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3CX Releases UNIVO Delivery Platform

3CX (http://www.3cx.com) announced the release of the UNIVO platform, a solution for rich-content delivery and services.

"UNIVO is a must for companies who need to leverage rich-content as astrategic business advantage," said Jack Lii, CEO of 3CX. "The key is theuniversal platform. Since 3CX 'owns' the entire platform, we have been able totake the next step and provide a powerful suite of rcServices. This turnsrich-content into a potent weapon, enabling our customers to use theirrich-content for e-commerce, training, sales and marketing."

The UNIVO suite consists of the rcPresenter, rcPlayer, rcWebcasting, rcOnDemand and rcManager.

3CX is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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