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SoftwareWow Debuts Streaming Software Service

StreamTheory (http://www.streamtheory.com) a company delivering software via "streaming" should be on the lookout for new competitor, SoftwareWow ( http://www.softwarewow.com).

Both companies allow streaming software (like word processors, games and others) from a server and play locally on an end-user's computer.

SoftwareWow's says its service is aimed at enterprises, portals, e-retailers, software publishers, other Application Service Providers and anyone else that wants to run software over a network.

This is how it works: A user clicks on a SoftwareWow title and the software automatically launches as though it were installed on the local computer. Instead, all the necessary components are streamed to the client, with additional code streamed on an as needed basis. After a user quits the program, SoftwareWow cleans up, removing any registry settings, desktop icons, and other system-level components.

"The ease of use offered by SoftwareWow's revolutionary streaming technology has generated rave reviews from prospective customers and beta testers such as ZDNet," said Harry Ruda, CEO of SoftwareWow. "SoftwareWow's distributed software delivery architecture will liberate IT managers and consumers from the burdensome task of managing and deploying software."

ZDNet said it will deploy SoftwareWow this summer.

SoftwareWow says more than 100 software titles have been "certified" meaning they work under SoftwareWow's system. They include productivity, graphics, business, games and education software.

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