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RealNetworks Partners with FastForward for Media Delivery

RealNetworks (http://www.realnetworks.com) made a deal with FastForward Networks ( http://www.ffnet.com) to improve its network performance. RealNetworks' RealBroadcast Network has begun distribution of live content utilizing FastForward network products.

FastForward's new Broadcast Overlay Architecture provides enhanced stream management and distribution by allocating bandwidth through intelligent routing.

FastForward's architecture consists of the three components: MediaBridge, MediaBridge Adapters and the Broadcast Manager. The MediaBridge is a software-basedapplication-level streaming media router that is deployed throughout the network. The MediaBridge Adapter uses the RealServer 7.0 architecture to communicate between the RealServer and the MediaBridge. Broadcast Manager is network monitoring and management software that lets service providers control and monitor broadcasts at the stream level.

"RealNetworks has been working closely with FastForward to optimize theBroadcast Overlay Architecture for RealSystem G2 to build a broadcastdistribution and management solution that addresses the expanding needs ofbroadcasters," said Martin Plaehn, senior vice president, media systems,RealNetworks. "The combination of RealNetworks' expertise in building the mostextensible, cross-platform, standards based Internet media delivery systemarchitecture and FastForward's expertise in media network routing andmanagement provides broadcasters with an unmatched solution for deliveringstreaming media to over 95 million unique registered RealPlayer(R) users."

Also announced today, RealNetworks will engage in worldwide marketing,sales and distribution of FastForward's product suite for use with RealSystemG2.

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