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Destiny Introduces New Secure Music Format

Destiny Media Technologies (http://www.destiny-software.com) unveiled today its new MPE format, a secure digital musical distribution system featuring graphics, text.

"This is an extremely powerful sales tool for record labels and content owners," said Ed Kolic, chief operating officer of Destiny Media Technologies. "Record labels can now distribute content digitally without fears of rampant piracy, and with the added benefits of instant on-line purchasing."

MPE features encryption to protect content; a key locks the file to the user's specific computer and/or hardware device. MPEs will be playable on portable platforms as well as computers, and devices will display the embedded text and graphics.

Destiny has also included a small MPE player application into each MPE.

"Although the MP3 format allows independent musicians exposure to potential listeners, the potential for piracy has made many major records and recording wary of using the popular format," said Kolic. "MPE will finally put the control and revenue of music on the Web back in the hands of the artists and labels -- it's the solution they have been waiting for."

MPE supports both MP3 and Windows Media File format and can support new file formats, the company says.

This new format is similar in nature to Mjuice's (http://www.mjuice.com) secure and proprietary MP3 format.

Destiny also makes RadioDestiny Broadcaster, software for personal radio broadcasting and clipstream (http://www.clipstream.com), a streaming audio tool that plays sounds on any java-enabled browser.

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