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Evoke Adds Live Exchange of Voice and Text To Online Chat Rooms

Evoke (formerly Vstream) (http://www.evoke.com) launched Evoke Web Talk, a voice chat service that lets users participate via live voice and text in chat rooms via their PC or telephone.

Evoke Web Talk is a multi-point voice chat application, allowing multipleInternet users to talk to each other. Users can communicate with text as well as "Voice over Internet Protocol" (VoIP) technology, which allows users to talk over the Internet.

"Evoke's new Web Talk service enhances the typical chat room experience byallowing users to add their own voice to online discussions for a trulyinteractive experience," said Paul Berberian, CEO of Evoke. "[It] allows users the option to use their telephones to add online voice,whereas many similar services available today don't give users this choice."

"Web Talk offers people the coffee shop experience," added Berberian. "Itturns Web chat rooms into an interactive forum, giving chat rooms afriendlier, more welcoming atmosphere."

Evoke Web Talk is available free of charge either using your computer and microphone or a regular telephone.

Last month, Evoke announced it was merging with online conferencing company Contigo (http://www.contigo.com).

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