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Internet Broadcasting Systems Using Anystream

Anystream announced that Internet Broadcasting Systems (www.ibsys.com) will deploy Anystream's Agility Enterprise encoding platform for its 50 IBS partner television stations.

Agility Enterprise will let IBS completely automate its 300-clip daily production workload. Rather than each station encoding multiple versions and sending them to a hosting provider, stations now can send one version to IBS, and have AnyStream's software automatically encode the file into multiple formats and bit rates.

"This powerful platform enables IBS to embed high-quality automatic capture, pre-processing, encoding and distribution as part of our Web channel service offerings," said Tolman Geffs, CEO of IBS. "Agility Enterprise makes encoding a transparent part of our network infrastructure, and frees local IBS editors - who are today forced to be compressionists - to again focus on creating top-notch content."

Agility Enterprise can output files in Real, Windows Media and QuickTime formats. It also inserts metadata, and performs pre-processing and pre-filtering to optimize the quality of the file.

Anystream's Agility Enterprise platform is already deployed by CNN Interactive, Digital Island, NFL Films and Weather.com to automate production, management and distribution of streaming media.

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