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VBrick Systems Gets $9 Million in Financing

MPEG streaming company VBrick Systems (http://www.vbrick.com)Said it completed a second round of venture funding of $9 million.

New investors include SpaceVest and Knickerbocker Capital who joinexisting investors -- Adams Capital Management, Gateway Partners, GraystoneVentures, and Claflin Capital.

Never heard of VBrick? It has been quietly building up and offering enterprise clients an alternative for creating a video network. Rather than use software approach, it uses a "network-attached video appliance" to deliver MPEG streams over a network.

VBrick says they provide TV-quality video and CD-quality audio for corporations that need true, high quality video.

"We are extremely pleased to chose high caliber investors" said RichMavrogeanes, Founder, President and CEO of VBrick Systems. "The emergence ofthe MPEG standards, the accelerating availability of broadband networks, theacceptance of IP and Multicasting, and perhaps most importantly the new pricepoints we have established demonstrates a true technical and marketconvergence. Corporations, educational institutions, ISP's, hospitals, andeven individuals can now deploy interactive TV-quality video and CD-qualityaudio over their networks without exceeding their credit card limit."

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