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Excite@Home Announces Broadband Entertainment Site, Excite ClickVideo

Excite@Home (http://www.excite.com) announced a new broadband entertainment site called Excite ClickVideo. It takes programming from a wide range of providers and showcases it to its broadband customers.

Content includes news, short films, cartoons and music videos. The site features a virtual VJ named "Bailey" that acts as a host of the site.

"Short form video is clearly a killer application for broadband because video is a natural part of the broadband service and experience. Excite ClickVideo gives users personalized control over video unlike they've ever had before with traditional television. They can search for and immediately get a specific news story or short film rather than waiting for it," said Richard Gingras, senior vice president and general manager, Excite Studios, Excite@Home.

This content portal strategy is a duplication of what Lycos did with its recently launched Lycos TV initiative. Excite@Home, uses content from providers like AtomFilms, Honkworm, House of Blues, IFILM, LikeTelevision, Quokka, WhirlGirl, sputnik7.com, wildbrain.com and WireBreak.com, to name a few.

Each provider has agreed to supply new content on a weekly basis to keep content fresh. Subscribers can also personalize their experience by organizing it on their "My ClickVideo" page. They can add and remove content, and it is later automatically updated with new clips.

Excite says video content is cached on servers in Excite@Home's regional data centers and cable head-ends closest to the @Home subscriber. That means better and faster delivery of files.

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