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iNEXTV.com Announces Official Launch Of EXBTV.com

iNEXTV.com (http://www.inextv.com) announced the official launch of its affiliate EXBTV.com ( http://www.exbtv.com) a site dedicated to coverage of the White House and the executive branch.

EXBTV will still have lots to offer especially in this presidential election year. The site will offer live, video coverage of White House happenings, key hearings, daily press briefings, news conferences and interviews with newsmakers and Washington insiders. The site will also have an archive of past programming.

To promote the site, EXBTV will be running a national ad campaign that is slated to run through December 2000. Print ads will begin appearing this week in The Washington Post, followed by The Wall Street Journal and trade publications such as The Hill, Roll Call, and National Journal.

"In the same way that C-SPAN demystified the congressional process, EXBTV sheds light on policymaking and regulation of the executive branch and its federal agencies - from the Department of Justice to the FCC," said Edward J. Bramson, chairman and CEO, iNEXTV. "Additionally, viewers can witness first-hand what policy and decision makers are really saying, when they say it - without having to read a dry transcript or rely on interpretation from media."

Veteran journalist, Hugh Downs, former host of ABC's 20/20 will be the chief correspondent for EXBTV. In a statement he said, "EXBTV is video information that provides a valuable and convenient service for everyone - not only the Inside-the-Beltway folks, but also businesses and members of the general public. Everyone has an interest in decisions being made in Washington, whether in their daily lives or at work."

EXBTV offers commentary as well as weekly programming like "Weekly Wrap-Up," "My Take," "In Focus Reports" and "Newsmaker" interviews.

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