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AudioRamp.com Unveils Internet Radio Device

AudioRamp.com (http://www.audioramp.com) announced the iRad, an Internet radio designed to play streaming audio and MP3 files.

The company also unveiled its Internet services "AudioRamp.com believes that consumers should be able to access what audio they want, when they want it and where they want it," said Dan Sheppard, president of AudioRamp.com

iRad-S, iRad-P, iRad-C, Audio Catalog Manager and the AudioRamp.com Web site The iRad-S is a digital audio device with a 56k modem, Ethernet or the new HomePNA 1.0 Network. It can play streaming audio, store over 1,000 MP3 files, play standard and MP3 CDs and has access to local AM/FM stations. Both Microsoft's Media Player and Real Networks streaming player are incorporated into the device.

AudioRamp also has the Audio Catalog Manager, software that catalogs and controls the devices and lets users program streaming audio stations.

The iRad product line is now available for pre-orders through the web site for a retail price of $399. A stereo component version of the player without the AM/FM receiver, the iRad-C, is also available.

AudioRamp.com is a newcomer in the digital audio market founded in 1999 by former AST founder Safi Qureshey and AST executive Dan Sheppard.

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