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SeeItFirst.com Synchronizes Ads with Streaming Video

SeeItFirst.com (http://www.seeitfirst.com) introduced "GLIDE" (Graphical Linking Independent Dynamic Editor), a way to synchronize advertising with streaming video.

This is a slightly different strategy for SeeItFirst.com. The company is in the business of making streaming video interactive by allowing viewers to advance video frame by frame and take snapshots of videos as they are playing. The pictures can then be saved or printed like any other image.

GLIDE opens a new path for the company. It can enable banner ads, text messages and other e-commerce opportunities. How does it work? It is a browser-based application that allows anyone to change or add customized text messages, surveys, announcements, promotions, banner ads, hyperlinks, e-commerce links, and more that are attached to the video. GLIDE works with both Windows Media and RealNetworks.

"GLIDE provides unprecedented control over online programming and broadcasting, while creating an entirely new model for generating revenue," said Craig Lynar, vice president of marketing for SeeItFirst.com. "SeeItFirst enables steaming media broadcasters to customize their advertising to their audience, to make the experience more interactive and engaging. The best part is this -- non-technical personnel can change or customize their material without having to modify or re-encode any video content."

The GLIDE tool will be available May 1st, says the company.

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