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RealNetworks Offers Computer Games

Not content to offer just audio and video content, RealNetworks announced today it has launched "Real.com Games" to let users download PC games from its site.

The PC game market is huge and lucrative, bringing in over $1.8 billion in annual sales. So it's no surprise that RealNetworks is tapping into this area for its millions of RealPlayer and RealJukebox users. Real may eventually use its recently purchased NetZip ( http://www.netzip.com) technology, which helps users download files over the Internet, on Real.com Games.

. "Recent surveys show that over 60% ofReal.com Network users download free games on the Internet, yet most still buyCD-based games at retail outlets," said Mark Hall, vice president, MediaPublishing, RealNetworks, Inc. "Real.com Games is uniquely positioned tochange the way consumers acquire high-quality games with an online, digitaldistribution model."

The Real.com Games site (http://www.real.com/games) offers free demo downloads, a store to purchase games, and free playable games like backgammon, chess, and casino games, through a partnership with pogo.com.

RealNetworks also announced several distribution agreements with leading game companies like Gamescape Studios, MasterWorks Software, NonStop Entertainment, Reflexive Entertainment, Fiendish Entertainment, Lokasoft, and Mountain King Studios.

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