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Demic.com Entertainment Network Premieres

Yup, make room for yet another online entertainment network. Demic (http://www.demic.com) opened its doors today offering on-demand net programming.

Shows include Bridges, a weekly show of humorous political commentaryhosted by Steve Bridges, The Basin, a daily "dramedy" about a group of"twenty-somethings" from Los Angeles, and Apogee, an extreme sports show.

According to CEO Bryce Pippert, "Demic has assembled a strong team ofentertainers, production people and technologists to create and distributethe best recurring shows available to the Internet audience. At demic.com,we are not tethered to half-hour and hour time slots. And we don¹t chargeeight dollars a show. Our shows are free and always available."

Compared to networks like Pseudo or DEN however, the pickings are slim so far. Some sections of the site haven't quite rolled out, although the banner ads and other promotions seems to work just fine.

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