtv Delivering Video to US West Customers

Non-Streaming Company Delivering Video Via Downloads

Akamai Goes Big with Web Conference Calls

Partners with AT&T, WorldCom, Global Crossing, and ACT Teleconferencing

iCAST Ramping Up Comedy Channel

Hires President and CEO

SoftwareWow Secures $22-Million in Funding

Will Expand Network Infrastructure and Marketing

1414C Launches Conference1-2-3 Videoconferencing Service

New Portal-based Service Allows for Multipoint Conferencing Raises $6.5 Million

Company Looking to Provide Webcasting Service for Expectant Parents Announces BuzzRadio

Job Network Site Offers Radio Show Relaunches

Gives Exposure to Artists

Q&A with Tracy Wemett, Director of Internet Marketing at CUseeMe Networks

Videoconferencing software company White Pine changes its name and goes ASP to provide sites with sticky audio and video chat applications. Is this the next big thing? Goes Daily

Live Show Starts a Five Day a Week Schedule Today TrueMotion Compression To Go Cross Platform

Next Version of Video Compression System To Support Microsoft, Apple and RealNetworks Says

Hispanic Television Network Launches on Yahoo! Broadcast

Hispanic Streaming Going Forward

NextAudio Launches Radio Software Using Windows Media

MyRadio Will be Cross Promoted on

EMI Selects Liquid Audio

Liquid Audio will use Windows Media to Deliver Secure Music for EMI's Trial Fills Up Music Lockers of Users

Distributes Free Music to 500,000 Users; Forms New Retail Licensing Division to Syndicate Content with iSyndicate

iSyndicate Getting Momentum in Content Syndication Field

FVC.COM and Polycom Team Up for Desktop Video

Will Integrate FVC.COM's Click to Meet and Polycom's ViaVideo

Excite@Home Teams With Content Delivery Companies

iBEAM, Akamai and Microcast To Distribute Content Over Excite@Home's Network

Q&A with John Brier, President of

Aggregator claims they're the biggest webcaster around, beating rival Just who is this company and what's their strategy? Launches Content

Audible's Audiobook and Other Audio Content to Be sold on

Eveo Signs Syndication Agreement With AtomFilms

AtomFilms will Get First Look at Eveo Content

Radio Free Virgin Launches

Virgin Group Heading Strong into Online Music, says Branson

“Bi-Directional” Streaming To Get Patent

Strictly Books Says They’re Patenting Two-Way Streaming

MusicMatch Gets Funding and Releases Mac Version

Intel Capital Makes Undisclosed Investment Acquires

Finally Ends Marketplace Confusion; Terms Not Disclosed

New Streaming Company VastVideo Debuts

Adds Neil S. Braun as President

RealNetworks' Time to Shine: Real Conference 2000

Unveils RealSystem 8 Beta

Destiny Media Releases Streaming Video Tool

ClipStream Goes Video Gets $20 Million

Investment Led by Interfase Capital Partners

Myplay Gets $18 Million in Private Funding

Vulcan Ventures Inc. Leads Latest Round

Beatnik Gets $30 Million in Funding

Investors Include Pacific Century CyberWorks, Media 100, Sun Microsystems and MTVi Looks for World Beyond Internet

Company Looks to TuneTo in Consumer Devices, Net Appliances and Wireless Applications

Pseudo Gets $14 Million

Round Led By LVMH-Backed Media Division

Yahoo! Unveils Yahoo! Player

New Beta Software Integrates Microsoft Browser and Media Player and in Alliance

Will Provide with Searchable Content

ReQuest Ships MP3 Home Stereo Jukebox

Box Plays Audio CDs and Also Connects to Computer Releases Version 2.0 of Burstware

QuickTime Enabled for Burstware Delivery

RealNetworks Launches Digital Media Suite

Combines RealPlayer, RealJukebox and RealDownload into All-in-One "Real Entertainment Center" Joins Arbitron Ratings Service

Pay for Play: Get Paid For Listening to Web Radio

Westwind Media and DesktopDollars Team Up for “Radio that Pays” Gets $7 Million in Second Round Financing

Financing Provided by RELIGHT, L.L.C. and Avalon Investments

Application Service Provider, RocketVox Gets $2 million

New Company to Concentrate on Niche Video Content (How-To, Enthusiast and Instructional)

Hartcourt Chooses for Chinese Sports Content

Will Provide Streaming Content

Q&A with Douglas McIntyre, President and CEO of

Broadband content company turns its back on producing content and focuses on video compression and streaming technology

Victoria’s Secret Webcast Goes Smoothly

Keynote Releases Data on Webcast Throughput

Editorial: I Want My MP3s!

The day the music died...

SoftwareWow Debuts Streaming Software Service

Company Will

Virage Unveils Internet Video Guide

Teams With RealNetworks

Blame Hollywood

Den’s Downfall Is Not a Condemnation Of The Whole Broadband Content Space, Say Competitors

Wanna Buy

Austin, Texas-based Audio Webcaster Says They Need a Miracle to Stay Alive

iBEAM Remains Steady on First Day of Trading

Market Yawns at iBEAM IPO Announces Narrowband Initiative

Adds More Channels to Lineup

BMI and Collaborate

Create Music Licensing Service for Music Producers

Digital Island Announces Content Delivery Service for Videoconferencing

Delivers ISDN-Enabled Systems into Webcasts

Ligos Gets Funding and Looks at MPEG Future

MPEG Software Encoding Company Says it Can Beat Hardware Encoding

Hiwire Launches Targeted Ads Insertion for Internet Radio

Beta Tests Live Stream Ad Delivery

ClipsCom Enables Streaming Video MatchMaking

ClipsCom Works with Dating for Singles Site to Deliver Original Broadband Content

Will Focus on

Richfx Acquires Blue Rock Giftmail Service

Terms Not Disclosed

Lycos Launches Lycos TV

Portal Gets into Broadband Content; Gets Acquired by Terra for $12.5 Billion Chooses Digital Island

Online Network Selects Digital Island's Footprint Service Will Syndicate Radio to iSyndicate

Will Offer iSyndicate's 200,000 Customer Sites Internet Radio Content

Akamai Expands Online Conference Calls

Partners with for Audio and Video Conference Calls

College Broadband Network Zilo Networks Gets $6 Million

Financing Led by Sutter Hill Ventures and Red Coat Capital Management Finally Unveils Internet Radio

Company Offers Listener Controlled Music for Broadband Customers

Q&A with Mike Witteman, Director of Service Technology at Intel

Chipmaker Intel breaks into the streaming media industry in a big way. Is it too late to the party or can it compete against Akamai and Digital Island?

WebTV to Support Windows Media and Real

Microsoft Subsidiary WebTV Makes New Deal with RealNetworks

Intel Launches Streaming Media Services Business

Partners with Leading Companies

WebGlide Changes Name to RichFX

Company Creating Immersive E-commerce Solutions

FeedRoom Gets 60 Minutes and 20/20 Journalists

Producers Andrea Amiel of 20/20 and Mariana Mensch of 60 Minutes Join Broadband News Channel

RealNetworks Provides Streaming Media for AOL Plus

AOL Gets Branded RealPlayer Voluntarily Dismantles Major Label Content

Negotiations Continue with the RIAA

EMI Plans for Digital Music

Says It Will Release 100 Albums As Part Of Digital Music Trial in Windows Media Format

AtomFilms Debuts 360 Degree Immersive Movie

Partners with Be Here and Intel To Debut Movie

Sonic Foundry Releases Siren Jukebox 1.5

Adds New Animated Skins and Other Features

Akamai and EncodeThis! Form Alliance

Will Cross Promote Each Other’s Services To Their Customers

Media 100 Completes Merger With Digital Origin

Digital Origin Will Operate as a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

AudioBase Goes Full Stream Ahead

Streaming Audio Banner Ad Company Morphs Into Audio Solutions Provider

Q&A with Andrew Fry, CEO of Lariat Software

Streaming media measurement and log analysis company looks to become a full provider of tools for the industry Cuts Jobs, Refocuses on Technology not Content

Says it Will Refine Business on Broadband Technology Tools

C3D Launches 3D.COM Site

Company Also Starts Consulting Business

ABC News Delivers News to AudioBasket

Lets AudioBasket Users Customize Daily Audio News Reports

SightPath Releases e.Director 1.7

More Integration with Polycom's StreamStation and Virage's Video Search Tools Gets $7.6 Million in First Round Financing

Investors Include America Online, Audax Group, Attractor Investors, and Pario Ventures

Shareyourworld Gets Undisclosed First Funding Round

Also Announces Advisors

Media 100 Makes Changes to Executive Team

Mark Housley Named President and COO, Steve Shea Appointed Chief Financial Officer

Microsoft Makes Investment in SeaChange

Will Move Windows Media to Cable and Broadcast TV Systems

New Music TV Network Wants Your Music Videos

Offers Free National Broadcast on Web and TV

Entera Introduces TeraCAST Pro Streaming Server

Also Intros TeraEDGE Streaming Cache Software

iVillage Tags Westwind Media for Online Radio Network

iVillage Launches Music Network with Live DJ

CacheFlow Delivers RealSystem Caching Appliance

Will Also Support Microsoft and Apple QuickTime Changes Name To

Starts Making Custom DVDs

White Pine Changes Name to CUseeMe Networks

New Name Reflects the Company's Focus on Providing Solutions to B2C and B2B Markets

VTEL Unveils TurboCast 2.0

New Version of Streaming Media System Offers Chat and other New Features

Jumpcut and ImageDirect Merge

Streaming Media and Digital Image Companies Combine; Jumpcut Receives $7 Million From Atlas Venture Acquires Audio Site for $5 Million

Also Gets e-Commerce Site To Be Launched in Fall 2000 Gets Music License With BMI

Will Have Access to Millions of Songs

Loudeye Adds AudioBase to Its Encoding Repertoire

AudioBase To Promote Loudeye to its Clients

Yack Unveils Sports, Movies and Music Guides

Portal Shows Off Major League Baseball Guide 2000, Online Film Guide and Internet Radio Guide

VBrick Systems Gets $9 Million in Financing

New Investors Include SpaceVest and Knickerbocker Capital

Vialog Reports First Quarter Results

Revenues Rise 21%

MediaSite Fills Two Key Positions

Appoints Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Strategic Alliances

i-Recall Releases Streaming Media Bookmarking Software

Free Software Lets Users Bookmark and Send Audio/Video Clips

Report: Broadband Video to Grow At Double-Digit Rates

Research Firm DFC Intelligence Releases Study on Broadband Video Delivered to PCs

Sonic Foundry’s Revenues Grow in Second Quarter

Results in Line with Estimates Debuts Music Downloads Teams With and Liquid Audio For Digital Downloads

Eveo Appoints Kimberly Knoller as Vice President

Company Letting Users Show Off Music Videos and other Media

Viacom and CBS Complete Merger

New Company Rules as Top Media Company Launches On-Demand Music Channel

Unveils Classical Music Channel With over 3,400 Tracks for $9.99

PacketVideo Gets $16.5 Million in Financing

Provider of Streaming Software for Wireless Devices Gets Investment from TI and Time Warner

Sony Music and Universal Music to Develop Subscription-based Music Service

Companies Will Offer Music, Videos and More Across Several Platforms

Globalmedia.Com Signs $10 Million Financing Deal

Rose Glen Capital Management to Invest $10 Million

House of Blues Offers Live Music Video Download Service

$2.99 Buys Video Concert Footage

Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player 7 Beta

Unveils New Site Design for

Yahoo! To Use TellSoft’s iTalk Phone-to-Streaming Technology

Will Use System for Yahoo! NetRoadshow Events Goes Video

Partners With LAUNCH,, and Other Music Sites

SpotLife Launches Personal Broadcasting Site

SpotLife Software Integrated into Logitech QuickCams

Digital Island and Cidera Partner

Digital Island Becomes Cidera's Preferred Service Provider Completes $4.45 Million Debt Financing

VTEL Unveils PC-based Videoconferencing System

New Galaxy Minitower System Rounds out Galaxy Line of Videoconferencing Systems

Savos Gets $2.2 Million in Angel Funding

Wireless Audio Provider Ramps Up for Launch

Javu Offers Free Online Video Editing

Web-based Service Also Allows Editing of Streaming Media Files

Intel and Excalibur to Form New Digital Media Company

Excalibur Turning Entire Company Over into New Venture with Intel’s Interactive Media Services Division

e-Media Lands $27 Million

Investors Include Summit Partners, Vulcan Ventures, Microsoft, EMC, Goldman Sachs & Winfield Capital

everstream Providing Streaming Content For

Streaming Audio Music and News Service On New York Times Digital Site

Video-On Announces Reservationless Audioconferencing

New Audioconferencing Service Allows Multipoint Calls

Internet Broadcasting Systems Introduces “Sweeps

USA Digital Radio Secures $41 Million in Financing

Company Developing Digital Broadcast Technology Launches its Digital Media Production Portal

Company Combines High-Speed Network With Digital Creation Tools

InfoLibria Integrates RealSystem G2 Into Products

MediaMall Content Delivery System Will Support Real Gets Investments from PSINet, ATC Teleports, and Young & Rubicam

Companies Team Up to Create Streaming Media Venture Loses Case Against Music Labels

What Next for

Audible Announces First Quarter Results

Revenues Increase 60% Announces First Quarter Results

Over $3.0 Million Net Revenues

NBCi to Launch Internet Entertainment Site

New Site, NBCx, to be Targeted at Generation Y Audience

Digital Lava Reports First Quarter Results

Revenues Surpass $1 Million

PictureTel Announces First Quarter Results

Posts Loss of $23.8 Million

Avid Reports First Quarter Results

Acting CEO Leaves; Company Returns to Profitability Announces First Quarter 2000 Results

Revenues Down Slightly

Activate Join Forces with

Q&A with Robert Meyrowitz, President and CEO of

New York-based eYada takes radio talk shows to the Internet.

DNS Media Launches to Deliver Video Streaming Services

WSi Launches DNS Media Inc.

Reliacast Introduces Tools for Streaming Media Management

Manages and Measures Live Internet Broadcasting and Content Delivery

TeVeo Enables Video Sharing

Allows Users to Create Live WebCam Sites

Digital Lava Releases HotFoot for PowerPoint

Integrates With PowerPoint and Windows Media Technologies

Eveo Raises $15 Million in Second Round Financing

Mission Ventures Leads Second Round

Global Media Changes Name

Will Move from Nasdaq OTC to the Nasdaq National Market

Lycos Invests in Streambox

Lycos Korea Teams Up With Streaming Media Portal

Akamai Reports First Quarter Results

Posts Net Loss; Misses Analysts Estimates

NPR Launches Internet-Only Music Program

NPR Starts “All Songs Considered” Show

MediaBay Inks Content Deal with Wall Street Journal

Will Offer Audio Content for Secure Digital Download

Javu Completes First Round of Financing

Goldman, Sachs and MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Participate

Top Executives Resign

Trio Looking to Form New Company

BMG Takes Equity Stake in

Signs Licensing Agreement to Make Tracks Available For Custom Compilation CDs

Loudeye Reports First Quarter 2000 Results

Company’s First Earnings Release since Going Public Shows Net Loss

Akamai Completes Acquisition of INTERVU Announces First Quarter 2000 Results

Posts First Quarter Revenues of $17.5 Million

Streamedia Inks Promotion Deal with

Streamedia Programming to be Promoted on Streaming Portal

ClickRadio Gets License by Universal Music Group

New Music Service to Launch In May

Microsoft Announces Quarterly Results

Revenues and Income Increase

eSynch Gets Two Video-On-Demand Patents

eSynch to Unveil All-in-One Player Reports First Quarter Results

Net Revenues Up 228 Percent But Losses Continue

Polycom Reports First Quarter Results

Revenues Grow 63% with a Record Net Income

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results

Revenues up 27 percent; Profits up 72 percent Introduces “Webmercials”

Free ISP Provider Unveils Video Commercials

PictureTel Dropped From S&P SmallCap 600 Index

Stock Price Tumbles

Loudeye Opens Office In Santa Monica

Moves Closer To Hollywood to Cater to Movie/TV Industry

Optibase Reports First Quarter Results

Revenues Increase 25% From First Quarter Last Year

Sonic Foundry Selected by BMG as Encoding Partner

Will Encode CD Audio Library and Cover Art

PictureTel Launches Subsidiary, 1414c

Will Leverage PictureTel's eVideo Server Application

RioPort Appoints Starlight Founder James E. Long as President and CEO

Mark Thompson Named Chairman of the Board

Forget Streaming Media, Get Ready for Streaming Software

San Jose Start-up To Start Streaming Software

Q&A with Jane Beule, VP of Marketing at Eloquent

Can Eloquent Make B2B Streaming Media Sexier? Presentation/Rich Media Company Offering Companies Better Communication

Pinnacle Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter 2000

Shows Profitable Quarter, Income $0.03 a share

Entera and nCUBE Combine to Create Streaming Media System

Hardware/Software System to use Entera’s Streaming Video Server

iClips Launches Beta of Free Consumer Streaming Video Service

Users Can Send Each Other Streaming Video Messages Through Email

RealNetworks Reports Results for First Quarter

RealNetworks Reports Results for First Quarter

Inktomi Reports Second Quarter Results

Reports First Profitable Quarter; Posts $47.3 Million in Revenues

America Online Releases Third Quarter Earnings Report

Revenues Increase 47% to $1.8 Billion

Digital Island Reports Second Quarter Results

Revenues Increase 49% Over First Quarter

Digital Media Companies Launch

Media100, Digital Origin, Canon and Beatnik Team Up for Digital Media Initiative

FastForward Networks Gets $30 Million Financing

Investors Include Accel Partners, AOL, Bowman Capital, Enron, Inktomi, Real Networks, and Sun Microsystems Adds Content from The Online Music Channel

Will Stream Music Videos and Other Entertainment Announces 1999 Year-End Results

Liquid Audio Reports First-Quarter 2000 Results

Revenues Skyrocket and Net Losses Narrow

Mslide Changes Name to SmashCast

Announces Relationship with the San Francisco Giants

Sonic Foundry Completes Acquisition of STV

Also Makes Some Management Changes

Entertainment Boulevard Acquires Special Effects Company, Digital Muse

Terms of the Deal Not Announced

San Francisco Affiliate KRON-TV To Launch Net Programming

Forms Partnership with Play Streaming Media Group

Metallica Files Suit Against Napster

Also Names University of Southern California, Yale University, Indiana University in Suit Alleging Copyright Infringement Gets Investment From

$4 Million Financing Includes Investor Prime Ventures Names Douglas McIntyre President and CEO

On2 Founder Dan Miller Continues as Chief Technology Officer and Board Member

William Gross Named CEO of GiveMeTalk!

Comes From Disney Company, the William Morris Agency, and Tavel/Gross Entertainment

Evoke Adds Live Exchange of Voice and Text To Online Chat Rooms

Winstar Launches Multimedia Initiative

Winstar Makes $1 Million Investment in Forms Alliance With Australian Webcaster

Signs Content and Marketing Agreement with DigitalOne Synchronizes Ads with Streaming Video

New Browser-based “GLIDE” Tool Synchronizes Ads and Other Content

Wrap-Up: Streaming at the Kagan Conference

Highlights of the Kagan Streaming Summitt in New York

Q&A with Doug Camplejohn, Founder and CEO of Myplay

If you know about you should look into This legal alternative to's Beam-It service gives users anywhere access to their music collection.

Media 100 Makes Undisclosed Investment in Beatnik

Companies Also Enter into Partnership

Digital Origin Offers Free DV Editing Software

Launches New Web Site with Partners

Cidera to Deliver Streaming Media to Road Runner

Also Launches Big File Mover service for Transferring Audio/Video Files

Digital Island and iXL Partner

Will Build Interactive Streaming Media Solutions

InfoValue Releases Linux-Based Streaming Video Solution

Incanta Showcases Beta Broadband Video Service

Makes Deal with For Content and Encoding Services

Excalibur Announces Screening Room 2.2

Video Content Management Product Provides Encoding, Indexing And Distribution Capabilities

Loudeye Partners With Reciprocal For Secure Media Transaction

Also Announces Encoding Deal with Sony Music

Virage Announces VideoLogger 4.0

Supports Real-Time Face and Text Recognition

Akamai Makes $3.5 Million Equity Investment in Virage

Selects Virage As Provider Of Video Search Services

RealNetworks Premieres Live-Ad Insertion Solution

ABC Radio Network, Ackerley Group and Broadcast America Deploy Ad Solutions, Increasing Advertising Reach and Revenue Opportunity

Sonicbox Releases Radio Tuner Software

Tune Into 100's of High Quality iM Band Stations

Reciprocal Partners with Sony Music for Music Downloads

Digital Rights Management Company Providing Services For Retail Downloads

Over 3,500 Radio Stations Broadcasting Over the Internet

BRS Media's Research Indicates Strong Growth in Radio Webcasting

Sonic Foundry Launches Vegas Video

Desktop Solution for Video and Audio Editing

InterPacket to Deliver Broadband Media Using RealSystem G2

InterPacket to Integrate RealSystem G2 Throughout its Satellite Broadcast Network

Sun Unveils Web Streaming Solution

Supports Apple QuickTime Streaming

Akamai and RealNetworks In Expanded Alliance

Will Deploy RealSystem G2 Across Network

Lightningcast Launches Webcaster Network With

Provider of In-Stream Targeted Audio Advertising Launches

Microsoft Unveils Screen-Capture in Windows Media

Enables Mouse Movements and Screen Images to be Capture in a Streaming Movie Format

LOADtv Launches On-Demand Video Subscription Service

Unveils MyLOADtv That Automatically Sends Videos to User’s Desktops Gets Controlling Stake in

Buys Out Cox Interactive Media to Make Associated Press Video Searchable

Includes Library of Current & Archived News Gets Into Live Webcasting Services

Music Retailer Forms Riffage Live Division to Provide Webcasting for Customers

ON24 Secures $25 Million in Funding

Investors are U.S. Venture Partners, Reuters Greenhouse Fund and CNET

Lariat Releases MediaReports 2.0

New Features Plus Support for Apple QuickTime Streaming Servers

Destiny Files for Patent for Media Distribution System

MPE System Supports Audio But Plans Are to Include Other Media

Obvious Technology Selects INTERVU for Video Portal

Portal Lets Users Create VIdeo Applications

Michael Ovitz Company Invests in Play Industries

His Lynx Technology Makes “Multi-Million” Dollar Investment and Engage Team For Streaming Ads

Deal Includes Banner Ads as Well

RPK SecureMedia Gets $8 Million in Financing

Infusion Comes From CB (Berkman) Capital LLC, Macrovision, Sony and Trans Cosmos Spins Off Encoding Company,

Music Broadcaster Gets into the Encoding Game

Microsoft Announces Windows Media Technologies 7

Advancements to System Unveiled; System to be Released Next Month

Digital Island Integrates Streaming Services

Footprint Media Services Unveiled as Complete Suite of Services for Live and On-demand Streaming Media

Netopia Chooses ClipsCom's Streaming Technology

Will Provide Automated Streaming Video Solutions to Small Businesses

Sorenson Spins Off Four Companies

Restructures Company and Creates Four Companies To Leverage Digital Media Solutions

ImOn.comTV To Debut Webcasting Solution

Company Showcasing Station-In-A-Box at NAB

Telestream Unveils ClipExpress Video System

MPEG System to Start Shipping in May

My Personal Releases Personal Producer Software

Allows Users to Create Video Channels

Pinnacle Acquires Montage Group and Digital Editing Services

$12 Million Dollar Acquisitions Will Enable Pinnacle to Offer Sports and News Offerings

Support for Windows Media Added to MGI VideoWave Editor

Free Update Also Adds Support for MP3 Audio to Create Searchable Movie Library

Inks Deal with Virage to Offer Film Clips From its Modern Film Library

BMG To Sell Downloadable Music This Summer

Announces Relationships With Digital World Services, IBM, InterTrust, Liquid Audio, Microsoft and Reciprocal

Sony Takes Equity Interest in Sonic Foundry

Sonic Foundry to Handle Encoding and Webcasting for Sony

Global Media Streams

Company Chooses Global Media as Streaming and E-commerce Partner

Vidnet to Showcase IFILM Movies

Will Present Short Films and Other Content on Webcasts 14 More TV Stations Webcasts 14 More TV Stations Inks Four-Year Deal with Nexstar Broadcasting Group

INTERVU To Enhance NetPodium Management Tools

Partnership with NewWorld Commerce Will Enable Better Registration and Attendance Tools Unveils Free Audio Broadcasting Service

Also Provides Pay Audio Streaming Services Sends Music via E-mail

New “Music Messenger” Service Delivers Songs to Fans via E-Mail Announces iPresentation

Offers Live and On-Demand Internet Presentations

POPcast Nabs More Licensees of Personal Broadcasting Service

Customers Include TOKYOPOP, Digitainment, WebDanceComedy and WebDanceFilmFestival

Apple's QuickTime TV Gets 10 New Music and Video Channels

Apple Also Unveils Darwin 1.0 Open Source Integrates Music Videos Into LAUNCHcast Music Service

Instead of Music, Users Can Watch Their Own Personal Video Channel

Scour Launches Napster-Type Application, Scour Exchange

Users Can Share MP3s as well as Video Files

AOL Launching High Speed Service with Streaming

AOL Plus Offering Full-Motion Video, Streaming Audio and Other Multimedia Content for Broadband Users

Q&A with Dale Gantous, President and CEO of

Hungry Canadian company offers an easy way to create rich-media broadband and e-commerce streaming video sites

Editorial: Net Entertainment -- Fact or Fallacy?

Eveo Launches Consumer Video Site

Allows Consumers to Create and Share their Short Videos and Get Paid for Each Viewing

iMagicTV and Sun Deliver Broadband TV

Software Maker Inks Agreement With Sun Compatible with both Windows Media and RealPlayer

Technology Allows Users to Take High Quality Still Images from Streaming Video

Avid Announces ePublisher Streaming Media Publishing Tool

Will Unveil Software for Creating/Editing/Publishing Streaming Media Reorganizes Sales Division

Divisions To Focus on North America and International Markets Launches Community-Driven Studio For Web Content

Will Also Seek to Distribute Films to Television and Film Markets

FreeDSL Roll Outs in Five Markets

Advertising-Based Service Allows Company to Gives 144Kbps Connetions for Free

EMI Music Makes Deals for Digital Music

Teams with On-Line Entertainment Network to Start Pay-Per-Listen Service and Live Concert Webcasts

Vsoft’s VideoClick Adds Java Support

Supports Java Applets and Other Java Components Launches Internet Entertainment Network

Unveils Scheduling Software and Search Engine

Contigo and Evoke To Merge

Terms of the Deal Not Announced

RadioFreeCash Launches Pay-To-Listen Service

New Site Lets You Listen to Internet Radio and Get Paid; Partners with

DemandVideo Gets $15 Million in Second-Round Funding

Receives Investment from ComVentures and Chase Capital Partners; Ads New Board Members Makes Undisclosed Investment in PacketVideo

Is Wireless Delivery of Music in's Future?

Pinnacle Systems Acquires Puffin Designs for $13 Million

Hardware Company Nabs Visual Effects Software Company in Stock Deal

Myplay To Be Integrated With Winamp and Spinner

MyPlay Makes Deals with AOL

Digital Lava Adds Audio to PowerPoint Presentations

Shows Off Beta of HotFoot for PowerPoint, for Adding Audio to Presentations

Dilbert Gets into Streaming

VideoShare Names Scott Adams to Board of Advisors's Launches “AmpliFire” Network

Will Deliver Free Streaming Content to Partner Sites

Evoke Hires New CFO

Terry Kawaja Named Executive Vice President and CFO

Cidera Expands to Latin Market

Hires Carlos Aguilar as Managing Director for Latin America

RealNetworks Unveils RealPresenter G2 Tool

Launches RealPresenter G2 “Speaker Series” Featuring Presentations by Top Net Executives

Cisco Acquiring SightPath for $800 Million

Networking Giant Nabs Young Content Delivery Company

WAVO and Virgin Entertainment Launch

New Multicast Music Service Delivers Music To Customers Announces Enhancement of Digital Audio

New Technology Improves Quality of Audio

Lucent Technologies Launches Broadband Video Venture

Unveils Geovideo Networks with Launches Media Hosting Service

Offers Customers Audio/Video Hosting

Loudeye Opens London Office

Branches Out to Target European Customers

ON24 Provides Content Through Road Runner's Service

ON24's Audio and Video News and Analysis to be Featured on Road Runner Financial Channel

Digital Entertainment Network Partners With

Will Provide Asian-targeted Show

ClipsCom Unveils Streaming Video Service & Software

Allows Consumers and Businesses to Stream and Host Videos

Q&A with Scott Ryan, CEO of Incanta

Content Delivery Company Launches Internet Radio Service for Broadband Users; Will Deliver Streaming Audio/Video Content to Local ISPs

Henninger Provides Encoding Services to Centerseat

Will Encode and Clean Up Film and TV Video Archive for New Entertainment Site To Launch a Broadband Business-to-Business Video Network

Raises $5.5 Million in First Round of Funding

Pinnacle Systems Announces StreamFactory Encoding System

Also Unveils Updated StreamGenie Streaming Media System

RealNetworks Announces Foreign Language Editions of RealPlayer and RealJukebox

French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Editions Available

Channelseek Premieres Printed

New Magazine Provides Guide to Internet Audio and Video Events

MediaSite Introduces Searchable Video Solution

Unveils Publisher Suite 4.0

RealNetworks Partners with FastForward for Media Delivery

New Company, FastForward Networks, Gets First Customer

Piranha Announces Video Streaming Product

Will Unveil “Piranha Stream” System Next Month

Entera Names New CFO and COO

Sydney McIntosh Joins Company as CFO and COO

RealNetworks Offers Computer Games Games Launches to Allow Users to Download Games

ON24 Partners with

To Co-Produce Original Streaming Content For More than 450 Financial Sites Raises $70 Million in Financing Round

Attractor Ventures Leads Investment in Digital Music Company

Optivision Completes Financing Round

Intel and Optivision File Joint Patent Application

Microsoft Unveils Windows Media Player 7

New Player Integrates Streaming and Downloading and Adds Visualization and "Skins" Support

New Music Company VisioSonic Gets $4 Million

Private Placement Gives Music Software Company Room to Grow

Destiny Media to Spin Off ClipStream & BannerStream

Will Form Wholly Owned Subsidiary to Handle Audio Technologies Teams with Road Runner, and Scour

Enters into Cross Promotion and Content Deals

Cidera Raises $36 Million; Hires New CEO

Richard J. Hanna, formerly President of Teligent, Appointed Chief Executive Officer Adds Video to Live Events

Incorporates Video to Voice, Data into Web Conferencing Solution

INTERVU Announces Agreement With MCI WorldCom

Will Provide MCI WorldCom with Streaming Conferences Signs Agreement With Westwood One Radio Network

Westwood Takes 6% Stake in WebRadio

Digital Lava Appoints Bob Greene Chairman of the Board

CEO Also Appointed Chairman

BigStar to Expand Broadband Content

Announces Content Deals with,,, and

Hitplay Previews Its Entertainment Network

Allows Sneak Peek at Audio/Video Content and Create Streaming Station & Player

Will Take Epitonic's Music Content and Turn it into a Branded Station with its own Player

Beatnik Files For Initial Public Offering

Interactive Music Company Gets Set to Go Public

Arbitron Releases December Webcast Ratings

Overall Audience Down from November

Global Media Launches AccuWeather Channel

Creates Player Application for AccuWeather

myCaster Software Now Offered on

Will Showcase User-created Radio Stations on as well as

iBEAM Acquires

Terms Not Disclosed; iBEAM Gains Ability to Provide Live Webcasting Solutions

Media 100 Reports First Quarter Results

Streaming Media Business Grows Over 400%

Popcast Releases Popcaster V2.1 Beta Software

Software Enables Capture and Conversion of Streaming Media Files

AudioBase Appoints New President and COO

Alan H. Nichols, Jr. Hired to Lead Audio Solutions Provider

MediaBay Completes Follow-on Stock Offering

Offers 3,650,000 Shares At $9.00 A Share

QSound Acquires StreamMagic for $100 Million

Combines Audio Software and Streaming Media Provider

Q&A with Don Katz, Founder and Chairman of Audible to Open Net Music Store

Signs Agreement with Valley Media to Create Store for Selling CDs and Cassettes Makes Deals with RealNetworks and Yahoo!

Begins Campaigns to Advertise on and Yahoo!

Virage Opens U.K. Office

Former Cap Gemini Broadcast Veteran Paul Newton to Lead Operations

Digital Island Jumps into Live Streaming Events

Gets Deals With 21 Companies for Webcasting Services Entertainment Network Premieres

Three Shows Unveiled at Launch

Adero Acquires StarBurst Software

Content Delivery Providers Combine; Terms of the Deal Not Released

e-News Chooses Canada as Streaming Media Provider

Investor Relations Company Teams with Canadian Subsidiary of Launches Music Initiatives

Adds Interactive Music Offerings with Beatnik and an Internet Radio Station with

NextVenue Completes $30 Million Financing

Investors Include Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, NBC and Primedia

RealNetworks: “RealJukebox is First Universal Digital Music System”

RealNetworks Plays Downs Licensing of Windows Media Audio

Centerseat Launches As Entertainment Network

New Network Features Wide Assortment of Shows in a Variety of Genres

Loudeye IPO Hits the Market

Shares Double in First Full Day of Trading

Yahoo! Adds Virage's Campaign 2000 Video Searching

Allows Users to Search and View Campaign Coverage

PacketVideo Files for Initial Public Offering

Teams Up with NEC to Create Videophones

Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi Join

Aykroyd Joins Hitplay’s Board of Directors; Belushi to Serve as Creative Artist and on Hitplay's Board of Advisors

ON24 Uses Network Appliance Servers

Uses NetApp Server for Audio and Video Content

Toshiba Integrates its New Digital Music Player With Liquid Audio

Just Launched Player in Japan will support MP3 and Liquid Audio Music Secures $25 Million Investment

Gets Investments from Chase Capital Partners, Time Warner, Boston Millennia Partners and Credit Suisse First Boston Establishes Broadband Division

Will Expand Audio and Video Content

Pseudo Unveils BizTech2000 Business News Network

Features a Live Daily Show

CinemaNow Inks Deal With

Trimark Pictures Affiliate Will Bring Feature Films to Vidnet’s Site to be Showcased on

Latin Music Site will Encode Music in Windows Media Format

Obvious Technology Unveils Video Portal Suite

Allows Managing and Controls of Streaming Video

Waves Releases MaxxStream Hardware/Software Audio Encoder

Supports Both Real and Microsoft Audio

Reliacast Debuts as Content Management Company

Raises $8.2 Million in Second Round of Funding

RealNetworks Licenses Microsoft's Windows Media Audio Technology

RealNetworks Will Support Windows Media Audio

Q&A With William Craig, President and CEO of iCraveTV

RealNetworks to Distribute Net2Phone Telephony Software

Will Bundle Net2Phone’s Telephony Software with its RealPlayer Software; RealNetworks Also Releases RealPlayer Software for Mac and Unix

Ezenia! Appoints Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Steven Chomicz

New VP will Manage Sales Activities Acquires Content Provider, QuickBand Networks Gains New Content for its Fledgling Broadband Entertainment Network

Yahoo! Unveils Live Financial News Network

Yahoo! Partners with MarketWatch,, and Business Week; Streams Eight Hours of Financial News and Analysis a Day

PictureTel to Spinoff Its Streaming Media Division, StarLight

StarLight to Keep its Streaming Media Products and eVideo Application Server

RioPort Unveils Audio Manager Software

New Audio Manager 3.0 Plays Streamed or Downloaded Tracks in Multiple Formats

Digital Origin Announces EditDV 2.0 for Macintosh

Exports Movies to QuickTime Provides Music for Yahoo! Music and

Will Provide Artist Information and Music Content

Sony Pictures Entertainment Creates Digital Media Unit

Sony Creates Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment to House CGI, Movie and Broadband Initiatives

MpegTV Announces PocketTV, MPEG Video Player for Palm-size PCs

Free Player Lets Users Watch MPEG Movies on Handheld PCs

CMGI Announces Second Quarter Results

Operating Revenues Grow 294% Over Prior Year Second Quarter

Microsoft Invests in SRS Labs

Companies Sign Technology and Marketing Deal

AudioBase Adds VoiceBack Technology

Allows Content Creators to Use the Telephone for Creating Streaming Files

Digital Lava Elects Michael Wheeler to Its Board of Directors

Appoints Veteran of CNBC/Dow Jones Business Video

FilmSpeed Announces Syndication Model for Streaming Movie Trailers

FILMSPEED, ShowBIZ Data and Microsoft Combine to Allow Sites to Carry Movie Trailers

Warner Bros. Takes Undisclosed Stake in Sonic Foundry

Sonic Foundry Completes $18.5 Million In Private Financing

Optibase Announces Follow-on Public Offering

Prices Stock Offering at $37 Per Share

TellSoft Announces Release of the iTalk Server 3.0

GetMedia Adds VPs and CFO to Executive Team

Joe Cariffe,Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development; John Haag, Chief Financial Officer; Rob Smith, Vice President, Engineering

Digital Media Online Announces $14 Million Investment

Community Site Gets Financing From PRIMEDIA's IndustryClick

Excalibur Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings and Year-End Financial Results

Yearly Revenues Up; Net Losses Decrease

Cidera To Support RealNetworks

Announces Support for RealServer 7 and RealNetworks G2 Content

iBEAM To Broadcast AOL’s Streaming Media

iBEAM to Deploy its Streaming Media Distribution Network for AOL Users

Loudeye Adds Excalibur’s Screening Room to Its Portfolio

Will Use Excalibur to Provide Video Content Management

Kanakaris Appoints Patrick McKenna to Board of Directors

Appoints Windows Media Pro to Help Foster Growth

Loudeye Creates Talk Radio Creation Software for GiveMeTalk!

Develops GiveMeTalk! Home Studio to Allow Users to Create Online Radio Shows Raises $19 Million in Equity Financing

Investors Not Disclosed

POPcast Gains Another Licensee,

Personal Broadcaster Gets Licensee in Asia

ARTISTdirect Acquires

Financial Terms of The Deal Not Disclosed Unveils Largest Online Music Storage Site

Offers Users 1MB of Music Storage and IFILM Announce Agreement

IFILM to Provide Short-Form Films on

SkyStream Networks Unveils Media Router for Content Delivery Systems

Announces Availability of the SkyStream 2000 Edge Media Router

VTEL Appoints New Board Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Richard N. Snyder Appointed to Chair, Mark E. Lang, Named vice president and CFO

iCAST Launches; AOL Blocks iCAST Instant Messaging Functions

The Instant Messaging Wars Take Another Turn

ShareYourWorld and Make Money from Your Home Videos

New Company Launching "Digital Talent Agency"

Q&A with Andrew Stehling, eVideo Government Sales at PictureTel

Loudeye Announces Digital Media Applications Platform

Will Allow Customers to Utilize its Media Applications

Terran Ships Media Cleaner EZ with Entera TeraCAST Server

Enables Users to Encode Streaming Media Files and Work with Entera’s Server

Sonicbox Adds Another Internet Radio Provider

Makes Deal with Enigma Digital’s channel Provides 300MB Storage for MP3 Users

Allows Storage of MP3 With Right Click Access

Media and Broadcast Groups Establish iBlast Broadband Distribution Network

iBlast Networks To Use Dedicated Portion of Digital Spectrum to Deliver Free Broadband Services Announces Record Label Music Stations

Lets Record Labels Create Customized Streaming Music Stations

iBEAM Makes Deal With DSL Provider, New Edge Networks

iBEAM to Deploy Its Streaming Content Service on DSL Provider’s Network

iCAST Chooses INTERVU for Content Delivery

INTERVU Will Host and Deliver Over 1 Million 30-Second Music Clips

ASCAP Joins’s Online Music Group

LAUNCH Also Obtains Performing Rights License from ASCAP Secures $20.5 Million in Financing

Investors Include FBR Technology Venture Partners, Intel, and Warburg, Pincus Equity Partners

Zatso Hires Affiliate Relations Director

Bill Carey, Former WCBS-TV News Director, Joins as Affiliate Relations Director; Opens NY Office

Canopus Launches EZDV Video Editing Package

Connects to DV Cameras Through a IEEE-1394 FireWire Port Forms Music Service Provider (MSP) Group

Will Provide Music Services to Developers and Partner Web Sites

Report Says Adobe Tops List of Digital Video Software Sales

Adobe Premiere and After Effects Hold Top Spots Completes $20 Million Third Round of Funding

Investors Include Rare Medium, Brentwood, Putnam, and SAC Capital

Liquid Audio Starts Using Windows Media

Will Distribute Music From Dreamworks Records

MusicMatch Releases Jukebox 5.0

Secures $16.6 Million in Second Equity Round Financing Music Site Expands Streaming Content

ReLaunches Web Site, Adds the SOUNDBIG Broadcast Network

Internet Business Radio Station, The IT Radio Network, Launches

New Business Site Provides Interviews with Executives

Polycom and VTEL Announce Agreement on Videoconferencing Patents

VTEL Agrees To Settles Lawsuit Against Former Employees Secures $26 Million Financing

Round Led by Knowledge Universe and Sepulveda Capital

Shareholders File Class Action Lawsuit Against Expands Albany Area Office

Expands Developer Tools Division

INTERVU Makes Conferencing Deals

Partners With Global Crossing and ACT Teleconferencing

EMI Grants Music Video License

Vidnet to Host Music Videos and Movie Clips on

Digital Media On Demand Launches

Lands First Agreement With Lycos; Adds New Member to Board of Directors

Destiny Introduces New Secure Music Format

MPE Format Combines Graphics, Text and E-commerce with Secure MP3 Audio

Madge.web and Engage to Offer Streamed Advertising Service

European Streaming Media Network Makes Deal with CMGI's Engage

AOL Blocks iCASTER's IM Functionality

Eight Companies Present Letter to Congress About AOL's Blocking

Sonic Solutions Introduces Streaming DVD

Combines DVD with Streaming Video in its DVD Editing Software

Lightningcast Secures $4.7 Million Financing

First Round Investors Include Redleaf Group and Birchmere Ventures

Microsoft Launches Music Video Guide on and VidNet to Showcase Their Music Video Libraries Expands Webcasting Live Police Scanners

Will Now Webcast From 27 U.S. Cities

Emergent Jumpstarts Video Service Provider Segment

Application Service Provider and Citrix Consultant Starts Streaming Video Services Unveils its Internet Broadcasting Network

Targets Shows for Teens and Adults, Ranging from Music, Books, Arts and More

Evoke Appoints CEO of to Board of Directors

Don Hutchison Joins Evoke (Formerly Vstream) To Launch in April

Partners with for Synchronized Multimedia Elements

ON24's Streaming Financial News To be Integrated into

Community Portal Nettaxi Will Add ON24’s Audio and Video News and Analysis

NBC Takes Undisclosed Minority Stake in DEN

NBC Joins Enron and Intel in Funding for to Launch Internet Radio

Personalized Radio to Launch This Spring

BMG Makes Investment In Latin Music Web Site

Terms Not Disclosed

DEN Appoints Former Microsoft Veteran as Head of Digital Programming

Will Oversee Content Design and Development

Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player for Palm-Size PCs

Announces Hardware Support for Casio, Compaq and HP

FVC.COM Unveils Video Portal

Qwest Selects FVC.COM

Virgin JamCast and RealNetworks Partner

RealNetworks to Offer Customized RealJukebox Players for Music Site

Adero Launches Streaming Media Delivery Service

GlobalWise Content Delivery Service Supports RealNetworks, QuickTime and MP3

Steve Kirby Elected to's Board of Directors

Webcaster Adds Venture Capitalist to Board

AT&T Adopts Eloquent's Rich Media Content Solution

AT&T Division to Use Eloquent Digital Media Presentations Delivery Announces Investment by Susquehanna Radio

Radio Group Takes Stake in Technology Company

Vialog Reports Fourth-Quarter and Year-End 1999 Financial Results

Company Announces 47% Increase in Revenue for the Quarter

FastFoward Hires VP of Sales

New Streaming Media Company, FastForward, Ramping Up for Launch

Brian Kenner Added to’s Advisory Board

INTERVU Founder & CTO to Startup of Ad Agencies Portal

iCAST Launches

Unveils the iCASTER, a Multi-Featured Multimedia Player

RealNetworks Forms Music Retail Program

Joins Forces With Music Retailers to Expand Digital Music; Deal Include Cross Promotion and Distribution of RealJukebox Software Partners with GetMedia

Allows Listeners to Get Info and Purchase Music Heard on Streaming Radio Stations

Sonic Foundry to Acquire STV for $66 Million

Combines Encoding Services and Adds Other Streaming Services

Ampex Reports 1999 Financial Results

Reports Loss of $0.23 Per Share

Digital Origin Releases Updated Desktop Editor IntroDV

Editor Exports Videos Directly to the Web

Javu Announces Licensing Agreement with SportsCapsule and Team Up

Earjam To Offer's Catalog Through its Aaudiobot Technology

Broadcast Journalists Launching Broadband Internet News Network

Journalists Create The

iCraveTV Settles Suit With MPAA

Company Shuts Down Web Site Reports 1999 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results

Revenues Grow in Fourth Quarter Compared to Last Year but Net Losses Mount

NBC Launches Broadband Portal

Includes Multimedia-Rich Content From a Variety of Partners

Live Music Channel Provides Concert Footage to Yahoo!

Will Provide Live Streaming Concerts and Videos On-Demand

Liquid Audio Gets into Retail Stores

Company Announces Liquid Kiosk Network That Lets Consumers Create Custom CDs

Watch the Seattle Kingdom Implode in 3D

Isee3D Lets Users Watch the Implosion in Stereoscopic 3D Internet Video Teams With iBEAM Broadcasting to Deliver Streaming Content

Will Provide Streaming Media Delivery to its DSL Customers

QSound Labs Reports Fourth Quarter and Twelve Month 1999 Results

Revenues For The Three- And Twelve- Month Period Increased 93% And 71%, Respectively

INTERVU and Prairie Systems to Integrate Conference Products

Conferencing Provider to Team with INTERVU and its Web Conferencing Offering

Dazzle Introduces DV-Editor

Unveils Under $100 Editor With FireWire Card

Destiny Media Technologies Closes Private Placement

$1 Million Offering to Be Used for Company Growth

Cidera and Microsoft Link Up

Cidera Supporting Windows Media in its Satellite-based Content Delivery Network Announces Fourth Quarter and 1999 Annual Results

Net Revenues Up from Last Year

Inktomi to Integrate QuickTime Into Its Content Delivery Platform

Digital Island To Deploy Inktomi’s Servers For its Service Announces Fourth Quarter and 1999 Year End Results

Net Loss Shrinks; Fourth Quarter Revenues Up From Last Year

Hitplay Hires Four New Executives

Getting Ready for March 2000 Launch

White Pine Launches Site

Offers Free Videoconferencing Destination Site For All Users

Global Media to Launch New Video Channel on the RealPlayer

Global Media Increases Content Distribution via RealNetworks RealPlayer

PayForView Hires Marketing Executive

Former QVC Executive Dan Scott to Lead Marketing Efforts

SpikeRadio Joins Apple's QuickTime TV Network

Youth-Oriented Radio Network To Create Customized QuickTime Player Announces Official Launch Of

Video Network Covers Executive Branch and White House

Entertainment Boulevard Completes $10 Million Private Placement

Will Use Funds for Acquisitions and Working Capital

ON24 Makes More Programming Deals With Financial Web Sites

Makes Content Deals with,, Equity Analytics, Sound Investing and

RealNetworks Delivers Oxygen Media's Media Programming

Will Host Audio and Video Programming and Promote New Cable Network for Women Lets Users Create Internet Talk Shows

Users Can Broadcast Talk Radio for Free

RadicalMail Inks Deal With Another E-Mail Marketer

Deal With to Add Streaming Media to Email Campaigns

iBEAM Broadcasting to Deliver’s Programming

Will Deliver NetRadio’s Internet Radio Content Over Its Delivery Network Announces Osprey-2000M MPEG-2 Card

Will Demo the Card At NAB 2000

SightPath To Integrate With Polycom

Content Delivery Meets Videoconferencing/Streaming Provider to Enhance Delivery in Enterprise Space

Ezenia! Announces Video Networking Product, Encounter 3000

Integrates Videoconferencing Functions and Collaboration Functions in One Package

NaviSite Gets Into Streaming Media

Company Acquires ClickHear; Enters Into Agreements With and iBEAM

VideoShare Hires Gerald Brown as Vice President

Video Sharing Site Ramps Up For Launch

V-SPAN and CMGI Solutions to Develop Broadband Conferencing Portal

Will Allows Users to Collaborate in a Reservation-less System

Eveo Announces “Earn-per-View” Program

Lets Video Owners Get Paid for Every View

MediaBay Launches Affiliate Program for Spoken Word Content

Chooses Windows Media As Its Streaming Audio Format

J. River's Media Jukebox Gets New Features

Adds Web Radio and a File Converter

ON24 Partners With

Will Co-Produce Original Streaming Content Covering International Financial Markets

Loudeye and Akamai Form Alliance

Akamai to Make $5 Million Equity Investment

RealNetworks and Red Hat Team Up for Linux Streaming

Will Release RealPlayer 7 for Linux

Cidera Appoints Chief Financial Officer

Announces Appointment of Edward D. Postal as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

StarMedia Network Launches Multi-Lingual MP3 Player

Uses Visionics PCDJ MP3 Software

MusicMatch Unveils Beta Release of Jukebox 5.0

Adds Support for Album Notes, Bios and Sample Clips, and Integrated CD-Burning

Motorola and nCUBE in Streaming Media Agreement

Companies to Enable Interactive Streaming Video and Gaming To Handle Streaming Media Duties for News Broadcast Network

Will Host and Encode NBN's Content Launches On2Movies

Broadband Entertainment Site Focusing on Movies Opens for Business

Magnitude Network Joins iCAST

Radio Station Streaming Solution Provider Becomes Part of iCAST Music Hires Two Executives for Creative Positions

Sherry Weinman Named Senior Vice President, Development & Production; Michael Berman Named Head Writer Goes Video

Partners with to Offer Streaming Concert Footage

RealNetworks Announces RealSystem G2 on Windows 2000

All Streaming Software Available on Windows 2000

IXL Spin-Off FootageNow Secures $25 Million In Venture Capital

Company to Start E-Commerce Video Site; Partners With Corbis Completes Acquisition of

Assumes Operation of To Offer Streaming Media Internet Roadshows

Partners with Financial Information Company The Carson Group for Integrated Services

New Company Allows Video Editing Over The Internet

Internet Pro Video To Unveil Its Editing System at NAB2000

InterPacket and iBEAM in Streaming Distribution Deal

Allows iBEAM to Extend into Global Market

Vialog Launches Audio Streaming Initiative

Partners With Investor Broadcast Network Unveils Video Messaging Services

Offers Webcasting, Conferencing and Other Streaming Media Services Domain Name Sells for $8 Million

Company Secures Exclusive Agreement with Best-Selling Audiobook Author

PictureTel Release Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 1999

Posts Net Loss of $90 Million for Fiscal Year Widens Offerings to Include Commercial Radio Broadcasters

Offering Services to Independent and Commercial Stations

Destiny Releases Version 2.0 of Clipstream

Recently Released Java-Based Streaming Audio Tool is Upgraded

America Online to Use Akamai For Content and Streaming Media Delivery

Financial Details Not Released Officially Unveils LAUNCHcast Internet Radio

Partners with iBEAM, Sonic Foundry and Microsoft

Vstream Changes Name To Evoke

Says New Name Better Reflects its Goals

Q&A with David Goldberg, CEO of LAUNCH Media

Music Destination Launches

Will Deliver DJ-Driven Music and Information Programming

Thomas G. Baxter Named President and CEO of Audible

Hires Veteran of Cable Television Industry and Valley Media to Merge Internet Assets

Financial Details Not Disclosed

Network Appliance Announces Third Quarter Results

Revenues of $151.3 Million; Company Announces 2 for 1 Stock Split

SpotLife Targets Personal Broadcasting

Enables Users to Broadcast Live Personal Videos

Dgolpe Launches Spanish/Portuguese Digital Music Directory

Announces Partnerships With Leading Music Download Sites

WiredPlanet's Introduces Co-Branded Music Stations

Allows Companies to Start and Brand Their Own Stations Releases Streaming Player for Macintosh

Multimedia Player for Online Courses Will Support both Windows and Mac Users

Virgin JamCast Adds Music to Library

Announces Agreement with The Orchard

Two AtomFilm Shorts Are Nominated for Oscars

“Humdrum” and “Killing Joe” Nominated in Short Categories

iBEAM Adds New Executive & Board Member

Also Adds Members to its Advisory Board

myplay Unveils New

Lets Users Upload Whole Directories to their Online Accounts

Optibase Partners With Cisco For Streaming to Enterprise Customers

Will Integrate Optibase's MPEG Encoder with Cisco's IP/TV Solution

Northpoint and Clearband Announce Video Deal

Will Allow TV-Quality Video to be Distributed to Northpoint DSL Subscribers and Vidnet License POPcast’s Personal Webcasting Service

Will Allows Users to Share and Stream Personal or Business Videos

Microsoft Unveils Windows Media Services for Windows 2000

Announces Enterprise Customers Switching To Windows Media

Dilbert Goes Streaming

Columbia TriStar Delivers “Dilbert On Demand” Airing Entire Cartoon Over the Internet

Shoutmail Introduces MyShoutmail

Free Web-by-Phone Service Provider Introduces Personalized Site

Optibase Appoints Chairman and Expands Board of Directors

Appoints CEO Ran Eisenberg to Director of Board

INTERVU Announces TV Advertising Campaign

Will Air Ads on CNN’s Web and TV Properties

Sonic Foundry Raises $24 Million in Private Financing

Will Use Proceeds to Build Out its Media Encoding Service Launches Radio Epitaph

Punk Label Teams with WiredPlanet to Deliver All Punk Streaming MP3 Station

Japanese Airline Companies Use Streaming Video

Japan Airlines and Japan TransOcean Air Using Streaming Video Technology For Web Sites and Launch

Offers Multilingual Streaming Video and Radio Targeted to Immigrant Indian Community

New Streaming Media Start-up FastForward Makes Executive Appointments

Hires Former AT&T, Network Appliance, and Lucent Executives Premieres Feature Film Starring Judy Tenuta

Stars with Michael Learner in the Romantic Comedy “Desperation Boulevard”

Faroudja and to Develop Video Benchmark

Releases Free Version of Video2000 Benchmark Software Signs Up With Kerbango Internet Radio Channels Will Be Available Via Kerbango’s Internet Radio Player and Website Signs Radio Deal With Citadel

Radio Station Group Selects for Streaming Services

Trimark Pictures Licenses Titles in Exchange for Equity in C-3D Digital

Takes Undisclosed Equity Position in Upcoming 3-D Technology Company

softcom Receives Undisclosed Investment from Intel

Recently Raised About $22 Million in Previous Financing

Digital Entertainment Network Raises $24 Million

Announces Agreements with Enron and Intel Premieres Political Channel to Webcast Daily Political Content

Blockbuster and AtomFilms Announce Video Streaming Agreement

AtomFilms Will Provide Content to

INTERVU Reports Fourth Quarter & Year End Financial Results

Revenues Grow by over 550% in 1999

Digital Media Solutions Launches

New Encoding Company Also Handles Live Events

Hitplay Announces Two Exclusive Video Content Partnerships

Entertainment Network Partners With Sports and Fashion Companies

Associated Press and RealNetworks To Launch Video News Service

Partner Sites to Implement AP Streaming Media Service on Their Web Sites

ON24 Announces Content Agreement With E-Business Network

New Business Site Adds ON24 Content

Microsoft Pushes Pay-Per-View Media With Digital Broadcast Manager

New Windows Media Solution Enables E-Commerce Solutions

Virage Adds Face Recognition Capabilities to VideoLogger Software

Virage Licenses FaceIt Technology From Visionics

SightPath to Integrate QuickTime Into Its Content Delivery Solution

Adds Apple QuickTime Server Support for its Appliance Product

Cidera Hires New Vice President of Marketing

Hires Marketing Executive Ramachandran Viswanathan

Sigma Designs Adds New Features to REALmagic NetStream 2000 Card

Bundles InfoValue's QuickVideo OnDemand and Media NOW!'s StreamRider Software

USA Video Interactive Targeting Unix Streaming Video

Partners with Vianet Technologies and United Airlines Form Alliance

United Will Take An Undisclosed Equity Interest in On2

Digital Island Picks as Streaming Provider Uses Digital Island's Network

WWW.COM Signs Agreement With RIAA

Will Webcast Songs Produced by Major Labels

Q&A with Bob Hildeman, CEO and Chairman of Streambox

Editorial: In Search of. . .Streaming at LinuxWorld

Federal Court Grants Preliminary Injunction Against iCraveTV

MPAA Wins Injunction; ICraveTV Suspends Webcasting of TV Networks

Excalibur To Power VastVideo Video Library

Excalibur's Screening Room To Enable Search and Categorization of Online Video Library Hires Former CNN Executive

Former Turner Marketing Exec William Jeakle Joins Streambox Launches Streaming Audio-Video Recruitment Tool

Allows People to Watch Videos on Companies

Digital Lava Relaunches Web Site

Includes Video Elements

Sonic Foundry Reports First Quarter 2000 Financials

Revenues Grew 82% Compared to Last Year But Posts $2.2 Million Loss for Quarter

Ampex to Focus On Internet Video Businesses

Will Sell Data Systems Unit to Fund Partners With Snap in Distribution Deal

Will Have Video Shorts on Snap’s Portal Site and Budweiser Announce “Bud Radio” Unveils Internet Radio

AltaVista Unveils New Multimedia Search Centers

Allows Searching of More than 30 Million MP3/Audio, Video and Image Files

Eveo Chooses Loudeye for Deliver Digital Media Services

Will Manage Video Encoding Services for Eveo Users

E-Color to Provide Accurate Color to Streaming Media

E-Color's True Internet Color Corrects Color In Streaming Media and for TV Unveils Internet Radio Device

Stand-Alone Stereo Stores Over 1000 MP3 Files and Plays Streaming Audio

Streaming With Linux

Checking Out the Linux Streaming Systems at LinuxWorld

Q&A with Rick Fleischman, Senior Director of Product Management at Liquid Audio

News Broadcast Network and Hitplay Media Partner

Hitplay Video Network to Provide Content Distribution for News Broadcast Network's Video Service

Q&A with Harry Gruber, Chairman and CEO of INTERVU

Q&A with Tom Britt, CEO of Channelseek

Q&A with Bill Tomeo, President and CEO of TellSoft

AOL and Time Warner to Merge in Biggest Merger Ever

New Media Buys Old Media in $165 Billion MegaDeal

Q&A With William H. Mutual, President and Chairman of POPcast