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AOL Makes Deal to Use RealNetworks Player

RealNetworks and AOL announced an agreement today where AOL will deploy RealSystem 8 in its upcoming AOL 6.0 software.

The companies said that AOL will ultimately deliver a "multi-platform" media player

Currently, AOL (in an agreement with CBS) is using RealNetworks as its exclusive media player for the the webcast of CBS' "Big Brother" television show.

"Through this agreement we have not only enabled the largest single Internet population in the world to experiencethe compelling audio and VHS video quality of RealSystem 8, but we have alsomade fundamental and substantial progress towards realizing our vision of theInternet as the next mass medium," said Rob Glaser, founder and CEO, RealNetworks.

Under the deal, RealPlayer will be distributed with the Netscapebrowser and through Netcenter. RealNetworks, in turn, will distribute Spinner, AOL's freeInternet radio player.

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