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BroadcastAMERICA.com Signs Radio Deal With Citadel

BroadcastAMERICA.com (http://www.broadcastamerica.com) said they were signed a deal with Citadel Communications to broadcast 47 of their radio stations' on the Internet in a test marketing trial beginning in March.

Citadel is the a big radio group to outsource the "streaming" of their content.

BroadcastAMERICA.com will broadcast programming from 47 of Citadel's company-owned or operated radio stations in eight test markets: Albuquerque, NM; Allentown, PA; Colorado Springs, CO; Little Rock, AR; Modesto, CA; Saginaw, MI; Salt Lake City, UT; and Spokane, WA.

The online network already broadcasts programming from five of Citadel's radio stations in Maine and New Hampshire.

"Providing popular and engaging radio programming has always been a key to Citadel's success. Outsourcing our streaming audio needs to BroadcastAMERICA.com enables Citadel to efficiently broadcast its trademark programming beyond local airwaves to reach audiences never before possible, all without a major new investment in people or hardware," commented Lawrence R. Wilson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel.

The deal is being done on a no-cost basis, with BroadcastAMERICA.com assuming all streaming and maintenance costs, in exchange for ad time. "We offer this opportunity to our partners -- at no up-front cost," BroadcastAMERICA.com president John Brier said. "We think our deal with Citadel Communications is a harbinger of a trend for both radio networks -- and soon TV networks -- to outsource. We hope to partner with other large broadcasting companies in the near future."

Bill Perrault, Vice President of New Media for Citadel, added, "The prospect of expanding our station audiences overnight and extending our brands to the Internet -- at no cost to our stations or the company -- is very exciting."

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