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Live365.com Widens Offerings to Include Commercial Radio Broadcasters

Personal radio broadcaster Live365.com (http://www.live365.com) announced it was offering services for independent and commercial radiostations. Previously, Live365.com dealt with individuals who wanted to create their own stations.

So far they have signed up over 100,000 individual broadcasters and have now widen their offerings to allow commercial radio broadcasters to put up their signal on the web.

"We have already added thousands of new radio-style broadcasts through ourpersonal broadcasters, and we have built a full service solution forbroadcasting from a computer. We are now prepared to offer those solutions tocommercial broadcasters. We are offering tools, tutorials and bandwidth tothe commercial broadcast community, which are cheaper and easier to use thansimilar solutions," said Alex Sanford, CEO of Live365.com.

Live365.com launched in July 1999 and is headquartered inFoster City, California.

Live365.com allows both live and archived shows.

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