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Singingfish.com Unveils Streaming Media Search Service

Seattle-based startup Singingfish.com (http://www.singingfish.com) launched today as a streaming media search service.

The new technology provides sites with a private-label search service that fits into a site's interface.

President and Founder Mike Behlke said the service will be critical if end-users are going to navigate the huge volume of streaming content provided by news organizations, radio stations, Hollywood studios, independent producers, record labels and even home users themselves.

"After less than one year of development, we've already established the most extensive index of streaming content available and we're adding hundreds of thousands of streams every week," said Behlke. "Singingfish.com's service will make finding the exact content people are looking for easy and fun. At the moment it's just frustrating and clunky."

Singingfish.com uses a rule-based classification system to handle the retrieving and indexing of streaming media.It has also formed a network of content producers to help them push their content to Singingfish.com.

"In a sense, all media is streaming media and bigger bandwidth is delivering it right to our homes and offices," he said. "Consumers are going to need more sophisticated services to find what they're looking for once the floodgates are opened."

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