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Obvious Technology Unveils Video Portal Suite

The idea of video portals is certainly gaining lots of steam lately. Both VTEL and PictureTel has announced plans and products for creating a portal for companies that want to integrate all their video technologies into one interface. Today, Obvious Technology (http://www.obvioustech.com) announced its own version, that helps developers manage and serve streaming video: the Obvious Video Portal Suite.

Obvious's Video Portal enables company to publish streaming video to Web pages. Once the interactive video is published, companies can host their video content on the Obvious Video Portal. Companies can use the system for archiving services, distance learning, and webcasting.

"Now you can do more with streaming video than just watch it," said Etienne Mirlesse, chief executive officer of Obvious Technology. "The Obvious Video Portal Suite of Services will allow organizations to create interactive e-commerce packages from their video. Businesses of all types will finally be able to maximize their revenue potential by fully utilizing their media assets."

Using Obvious authoring and publishing tools, enterprises can create their own annotated, interactive video, as well as host their video on Obvious servers. Obvious authoring and publishing software enables inclusion of any type of interactive media (URL's, database forms, audio files, still images, e-commerce transactions, etc.) as well as all associated annotations.

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