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Digital Island Picks AudioCast.net as Streaming Provider

Digital Island (http://www.digitalisland.net) announced that AudioCast.net ( http://www.audiocast.net ) will provide streaming media solutions for its business Web sites.

AudioCast.net is a streaming media provider of live events and on-demand media, for corporate or Internet customers.

"Digital Island's global network services have already resulted in faster and more reliable experiences for the ultimate consumers by largely eliminating the problems of buffering and dropped connections,'' said Marjie MacLean, founder and president of AudioCast.net. "In an industry where many service providers allow sales to outpace delivery and customer service, Digital Island stands out for its ability to execute.''

"Streaming media has emerged from a mere curiosity into a vital tool for enabling commerce,'' said Tim Wilson, vice president of marketing at Digital Island. "Digital Island's e-Business Delivery Network helps companies generate revenue from streaming media by combining high-quality delivery of relevant content and a private, secure infrastructure for related transactions."

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