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Reciprocal Offers Secure Streaming

Digital rights company Reciprocal (http://www.reciprocal.com) today unveiled a secure solution for the distribution of streaming audio and video files.

It will be used initially on Windows Media Player 7.

"Digital music companies, record labels and technology companies need to have a better handle on what kinds of technology and services will appeal to mainstream consumers," said Larry Miller, President, Reciprocal Music. "Many audio and video files are too large for consumers to download. In addition, consumers may only want to play a file once or twice, rather than download the entire thing."

"By offering a secure streaming solution, Reciprocal is enabling Web sites to offer multiple content files from a single page, while setting different access requirements to each piece of content. This type of solution ultimately gives content owners more control of what they're distributing, and more importantly, this gives consumers more options in terms of what they want to see or hear and in what format. It's a win-win proposition for everyone."

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