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Eveo Filmmaker Gets a Hollywood Agent

Eveo (www.eveo.com) announced Tuesday that Oliver Wolfson, the winner of Eveo's Spring contest had signed on with a Los Angeles talent agency.

Wolfson is the director and producer of the animated short "Bowlin' Fer Souls", co-produced with collaborator Tim Coleman. The Gersh Agency will represent Wolfson as a writer/director for both animation and live action projects.

Wolfson was recently recognized with first place honors in Eveo's latest contest, winning $25,000.

"Oliver's short ‘Bowlin' Fer Souls' demonstrates an enthusiastic and inventive use of animation," said Lee Keele, agent at The Gersh Agency. "Oliver's video has a strong point of view and it communicates something unique and original; his short film completely enveloped us in its world. As more films are made in the digital medium and premiered on the Internet, we're going to be seeing standout talents like Oliver who are bridging the gap between the digital video, Internet and film worlds. Signing clients such as Oliver and other digital video makers demonstrates TGA's commitment to our growing Internet / new media initiative."

"Eveo is assisting filmmakers like Oliver develop and create their careers; this proves that our model works, that we truly serve as an incubator for talented artists," said Eveo CEO and founder Olivier Zitoun.

Wolfson graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied conceptual art and video. He created a clothing line, including his t-shirt "Hell-O Satan" (a Hello Kitty spoof).

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