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Film Roman Distributing Animated Shorts

Animation company Film Roman (www.filmroman.com) said Tuesday it was partnering with BroadcastAmerica, Intertainer and Yack.com to distribute its animated shorts.Film Roman will feature content from its site, LEVEL13.NET.

Intertainer has already partnered with studios and labels like Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Sony Music, ESPN, Disney and others. Yack.com will integrate the programming into its animation guide. Searchers can browse by animation type, site and keyword.

Jay Francis, Film Roman's Director of Acquisitions, says, "Our content continues to collect various awards, development deals and festival nominations due in part to our visibility on sites such as Intertainer, BroadcastAmerica and Yack. Additionally, through the exposure on our Web site, LEVEL13.NET, our animation has attracted a great deal of attention and recognition and it's still growing."

Film Roman's web animation, which consists of over 145 shorts, recently won awards at contests and film festivals such the 2000 Playboy Animation Awards which gave the website's "Tripping the Rift'' the Grand Prize, and "Hairballs,'' an Annie Award nominee.

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