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Talkway Unveils Web-based Audio/Video Services

PersonalTalk and MarketingTalk Bring Impact of Video To Countless Internet ApplicationsTalkway (http://www.talkway.com) announced two video solutions today PersonalTalk and MarketingTalk, aimed at delivering audio/video content.

Western Union announced it is using Talkway's MarketingTalk to provide the technology behind its new Web-based Western Union Video Telegram service.

"Talkway's PersonalTalk and MarketingTalk services are designed to deliver the highest quality video at the lowest common denominator, regardless of a user's computer speed, Internet connection, or technical know-how," said Fabrice Hamaide, Talkway president and CEO. "This gives customers the widest possible audience outreach and end users an effortless video experience."

The PersonalTalk service has a 240kb plug-in with simple controlsnto let anyone send and receive audio/video messages.

MarketingTalk, however, is designed to meet the needs of companies to develop marketing messages. MarketingTalk works by having a cusomter encode content and upload it to Talkway servers and stream the video content to recipients.

Talkway is a located in Palo Alto and New York and was founded in 1997.

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