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HotRoof Unveils StreamWriter Publishing System

HotRoof (hotroof.com) unveiled its StreamWriter publishing technology that lets content companies deliver customized video content. It announced its first customer, GolfDigest.com, which is using it to provide users with custom created lessons available via streaming or by mail using standard VHS tapes.

According to the company StreamWriter is an "end-to-end content tailoring system" that helps them repurpose video libraries online. The service includes video encoding, design, production, and streaming delivery, as well as complete video, DVD and CD-ROM fulfillment. For example, it worked closely with GolfDigest.com to create a web-based back-end informational database, as well as a front end where users can search, pick and create their own videos. HotRoof said it essentially lets the user become a "director" of their own movies.

"Content owners own libraries of existing video assets that are currentlybeing underutilized or unused altogether because current online revenuestreams - driven by advertising and sponsorship fees - are failing.Simultaneously, corporations are struggling to leverage assets whileimplementing high-quality employee training programs. These businesses needto find a way to profitably extend their existing assets - often millions ofdollars worth of content - profitably and efficiently to their end-users,"said Bernard Plishtin, president and CEO of HotRoof.

HotRoof says it allows companies to create "new revenue-generating" products, online and offline. For corporate users, HotRoof can help companies distribute e-learning or better corporate information, such as choosing a retirement plan.

HotRoof uses proprietary tagging methods to take large chunks of content and make it ready for streaming and compilation into VHS (and eventually DVDs). All custom-made tapes are automatically created, with no human intervention.

The company says its tagging process is better than searchable video because it offers contextualized information. Despite the comparison, Plishtin said that Virage isn't really a competitor and that it can even work with them in the future.

"StreamWriter gives content providers the opportunity to 'productize' any type of video library and reduce distribution costs while creating new or expanded sales channels," said David Crisafi, chief technology officer at HotRoof.

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