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iXL Spins Off Company and Forms Digital Planet

iXL (http://www.ixl.com), a media consulting firm, said it formed a new company called DIGITAL PLANET.

It will be headed up by former iXL LIVE President Steven Chester.

DIGITAL PLANET is positioning itself as a broadband services company focusing on B2B services like webcasts chats and other streaming media.

With the spin off, DIGITAL PLANET will open its new 25,000 square foot digital studio later this month.

"Current interactive marketing and advertising efforts online have minimal entertaining qualities and bring little results. DIGITAL PLANET fills a void for decision makers at leading companies who are looking for innovative ways to break through the flat clutter of content online," stated Chester. "Forthe multi-tasked consumer surfing online, the content must have lightning-strike entertaining qualities if you want to get their attention.

DIGITAL PLANET lead the production of the Webcastfor the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

DIGITAL PLANET is moving this month from Westwood to a newstate-of-the-art digital studio and offices in Culver City, CA.

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