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MP3.com Relaunches MP3Radio.com

MP3.com said it was re-launching MP3Radio.com today creating a "Syndicated Radio Division".

Michael Robertson, MP3.com's chairman and CEO, said: "We are leveraging the massive music content at MP3.com and giving top digital artists their first exposure on the radio. It's exciting to think that the stars of tomorrow may be getting their big break because of this service. Soon, we expect to announce a roster of radio stations that are carrying MP3Radio.com programming."

MP3Radio.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MP3.com which it recently acquired from its venture partner Cox Communications. Heading MP3radio.com's new Syndicated Radio Services Division is Steve Sheiner, president of MP3Radio.com.

Since this is also a syndication venture, MP3.com points out that stations can select format-specific content to be streamed from station web sites. They can also use services like an event calendar, e-commerce opportunities, and a one-hour weekly radio.

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