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eSynch's ChoiceCaster Plays Windows, Real and QuickTime Streams

Can it be possible? A player that can play all three streaming formats—QuickTime, Real and Windows Media? eSynch Corporation (http://www.esynch.com) says yes.

The company announced it was releasing an all-in-one media player with browser capabilities and a built-in media guide and library. It also has support for skins and plug-ins.

Said DonWatters, eSynch's' President and COO: "Video streaming has always been atrying issue for end-users. The selection of the right video codecs, bitratesand upgrades presents more complication than needs to be. These factors havehad a negative impact on viewers experience with rich media web sites. eSynchhas created the next generation media player that presents a unified andsticky tool for end-users," added Watters.

The player is available for Windows users only and is available free now, in beta form.

eSynch was founded in 1994.

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