Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards

Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards

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The Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards has grown along with the industry. Back when we first gave the awards in 2007, we had 16 categories, in which 120 nominations were submitted.

We've counted all the votes in the 2019 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards, and today we're announcing the finalists—the top three vote-getters in each of our 28 categories.

This year’s awards brought in 220 nominees, which were then voted on by readers. More than 2,700 readers cast more than 28,000 votes in 28 categories that reflect both the Streaming Media and Streaming Media Producer purviews. After discarding votes from obviously phony email addresses, as well as votes by employees casting ballots for their own companies’ products, we identified top three vote-getters in each category. Many of the names are familiar, even expected, but you’ll find more than a few surprises in the list that follows. And if you're surprised that a company isn't represented, well, all we can say is that it either wasn't nominated or didn't get enough votes. See the finalists.