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Short Cuts

How Gambling Impacts Sports Streaming

Fox Sports' Kristen Scott, Cheeshead TV's Aaron Nagler, and FCFL's Patrick Dees discuss how to integrate betting into existing OTT and broadcast sports content, even for engaging gambling novices in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

How to Scale Live Streaming Architecture

Verizon Media's Darren Lepke discusses how to meet the challenges of scaling live streaming architecture to TV/cable-like dimensions for effective delivery of major events in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

Partnering, Scaling, and Distributing OTT Content

Xumo SVP, Product Chris Hall discusses how Xumo approaches partnering with content owners on distribution and monetization in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

Hybrid Learning - The New Normal

Ohio State's Scott Nelson and DiscoverVideo's Rich Mavrogeanes discuss how pivots to online learning necessitated in both K-12 and higher-ed during the pandemic proven the concept, cultivated enduring new skills, and exposed underlying systemic weaknesses, all of which will inform the hybrid educational future that lies ahead.

How to Improve UX with SSAI

SeaChange Lead Solutions Architect explains how dynamic server-side ad insertion (SSAI) improves the streaming user experience by enabling ads to be served with the same QoS as content in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

The Current State of CMAF Adoption

W3C evangelist John Simmons offers a sneak preview of findings from a not-yet-published CMAF Industry Forum survey on the current state of CMAF adoption and usage (and anticipated adoption and usage) in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

How Disney Streaming Delivers Consistent Media Experiences

Disney Streaming Video Platform Architect Zachary Cava describes the state-of-the-art approach to DASH-HLS compatibility as implemented at Disney and codified in the just-published CTA 5005 standard.

What Defines a Niche OTT Service?

Revry co-founder Alia J. Daniels and Frndly founder Bassil El-Khalib discuss what "niche" means as applied to premium OTT services and how the perception that niches are small can make the term misleading for certain target audiences however precisely defined in this clip from their panel at Streaming Medias East Connect 2021.

What Is Real-Time Engagement?

Agora.io's Brad Altfest discusses global trends in real-time engagement in online and OTT video, ways to create shared, enhanced real-time experiences, and the technologies that enable them in this clip from his presentation at Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

Streaming Platforms Currently Deployed in Higher Ed

Penn's Christopher Martin, Ohio State's Justin Troyer, and Illinois-Champlain's Liam Moran discuss the array of video platforms in use for distance and hybrid learning environments in their higher education institutions today in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

How COVID Accelerated Media's Inclusion Revolution

Laugh Out Loud Network President & COO Thai Randolph discusses the impact of the pandemic and the events of the last year on the OTT space, including a revolution of representation in popular media, and an increased media savviness among viewers who are making their voices heard as never before, as well as the surprising rise of AVOD and FAST platforms and channels.

Channel Options for Content Delivery

ShortsTV President Jeff Allen breaks down, defines, and discusses the key characteristics of the main categories of OTT and online video content--Linear, AVOD/SVOD, Branded, FAST, and Social--in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

Tech Check Checklist for Remote Production

Stream4us' Anthony Burokas discusses the importance of putting remote guests for pro productions through a detailed tech check before show day, to make sure they look and sound their best and can identify and address any issues well in advance of going live.

How to Give Live Streaming Viewers a Reason to Watch

7 Cinematics' Adam Paul discusses how to take a craft approach to large-scale live music streaming, that emphasizes creativity, engagement, and the way fans experience music, and minimizes gear requirements in this clip from a streaming-at-scale panel at Streaming Media East 2021.

Betting, Latency, and the Case for 5G

Streaming Video Alliance's Jason Thibeault and Zixi's Eric Bolten discuss the key driving factors in 5G adoption, particularly the in-game betting opportunities that no-latency delivery enables.

How Gamification Enhances Sports Storytelling

Fan-Controlled Football League's Patrick Dees, CheesheadTV's Aaron Nagler, Fox Sports' Kristen Scott, and FuboTV's Pamela Duckworth discuss how gamification in sports streaming enhances the game experience rather than distracting from it, and underscores the generational divide between lean-back viewers and those who expect to be co-creators of live sports experiences.

Conferencing's Hybrid Future

Video communications consultant Andy Howard discusses the transition to videoconferencing for internal business communications over the last year and the role he expects video to play in the future after organizations beginning transitioning away from remote work in the coming months.

Growing FAST Channels in a Crowded Market

Redbox' Chris Yates, Revry's Damian Pelliccione, and tech media consultant Chris Pfaff discuss the challenges of reaching an expanded audience in the competitive Free Ad-Supported Streaming (FAST) market in this clip from their panel at Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

Has More OTT Choice Improved the TV Experience?

HBO Max's Jacob Saperstein, Roku's Nicole Fencel, and Omdia's Maria Rua Aguete discuss the challenges users face navigating the morass of OTT channels and how platforms like Roku can improve UX by making the range of content viewers want to watch easier to access, in this clip from their panel at Streaming Media East 2021.

How the Pandemic Changed Streaming at Scale

Bulldog DM's John Petrocelli and 7 Cinematics' Adam Paul discuss the forced innovation in live concert streaming and other brand-centric events that they expect to carry over into the post-pandemic era in this clip from their panel at Streaming Media East Connect 2021.