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fromUSAlive.com Unveils its Internet Broadcasting Network

fromUSAlive.com (http://www.fromusalive.com) announced the official premier of its Internet broadcasting site with over 200 streaming media shows.

The site, which has been in development for the past five months, offers shows on subjects like dance instruction, science, movies, games, history, music, investing, literature, health, sports, and spirituality.

One of the more compelling shows is Teen Entertainment USA, a weekly segment that is designed by teens. The teen anchors review movies and CDs and just basically talk about what's going on in the world of entertainment including their own views on current events.

All productions originate from fromUSAlive.com's studios and are broadcast using Microsoft Windows Media technology. "Our studio is optimized to make programming especially for the Internet," said Michael L. Bussler, CEO. MOBussler said they selected iBeam, a streaming media distributor that uses satellite-to-ISP technology. "We're very early in the industry," Bussler said. "Today's computers and modem speeds are like Model T's compared to what we will see next year."

Bussler is quick to point out the difference between Internet programming and standard television. "Traditional TV can't go as narrow as we can to address specific interests," he said. "They are locked into conventional thinking as to what constitutes entertainment. We're breaking out of that mold using fresh talent to produce fresh material that's not part of the establishment. Every show we produce is available on the site, so we're not limited to time slots."

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