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MP3.com Fills Up Music Lockers of My.MP3.com Users

Now that most of its name-brand music is gone from its My.MP3.com service, MP3.com (http://www.mp3.com) will fill it up with music from its own stable of less-than-known artists.

It launched its "Instant Music Program" to deliver free music to 500,000 registered My.MP3.com users. For a limited time, MP3.com will distribute 10 "CDs" from to 500,000 registered My.MP3.com users.

"Our delivery system ishighly targeted, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly," said Michael Robertson,chairman and chief executive officer of MP3.com. "It's just likereceiving a free CD without the packaging."

Well it's more like making up for emptying the major label music content from user's accounts.

MP3.com also launched a new business division to target retail music licensing. It will provide business-to-business music from MP3.com's stable of artists to your favorite stores and malls, Subscribers will be able to manage music selections through a secure online account.

"We estimate that retail music licensing exceeds $500 million annually and to properly capitalize on this opportunity, it was imperative to form a distinct business division," said Robertson. MP3.com is uniquely positioned to revolutionize this space through digital music delivery."

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