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Shockwave.com Lays Off Twenty

Dot com layoffs are getting to be just a part of business nowadays.

Today, Shockwave.com ( http://www.shockwave.com) said it laid off 20 people "across the board".

According to a company spokesperson, the job cuts were a result of new management coming on board and reassessing the size of the company. "It pretty typical when new management takes a hard look at the business," she said.

In June, former Pixar Animation executive Lawrence Levy was named president and CEO of the company.

Apparently, the layoffs won't affect the progress of their content deals. "We're still making executive deals, still making Hollywood deals," said the spokesperson. Shockwave.com has recently turned to Hollywood to grab some high-profile content. So far celebrities like Ben Stein, David Lynch, Tim Burton and South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made deals with Shockwave.com.

Shockwave.com is forging ahead with its Shockmachine player strategy, as well. It launched Shockmachine 2.0 in early August.

Although taken from the loins of Macromedia, Shockwave.com is an independent company. It is the entertainment division of Macromedia, which supplies the software. Macromedia CEO Rob Burgess is chairman of both companies, however.

With the layoffs today, Shockwave.com has 130 employees.

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