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StickyFish Rewards Users for Consuming Streaming Media

PlanetJam Media Group announced that it launched a loyalty program called StickyFish (www.stickyfish.com) to reward consumers of streaming media. For every minute that users watch or listen to streaming, they earn points which can then be redeemed in an auction format.

Users must register, download a plug-in for the RealPlayer, and then watch the streams. Prices include electronics, jewelry, concert tickets, but also features less desirables like PlanetJam T-shirts.

PlanetJam's COO and EVP of Business Development, Mike Becker, said that its reward program works better than the others on the market. "Internet users are sick of rewards programs that force them to buy things they don't want or to click through advertisements and visit sites they have no interest in," he said. "We reward users for streaming any content, at any time from anywhere. And, because our program is developed to motivate streaming media consumption, we are tapping into one of the most lucrative and fastest growing segments of users on the Internet."

"StickyFish Rewards is the only program which capitalizes on this digital media frenzy and rewards streamies for consuming the content they choose," said Becker.

StickyFish isn't the only pay-for-play streaming service available. RadioFreeCash (www.radiofreecash.com) has been doing it since early 2000. It works differently, since it uses an always on pop-window, and you just earn entries into its daily cash giveaways. Another program, DesktopDollars (www.desktopdollars.com) offers a similar service that works by giving away a percentage of the money it gets from corporate advertisers.

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