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Globix Unveils Automatic Transcoding Service

Last week Globix unveiled its new "AutoEncode," an automated transcoding service. According to Dan Rayburn, product manager for streaming media at Globix, the company has been doing encoding for three years, but this new service automates the process so users can simply FTP digital files and have them ready to be streamed.

"It spits anything out in Real, QuickTime, Windows Media and MP3," said Rayburn.

The transcoding engine was built in-house, with Globix creating an interface that accepts FTP files, and puts them on a server for streaming. Since its automated, no human intervention is necessary, although the file is tested once its transcoded.

Rayburn said that the service isn't just for existing customers — anyone can have Globix transcode files and send them to a remote server.

The Globix difference, said Rayburn, is that other companies are just encoding shops. "That does you no good unless you can host, then deliver the file," he said. "Encoding is just the first step in a multi-step process. Rayburn also said that Globix is a better alternative than doing it yourself. "There's expertise to learn, and codecs change every six months," he said. "It costs a lot more [to do it yourself]."

For fast jobs, Globix can turnover files in four hours, said Rayburn, depending on the length of the file.

Late last year, Globix unveiled its new streaming encoding studio in its New York headquarters, that handled tape formats.

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