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Evoke Completes Acquisition of Contigo Software

Evoke Communications (http://www.evoke.com) announced thatit has completed its acquisition of Contigo Software, a Web-based collaboration company.

The acquisition, announced at the end of March, wasn't specific on financial details.

Evoke's goal is to become a full-service company focusing on Internet communication services. "The Contigo acquisition is a big step towardsrapidly meeting this goal," said Paul Berberian,CEO of Evoke Communications. "Combined, Evoke Communications and Contigo willoffer our customers a full suite of innovative services that use the Internetto create and deliver simple, effective communication."

Evoke will now offer collaborative applications, such as whiteboarding, tours, and polling, into its existing service offering.

"It was clear from the beginning that the combination of EvokeCommunications and Contigo Software was as natural and synergistic as theycome," said Bob Brown, President and Chief Operating Officer for ContigoSoftware. "It has been a perfect match in every way."

Contigo based in San Diego, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Evoke Communications.

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