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We love input, you love prizes, we're a match made in heaven. In all seriousness, the input you provide helps us improve the way we do business and provides us with invaluable information on how the industry is changing. We appreciate you taking the time to help us out. Check back regularly to participate in new surveys!

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Streaming Media's Autumn 2022 State of Streaming Survey

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The Video Trends in Higher Education Survey

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Take the Enterprise Video Trends Survey

To help Streaming Media understand the fluid nature of “office work” and the parallel use of enterprise video, we’re launching our second annual Enterprise Video Trends survey.

We’re partnering with Help Me Stream Research Foundation again, and the results of this survey will be presented in November as part of the Enterprise track at Streaming Media West 2022 in Huntington Beach, California.

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Spring 2022 State of Streaming

While the streaming industry continues to grow at a fairly rapid clip, there are signs of softness at the upper end of viewership and revenues. We can look back at previous State of Streaming surveys and see the trend started about a year ago; this most recent survey, though, confirms it’s picking up pace. Download the State of Streaming Spring 2022 research report today.

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The Business Value of Real-Time Streaming

As real-time streaming continues to replace traditional broadcast, especially in sports, we expect to see interest in real-time streaming continue to rise. As we’ve been saying for years at Streaming Media, latency sucks, and it especially sucks when a sporting event streamed online significantly lags against its broadcast counterpart. Download the Business Value of Real-Time Streaming research brief.

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Media and Broadcast File-Transfer Workflow Challenges

File-transfer workflows present one of the biggest challenges in the entire streaming media ecosystem. Legacy solutions don't address overall workflow complexities, especially in the face of partner growth, increased production scale, and disparate workflow and storage locations. Luckily, newer technologies solve many of the most vexing file-transfer problems.

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Download the 2022 Secure Streaming & Broadcast Workflows Brief

As the lines blur between broadcast TV and streaming, content security and anti-piracy measures have never been more important. Our survey-based research brief reveals how converged security solutions with layered protection will become the industry norm. Download the Secure Streaming and Broadcast Workflows research brief to gain insights into the future viability of broadcast TV in the face of streaming's continued growth, the key to a successful hybrid approach, consumer demands for global and offline viewing, and more.

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Download the State of Streaming Autumn 2021 Report

Over the last 6 months, the streaming media industry has seen both unprecedented growth and unforeseen challenges. The latest iteration of our biannual State of Streaming report shows just how much has changed, both since our last survey in Spring 2021 and the first State of Streaming survey in early 2020. Gain insights into the move toward low-latency, interactive video, the breakdown in the growth of both live and on-demand video, and more.

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Download the Content and Revenue Protection Trends 2021 Brief

Content protection means revenue protection, and both are more important than ever. Content and Revenue Protection Trends 2021 is a survey-based brief that exposes just how much revenue is being lost to piracy, as well as the technologies and strategies that are being used to combat it.

The survey answered these questions such as how much revenue are content publishers losing to piracy? Which markets are feeling the heat? Which DRM and content protection strategies are being deployed most commonly? Which devices and operating systems are the biggest targets? How do content publishers square their business requirements with consumer needs?

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Download the OTT Trends 2021 Report

OTT is the new TV, but technical and business challenges remain. Over-the-Top (OTT) Trends 2021 is a survey-based research report that digs deep into how content publishers are reaching audiences, the technologies they're using to do it, and the monetization strategies they're using to generate revenue.

What kind of audience and revenue growth rates are publishers expecting in the next 12 months? What's the sweet spot for OTT video delivery bandwidth, bitrates, and frame rates? What are the most important business drivers for launching new OTT services? What metrics are publishers using to measure their success? How important is live-linear vs. VOD?

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Download the Encoding and Transcoding Trends 2021 Brief

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated video adoption across the board, but especially in markets that had been slow to take it up before. Encoding & Transcoding Trends 2021 is a survey-based brief that exposes how the uptick in video consumption affected the workflows that create and deliver all of that content.

Which video markets are leading the way among early adopters of technologies like 4K UHD, 8K, and super resolution? Which codecs are finding favor—and which are falling away? How prevalent is the move to cloud encoding workflows? Is content/context-aware encoding gaining traction? What technologies are publishers using to protect their video assets?

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Download the State of Enterprise Video Trends 2021 Report

Enterprise video—for internal meetings, virtual events, and more—has grown over the past year like never before. Even as people return to offices and conferences, video will continue to be a crucial element of corporate and marketing communications strategies. The State of Enterprise Video Trends 2021 survey report includes exclusive data revealing surprising shifts in the role video will play in the new normal.

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Download the State of Streaming Spring 2021 Report

The streaming media industry finds itself at the intersection of multiple key inflection points. The past 12 months' growth in consumer content consumption and distribution has been unprecedented, as has the increase in the use of online video for business, education, and worship.

The State of Streaming Spring 2021 report offers insights into the industry's expedited move to cloud-based workflows, the explosive growth in live and live-linear streaming, the rise of pop-up channels, and more.

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