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Exodus Announces Streaming Media Performance Monitoring Service

Exodus (http://www.exodus.com) unveiled a streaming media performance monitoring service to start later this year. This is similar to an offering unveiled today by Keynote.

"The seemingly instantaneous availability of information and entertainment via the Internet has created a new level of impatience that can drive away customers who don't receive online information and entertainment as efficiently as they'd like," explains Robert Merlo, vice president of performance optimization marketing. "This creates a problem for virtually all Web-based businesses as they deploy more sophisticated multimedia based sites."

The service is targeted to content producers and other streaming media companies that want to monitor their streams. It works by emulating media players and measures packet loss and jitter in a stream.

Exodus, like Keynote, says that this is useful for making changes in Internet providers and hosting companies.

The service will helps network administrators to plan for capacity and make decisions on bandwidth, ISP and backbone performance.

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