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Best Practices: 4K Capture to HD Streaming

Two of the most innovative streaming producers in the business--LiveSports' Jef Kethley and LiveX's Corey Behnke--discuss their workflows and kits for live streaming production and explain why they do it the way they do and use what they use in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

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How Crackle Counters Discovery Search Fatigue

Crackle Plus VP Design Ryan Ford discusses how Crackle Plus approaches personalization and providing narrowed, contextually relevant recommendations to enhance AVOD viewers' experience in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Production and Post

Will pre-pandemic video production budgets ever return? Will postproduction collaboration remain remote? White Label Productions' Chris Wagner and Culture House's Nicole Galovski discuss the challenges producers and editors face in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

Is Hybrid the Future of Business Communication?

Deloitte's Melissa Dale and LinkedIn's Dan Swiney offer contrasting experience of how the current hybrid (remote/in-office) approach to business communication and collaboration will persist post-COVID in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

How the Pivot to Remote Work Changed Corporate Communications

Deloitte's Melissa Dale and NewTek's Chris Burgos discussed how the pivot to remote turned home offices to enterprise streaming video production studios and the longterm impact of that change in this clip from Streaming Media West 2022.

Streaming Media Columns

Will OTT Consolidation Hamper Innovation?

The past 18 months have seen no shortage of mergers and acquisitions, and it has me wondering if all this consolidation will lead toward innovation. My gut says no, and plenty of industry pundits agree, but it could bring improvements to the customer experience.

How YouTube Encodes Videos

Looking for insights into exactly how YouTube encodes billions of videos? Jan Ozer went down the rabbit hole and shares what he discovered about AV1, VP9, and resolutions.

Paying to Watch Ads with HBO Max

Like almost everything else HBO Max does, the OTT service has gotten the ad experience right

Pandemic Mergers and Acquisitions in Educational Video

Three transactions from the last year illustrate how educational video providers are capitalizing on trends in streaming media, both specific to e-learning and more broadly

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