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The Role of RTMP in Streaming's Future

Videon's Todd Erdley, AWS's Neil Glazebrook, and Streaming Media's Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen discuss the potential role of RTMP in low-latency delivery in streaming's post-Flash present and future.

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How Lo-Fi Content Keeps Influencers and Audiences Connected

Mobeon CEO Mark Alamares discusses how his company has worked with YouTube and TikTok influencers to produce a steady stream of low-key, lo-fi content to maintain authentic connections between those influencers and their audiences through the pandemic.

Prioritizing OTT Monitoring

TAG Video Systems' Peter Wharton discusses an approach to monitoring varied and disparate OTT platforms that "gives you the ability to actually see everything with the value you want at the same time, never sacrificing the ability to actually do a deep dive and really make sure you're perfect at the very edge" in this discussion with Streaming Media's Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen at Streaming Media Connect 2021.

How Broadcast and Social Complicate Streaming Latency

AWS's Neil Glazebrook and Videon Central's Todd Erdley discuss the challenges of finding a point on the streaming latency spectrum that manages costs while dealing with the push and pull of broadcast and social in this clip from their panel at Streaming Media Connect 2021.

Has the Heyday of Specialty Streaming Content Arrived?

Gigcasters' Casey Charvet and Zixi's Eric Bolten discuss how the evolution of affordable and powerful available tools, shifting audience demographics, and evolving notions of production have broughtg new viability to what was once known as "niche content" in this clip from their panel at Streaming Media Connect 2021.

Streaming Media Columns

New Rules of Codec Development

The game has changed for new codecs entering the market.

Live Production During COVID and Beyond

Lessons learned during the pandemic can provide guidance for how live producers can continue to not just survive but thrive.

From Zoom Fatigue to Serendipity

It's March. Again. And we're still all on Zoom. It's been a lifeline, but it'll never replace in-person meetings and conferences.

Educational Video and Protecting Student Rights

Both student privacy and accessibility need to be considered by any school, college, or university that's using video for education.

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