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We love input, you love prizes, we're a match made in heaven. In all seriousness, the input you provide helps us improve the way we do business and provides us with invaluable information on how the industry is changing. We appreciate you taking the time to help us out. Check back regularly to participate in new surveys!

Active Surveys

Take the Secure Streaming and Broadcast Workflows Survey

Even though you're still probably working your way through the Halloween candy, there are already Christmas holiday decorations in your local shop, and we’re asking for a few minutes of your time for one last survey that will run from now until the first week in December. This new survey covers secure workflows—an area near and dear to my heart, having worked or consulted with a number of companies that offer ways to make your acquisition, encoding, transcoding and delivery processes a bit easier to handle—and how to best maintain streaming and broadcast workflows that center on high-value content.

The Secure Streaming and Broadcast Workflows survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and those who complete it and leave their email address will be entered into a prize drawing for either an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset or a $250 Amazon gift card.

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Closed Surveys

Take the State of Streaming Autumn 2021 Survey

It's that time of year again! Autumn in North America means football, falling leaves, and the twice-a-year State of Streaming survey. For this edition, we're covering all the standard questions around content monetization and trends in online video, as usual. Plus, for the first time, we've got a section on whether the streaming industry is shifting towards interactivity as a natural byproduct of the move back towards low-latency delivery.

Those who complete the survey by October 22, and provide us with an email address will be eligible to win one of two prizes: a new iPad (latest model) or an Osprey Video Talon 4K-SC, which is an H.264 / H.265 encoder capable of 4096x2160 (4K DCI) at 60 frames per second. Those of you who need 4K capabilities will be highly impressed with the low-latency encoding for WebRTC.

Take the Content and Revenue Protection Trends 2021 Survey

Are content owners as concerned with piracy and its impact on revenue as they once were? That’s the latest topic Streaming Media is exploring, and we need your help to understand the overall revenue loss due to piracy, technical issues, and other factors.

This survey asks numerous questions about revenue protection, beyond just content protection. First and foremost, the survey gauges the current state of content protection, to understand approaches organizations take to protect revenue, whether they distribute their own content or use an online video streaming service.

Respondents who complete the survey and provide their email address will be registered for a random drawing for a $500 (USD) Amazon gift card. The survey closes August 16, and we'll present the results during a Streaming Media Connect keynote on August 23.

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Take the OTT Trends 2021 Survey

Streamingmedia.com seeks your feedback on the challenges you face—or successes you’ve earned—throughout the past year, for either your organization’s internal OTT/IPTV solutions or customer-facing OTT services.

This survey will take roughly 20 minutes to complete. As thanks for taking that time, if you provide your email address, you’ll be entered into a prize drawing for a great live streaming bundle including a Logitech C920x Pro webcam, a Behringer 502 audio mixer, two mics (lavalier and handheld), a boom mic stand, light kit, and earbuds.

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Take the Encoding and Transcoding 2021 Survey

It's a multi-codec world, and we want to know what codecs you're using now and plan to use in the future. Please take this 5-minute survey to help us gauge the state of the encoding landscape in 2021 and beyond. Those who take the survey and provide an email address by June 18 will be entered into a drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card.

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Take the Content Delivery & Edge Compute Trends Survey

How secure is your content delivery infrastructure?

As streaming services, from live webcasts to over-the-top (OTT) services, continue to expand—in both amount of content delivered, as well as number of subscription or transactional choices—the question of security in content delivery is becoming more important.

This survey explores content delivery trends in the era of edge computing. We want to hear your thoughts on the interconnected topics around content delivery—whether it's security, edge compute and infrastructure, media and large-file delivery, or the emergence of features that might allow next-generation services.

Those who take the survey and provide an email address by May 12th will be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini. In addition, you'll be able to hear the results of the survey as part of the upcoming Content Delivery Summit

Take the State of Enterprise Video Survey

From all-hands meetings to professional development conferences to industry trade shows, we've all had to make adjustment over the past year as to how we make new business contacts or gain insight into new trends and technologies. While each of us has had to navigate Zoom fatigue and virtual happy hours, the team at Streaming Media would like to know more about just how you and your organization have fared.

While past surveys on enterprise video have focused on streaming behind, through, or around the corporate firewall, especially for those remote workers and "road warriors" who worked outside the office, this new survey assumes that we're all experts in remote work. So rather than focus on the technologies around enterprise video platforms (EVPs) we're more interested in ways you've found to remain engaged with clients and customers.

Complete this survey by April 30th and provide your email address to be entered to win.

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Share Your Input on the State of Streaming

Unisphere Research and StreamingMedia.com seek your input for a 30-question survey they are conducting on the state of the streaming industry, which will take less than 15 minutes to complete. If you take the survey and supply your email address, you’ll get the results and the report before anyone else.

Complete this survey by February 8, 2021,and supply your email address to be entered into a drawing towin an Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset.

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