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AENTV.com Premieres Feature Film Starring Judy Tenuta

AENTV (http://www.aentv.com) announced that it will premiere its first feature film, called "Desperation Boulevard" on April 1st.

The movie is a romantic comedy starring Judy Tenuta and Michael Learner.

Unfortunately, the movie will be webcast in a series of 5-8 minute on-demand streaming video clips, says the company. Although this may make it easier to digest in short sittings, it makes it difficult to get a true movie experience.

In a statement, Tenuta said, "There's nothing like spending a couple of million dollars to premiere a film on a screen the size of a ravioli."

AENTV says they plan to encode the film for broadband, so it can be shown in its entirety and in a larger screen. Meaning that the film will be roughly the size of a large tortelli.

AENTV is an affiliate of iNEXTV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ampex Corporation.

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