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Life After Excite@Home

With the bankruptcy of the nation’s largest residential broadband provider, Excite@Home, DSL and cable companies look to transition stranded customers to more stable connections.

Sites to See: Entertaining with Advertising

Rich media ad campaigns are popping up all over the Web, giving the boring, old banner ad a run for its money. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski tells us that many companies are promoting technology platforms that power rich media ads, resulting in the birth of a number of trend-setting campaigns.

Content Prophets: Floating Balloons for Wireless Content

With wireless infrastructures at different stages of development across the globe, the race is on to find the killer wireless app. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski tells us that the ongoing trials are bearing out interesting results.

EMI and Roxio Partner for Secure CD Burning

Agreement recognizes impending change in music distribution.

RealNetworks Looks to Television Industry for Branding Ideas

Upside-down billboard campaign was first effort of Heat Seeking Multimedia.

A Step Forward for VOD

CinemaNow spreads on the Web, but will VOD on the Web be able to compete with VOD delivered over cable?

Launch Media Scraps Together Cash

Reserves are needed to fend off the latest RIAA legal attack.

Polycom to Acquire PictureTel for $362 Million

Acquisition consolidates two large video conferencing players.

Eloquent Narrows its Enterprise Focus

Company's new LaunchForce product designed to webcast product releases.

Sony to Secure PS2

Sony has announced an alliance with RSA Security to enable the PS2 to conduct secure Internet transactions.

iBEAM Releases TalkPoint

TalkPoint expands iBEAM's product line into a lower market segment.

Celvibe Announces Additional Funding

Wireless streaming server company bets on "television" being a killer app for wireless devices.

DoubleClick and iBEAM Partner to Promote Streaming Ads

Partnership will deliver targeted advertising solutions. Forms Strategic Relationship With Gemstar's TVG will now stream horse races from nearly all the premier tracks.

Vivendi Universal Acquires

Price is $5 per share or approximately $372 million.

On2 to release VP4 will be re-launched in an effort to position On2 as a premier codec company.

Samsung Announces Marketing Campaign for Streaming Cell Phone

Samsung's VOD phone is built for CDMA2000 1X networks.

RealNetworks Lunges for the Living Room

Real announced that the new Nokia Media Terminal will ship with the RealPlayer, as will the Sony PlayStation 2.

BT Joins NTT DoCoMo in Delaying the Rollout of 3G

The race is one to get it together and be the first to rollout 3G.

RealNetworks Launches RealArcade

The service currently offers 120 downloadable and web-based games.

Digital Island Acquired by Cable & Wireless

Acquisition will be one time cash deal of $340 million.

Vividon Introduces Streaming Delivery System

System seeks to improve economics of streaming media delivery by deploying edge servers specifically designed to handle streaming content.

Convera and Vyou Announce Layoffs

Vyou actively looking for a buyer. Launches Player365 Beta Testing for Pocket PC

Also, Akoo and Penguin Radio announce plans to bring Internet Radio to the car.

Content Prophets: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Long a popular format in terrestrial radio, news and talk programming seems like a good bet for streaming content on the Web. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski shows us that while several talk shows have found success in streaming format, the medium has yet to rival terrestrial numbers.

Talk Radio Still A Toddler

According to Bill Rose, general manager and vice president of Arbitron Internet Services, branding is the biggest challenge facing Internet talk radio sites.

NetRadio Corporation Announces First Quarter Results

Operating costs reduced by 47 percent.

Veon Acquired by Philips Electronics

Philips hopes acquisition will strengthen its position in the MPEG-4 multimedia authoring market.

Nevada Internet Gaming Bill Could Allow Streaming Gaming

Vegas may be coming to a computer near you ... well, if you're already in Nevada that is.

RealNetworks Reports First Quarter Results

Revenues on target and GoldPass numbers are growing.

MP3's Competitors Line Up

Dolby, Microsoft and Real hope to steal a bit of MP3's thunder.

MusicBank Shuts Down

The company's plan to provide music locker services fizzles while still in beta.

Real Broadcasts Network Beefs up its Ad Insertion Solution

The ad insertion gravy train keeps rolling.

AFTRA Rules Cause Radio Stations to Pull Streams

Adherence to AFTRA rates could be a boost to ad insertion, but the mounting confusion is a set back for Internet radio.

Napster Acquires Gigabeat

Napster plans to use Gigabeat's technology to help filter unauthorized songs. to Offer Streaming Ads

Technology platform provided by Zebus rich media ad-serving platform.

Universal Music Group to Acquire EMusic for $23 Million

EMusic’s downloadable music service and will become assets of UMG.

Convergence: Expanding the Big Picture

In a meeting of traditional and new media moguls, a vivid image of the future of entertainment and information delivery emerged.

CenterSpan To Revive Scour Exchange

Company set to test secure and legal Peer-to-Peer digital distribution solution.

Real Moves to Games and Announces Wireless Player

Real introduces Real Arcade and demonstrates its player for the Nokia 9210.

Emblaze Systems Licenses Windows Media

Agreement should provide Microsoft faster integration into wireless market.

New Wireless Multimedia Developments

Luxxon introduces rich media processor and PacketVideo announces partnership with Symbian.

SolidStreaming Announces Optimization for the Intel XScale Microarchitecture

Diet Coke Begins BroadBranding Campaign

Diet Coke launches a 13-episode reality-based broadband series.

Reliacast Partners with Quova to Geographically Limit Access

Reliacast hopes that the ability to geographically restrict access will help spur entertainment interest in streaming.

Digital Hollywood: The Idea of Convergence Stands Strong

Several speakers at the San Jose conference suggested learning from and then improving upon the broadcast world.

Sites to See: Against the Mainstream

Take a peek outside the ordinary with sites streaming the real, the reviled, and the irreverent in this edition of Sites to See, from the March issue of Streaming Media Magazine. Co-CEO David Carson Provides Insight into Heavy's Future

Heavy closed a $3 million round of funding last week and is moving confidently toward the future.

Kasenna Announces MediaBase Network Edition

The platform "productizes" Kasenna's VCD architecture.

HelloNetwork Announces New Executives

Klaus Schulz accepts position of chief wireless officer and Lance Horn warms the chair of president and COO.

nCube Proves VOD Profitable

Kingston Communications deploys the largest nCube N4 server to date and nCube announces that it aggregated $17.4 million in revenue derived from residential VOD.

SkyStream Networks Secures $44 Million

AOL Time Warner Investments and Shaw Ventures lead the round.

BT North America Broadcast Services Joins Forces with iBlast Networks

IBlast hopes to makes use of unused television spectrum.

Texas Instruments Introduces $100 Million OMAP Investment Program

Microsoft announces that it is integrating its solution with the OMAP architecture.

"Army of One" Campaign Storms the Net

Streaming media proves a perfect way for the U.S. Army to reach its target demographic.

Akamai's Suit Against Digital Island Progresses

Akamai claims victory as the court set an early trial date, but Digital Island retains the right to sell its "Footprint" services for the time being.

Luxxon Announces Availability of Wireless Streaming Solution

Luxxon is betting on a world of numerous end-user devices.

ISMA Alliance Moves Forward

The group expects to have standards-based solutions on the market by Q4.

Loudeye Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2000 Results

Revenues remarkably higher in 2000. Expands Deeper Into Asia

BMF Japanese Artists Join

Valentine's Day Greetings

Some sites are cashing in on the day of love.

Court Says: Napster Infringing on Copyrights

As the court reaches a decision, the future of digital music is still in doubt.

Widevine Releases Enterprise Targeted Security Solution

Company revamped solution due to anticipated market demand.

The Icebox Broke

But maybe this is just a bump in the road for Web animation.

Can A Dollar Save A Dwindling Dot-Com? launches honor system to enable voluntary payments.

Victoria's Secret Plugs Swimwear With Video

Victoria's Secret Model Heidi Klum Serves as Virtual Video Host.

NaviSite Lays Off 7 Percent of Workforce

Company closes two regional sales offices.

StarDSL Licenses On2's VP3 for Japanese Video On Demand

Company hopes to show potential of video on demand services in Japan.

ABCNEWS.COM Continues To Invest in News Webcasts

Chris Wallace's Internet Expose deals with "Edgier" Topics and provides new interactive features.

HBO Launches New Internet-Only Show

HBO will attempt to lure people watching television on to the Net.

AtomFilms Syndicates Content to TiVo, iN Demand and others

Agreement marks continued success for Atom's offline syndication efforts.

Lightningcast Secures $15.5 Million in Funding also closes Series E Equity Funding Round. Online Gaming Site Draws People In and Keeps Them There

Site launches in the United States after successfully capturing the #1 ranking for German interactive gaming sites.

The Sundance Online Film Festival Streams the Spirit

Online festival coincides with opening of annual Sundance Film Festival.

Streaming Video Server for Palm Released by Firepad

Encoding services for proprietary format provided by Loudeye and EncodeThis!

GEO Optimizes solution for Intel XScale Microarchitecture

Companies will work together to deliver two-way messaging. introduces new Music IOS idea

Company hopes to jump-start its revenue stream.

State of Iowa Begins Information Sharing Project

21st Century Learning Infrastructure Initiative will be built on Virage platform.

Making Money With Streaming Music Videos

Broadcast-quality music videos are great exposure for bands, but they're also notoriously expensive to produce. In Flash-animated music "videos", record labels have found a low-cost way to get the word out – and Web animators stand to gain.

'Tis the Season for Streaming Greetings

Need to send holiday cards? It's not too late. Check out these sites where you can custom-create holiday greetings for everyone on your list.

NTT DoCoMo, HP Announce Joint Research Effort

Move over 3G, here comes something better.

GMV Network and Industrial Bandwidth Enter Into a Technology Partnership

Industrial Bandwidth to integrate GMV Network standards-based software technologies for efficient content signal acquisition.

Eloquent Reduces Staff by 45 percent

Company announces plans to restructure into two business units.

Singingfish Announces Relationship with InfoSpace

Indexed streams will provide greater consumer access.

Internet Streaming Media Alliance Formed

Apple, Cisco, Kassena and others have joined together to specifically define a standards-based streaming solution. Debuts Fictional Election Film

"The Wacky Adventures of 5 Florida Ballot Counters" is a satirical look at the Election ballot fiasco.

Excite@Home Dumps Chello

Announcement is the latest indication of a troubled high-speed access market.

Optibase to Acquire Viewgraphics Incorporated

Deal worth approximately $43.7 million.

ViewCast Introduces New Capture Cards

Sonic Foundry also announces product bundling agreement with Canopus Corporation. Cuts Staff

Also announces the sale of 'Zombie College' to Fox. Secures Funding to Pursue Strategic Alliances

Stock prices rise slightly on news.

MeasureCast Deployed On Real Broadcast Network

Joint marketing initiative also announced.

CUseeMe Networks Reduces Staff

Company targets bottom-line improvement through business reorganization and expense reduction.

A Streaming Thanksgiving staff writers Ellie Kieskowski and Catherine Bacon offer a tale of streaming – with a host of interesting, informative and just plain fun links to holiday streaming content. Follow this fictional guide to Thanksgiving streaming, and have a great holiday!

BT Ignite Hosting Expands Into Content Delivery

BT also announces a plan to help create original Web programming.

Optibase Announces Availability of First Generation Streaming Media Gateway

MGW 2000 capable of encoding and transmitting 16 streams simultaneously.

Streamwaves Announces Streaming Subscription Service

Streamwaves will license songs from EMI's music catalog.

Time Warner Opens Lines to Earthlink

Companies hopes that move will smooth merger Cuts Staff by 80 Percent

Burst closes 6 regional sales offices in an effort to reach a sustainable burn rate. Announces Layoffs

Audiohighway cuts staff by two-thirds in an effort to maintain cash flow while looking for additional funding.

Video Cell Phone Created by GEO Interactive Media Group and Samsung

Streaming video cell phone is made possible through the incorporation of GEO's Emblaze A2 video ASIC chip.

Edgix Launches Operations in Europe

Frank de Badts Appointed as Director of European Operations

POPcast and Spotlife Announce New Deals

POPcast to host a site for JVC camcorder owners and SpotLife signs on to provide hosting for Microsoft Movie Maker.

Excite@Home and MTVi Launch Excite Music

Excite and MTVi hope to capture the eyes of online music fans. Trims Staff to Expand Focus

The company will continue its newscasts while looking to move towards business services.

CMGI Exits Entertainment Business, Will Sell iCAST

Yet another content company is in trouble. iCAST is forced to close offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles after CMGI says it will exit the entertainment business. If no buyer is found by the end of January, iCAST will be shut down.

Microsoft Releases Player for Pocket PCs

Bill Gates touts the technology during his Comdex keynote.

Covad Adjusts Q3 Financial Results For the Worse

Several ISPs are not anteing up.

eScene Networks Launches Enterprise Streaming Application

StreamLine 2.0 is a web-based streaming solution.

BT Announces Further Plans for Local Loop Unbundling

Competitors remain unsatisfied with national telco's efforts.

Samsung and Voquette Announce Partnership

Voquette will support the Samsung Uproar MP3 Phone for Audio Playback.

More Options for Rich Media Ads

Activate announces a system to include streaming advertisements in on-demand streams, and Unicast and Real Networks announce an alliance.

Eveo Announces B2B Production Services

The Eveo Video Platform is a complete solution for the creation and streaming of original video content to third party sites.

Evoke Communications Launches European Headquarters

Company forms alliance with France's Cegetel.

Dotcast to Use T.V. Spectrum to Bypass Broadband Networks

Investors include Disney, GE Equity, Intel, Quantum and Worldview Partners.

chello broadband Extends Service to Hungary

Hungary Marks chello's First Expansion Into Central Europe

Sprint and SolidStreaming Enter Agreement

SolidStreaming offers 2G and 3G wireless streaming solution.

Covad Receives $150 Million

SBC Acquires 6% of Covad

Ireland to Sell 3 Additional Fixed Wireless Licenses

Ireland's regulator decided to proceed with sale after public consultation.

NaviSite Announces StreamOS Partners

NaviSite selects Digital Island, Enron Broadband Services and Evoke Communications. Bids to Acquire Scour Assets

Legal move will give Listen all the assets without the legal troubles.

Covad CEO Resigns

Amidst disappointing third quarter results, the board has appointed an interim CEO.

Sprint PCS Announces the Uproar MP3 Phone

Sprint is first service provider to offer an MP3 phone in the United States.

Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Search Capabilities

StreamSearch is providing access to its multimedia database for searches performed on

Survey Indicates Internet Not Used for Entertainment.

Most consumers think of Internet as source of information, not entertainment.

Bertelsmann and Napster form Strategic Alliance

The alliance will establish a membership-based service.

FeedRoom Launches NBC-Affiliate News Site

WCMH-TV Launches Narrowband Site in Columbus, Ohio.

Wireless Platforms Vying for Content

NTT DoCoMo, forms content focused subsidiary, and ClickPlay signs on with Geo Interactive.

NaviSite Launches streamOS

streamOS is a new web-based streaming media content management system.

Studionext Combines Traditional Entertainment Values with Digital Technology

Studionext concentrates on production services, while promoting its content offline.

Broadwing To Test DSL Delivery to Televisions

Test will use Microsoft Windows and Uniview technology, as well as Intertainer content.

New Analysys Study Predicts Slow Broadband Rollout in Europe

These delays could slow the development of the digital economy.

AT&T To Split into Four Separate Companies

Consumer, Business and Broadband Units To Become Public Companies

Globix Announces EarthCache Content Delivery Network

EarthCache will transverse Globix's network and take advantage of its peering agreements.

America Online Launches AOL 6.0

New features include an AOL multimedia player and the first rollout of AOL PLUS.

Sprint Expanding its Broadband Wireless Service

Bay Area is next to receive service.

musicbank and Warner Music Group Sign Licensing Agreement

Agreement Precedes Fall Launch of musicbank Service

VBrick Introduces EtherneTV to Enable Live Television over Ethernet Networks

EtherneTV uses the VBrick video appliance to cut costs.

RealNetworks Releases RealAudio8 in Cooperation with Sony.

RealNetworks Includes Sony's ATRAC3 Audio Compression Technology in RealSystem 8

Riffage's Strategy Combines Online and Offline Resources.

Business model looks upon music as a system.

NFL Announces Agreement to Stream Games Overseas

Fantastic Entertainment and are the technology partners behind the initiative.

Licensing Agreement Struck to Allow Wireless Video Messaging

Geo Interactive Media Group and Commtouch team to facilitate new service.

RealNetworks' RealSystem Available for IBM's UNIX Servers

The partnership will make IBM's UNIX servers more attractive to e-commerce companies.

Spastic for Spazzco

The funky, San Francisco-based studio Spazzco, founded by cartoon veteran Dana Muise, features Flash-created Web animations, allows only “ScoobyTalk” in the office on Fridays, and with its newly forged connections, is poised to put out lots of seriously funny cartoons. Launches Beta Streaming Service

Company will offer option of free integration.

iClips Delivers Free Streaming Video Services to Members

Members can personalize their site with video clips.

EMusic and Relatable Team to Offer Open Source Audio Recognition Solution

Technology will allow songs missing metadata to be categorically added to online database. Cuts Half of Its Staff

Barring more funding or further licensing deals, the company will close in spring.

chello broadband signs agreement with Edgix

Edgix to help chello cache content closer to the end user.

Globix Begins Construction of Internet Data Center in Central London

New SuperPOP will respond to growing demand in Europe.

The Standardization Issue: Miles to Go

Supporters of standardization remain the underdogs in the streaming media industry, as the codec and player wars rage on. Heated discussions at Streaming Media Europe today revealed that key competitive forces have little intention of cooperating in a meaningful way in the near future.

Vista New Media Showcases Its VirtualFriends Technology

Proctor and Gamble will use an animated Mr. Clean to help users navigate its site.

VCs Eyeing European Infrastructure Companies

Investment opportunities are ripe in the broadband infrastructure space, according to speakers at Streaming Media Europe 2000. However, some key hurdles must be cleared before major money is injected.

Anystream Receives an Investment of $13 Million from Intel

Also, Anystream launches the Agility Workgroup Encoder.

NFL and Yahoo! Announce Agreement

Yahoo!Sports will aggregate game streams.

Groovy Gecko Scores With

Company hosts streamed ad campaign.

Earthnoise Adds ASP Component

Earthnoise will offer hosting services to small businesses.

Pseudo Files for Chapter 11 Protection

Company is still hoping for a potential acquisition.

Geo Interactive Media Signs Agreement with Lucent Technologies

Also, Emblaze wireless technology showcased at the Olympics. Listed on Nasdaq Smallcap Market

New listing will give company greater exposure in the financial community. Provides Complete Coverage of the 2000 Debates to help create democratic participation in the Presidential debates with live, interactive coverage.

Scale Eight To Launch Storage Service For Rich Media

New storage architecture cuts costs.

V.Cities Signs Agreement with NorthPoint

Also, NorthPoint DSL to be sold at Radio Shack.

Kamera Teams with Chello Broadband

Kamera will offer clips of the Swedish Premier League Ice Hockey.

Loudeye and Akamai Deliver Streaming Media Solution For

Universal Music Group's site for unsigned artists embraces digital music.

Tim Burton's Animated Series 'Stainboy' Premieres announces new fall line-up and online store.

Excite@Home's MatchLogic Selects Evoke

Deal will allow Evoke to generate revenue from Talking Email Service.

VideoShare Secures $15 Million in Financing

After high profile deals with Lycos and Microsoft, VideoShare plans expansion.

Volkswagen and AtomFilms Announce Marketing Alliance

Volkswagen will use shorts to promote the

SoftwareWow and Link Technologies Partner

SoftwareWow to deliver streaming 'Euro Currency Conversion' software.

Metricom Expands Its Ricochet Service

Mobile Users Can Now Access Their Information in 11 Service Areas.

Widevine Technologies Announces $11.5 Million in Funding

Widevine will soon introduce new streaming security product.

Be Here and Silver Planet To Debut New Immersive Film Webcasts The Marrying Milliionaire's Return

The Potential Market for Intranet Streaming

Digital Pipe and Eloquent offer streaming solutions for efficient corporate communication.

PacketVideo Joins With QUALCOMM to Deliver Wireless Media

QUALCOMM the latest to embed PacketVideo's software technology in their chipsets.

iBEAM Broadcasting Announces Internet Radio Solution

iBEAM teams with Octiv and Winnov to create the solution.

Yack Secures $10.2 Million in New Round of Funding

Third Round of Financing Led by Trans Cosmos USA.

Akamai Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Digital Island

Consequentially, Digital Island sues Akamai alleging similar charges.

Live Webcasts of the Olympics Available in Sweden.

Kamera Interactive teams with Bredbadnsbolaget to offer limited webcasts.

Microsoft Movie Maker Released Today.

Movie Maker bundled with the release of Windows Millennium Edition.

PitchTV to launch The Interactive Playground

Virtual museum will highlight interactive works of art.

e.Biscom Selects Vsoft's VIDEOCLICK@HOME

e.Biscom is facilitating broadband deployment in Italy.

Cisco Introduces Order-to-Service DSL System

Cisco seeks to reduce time and cost in provisioning a DSL line.

Sportscapsule Looking to Capture High School Audience

The site's marketing includes big name announcers.

Blockbuster Preparing for Introduction of On-Demand Video Rentals

Enron and nCUBE team to provide the streaming platform.

Warner Music Group Launches Digital Music Initiative

Lycos partners with BMG, and Napster's popularity continues to grow.

Fans Optimistic About the Webcast of Nebraska's Season Opener

More than 200,000 streams were served.

The Benefits of Signing On With Microsoft's Movie Maker

POPcast and VideoShare will compete to host new webcasters. Folds Before Launching

The high-budget content site hands out pink slips.

ReQuest Updates Its Home Music Appliance

Latest AudioReQuest Update Enables Ethernet For Music Streaming

Scour Says Litigation Costs Scared Off Next Financing Round

As a result, the company announced 52 person layoff.

MeasureCast Introduces Streaming Media Audience Measurement Service

Company tracks size and demographics of Internet audience.

Quest for the Internet's HipHop Audience

The Source launches a website, and seeks to acquire

China's Tianjin Cable Television Selects Harmonic for Broadband Infrastructure Build

China is the third largest market for Harmonic.

WWW.COM Renames Itself OnAir Streaming Networks

New name reflects the company’s focus on audio streaming solutions.

Yahoo! Adds Top College and University Sports Teams to Its Line Up

Displaced fans and alumni cheer!

Napster Banned at 40 Percent of Colleges and Universities

Schools fear potential legal battle.

eVoice and RealNetworks Team Up to Answer the Phone

Users of eVoice's free voicemail services can access their messages through RealPlayer 8.

Eveo Launches Talent Incubation Program

Site seeks to provide talent development and management services to emerging filmmakers.

Eloquent Releases Communications Server 6.0

Server designed to improve management and delivery of streaming content for the enterprise.

Universal Music Group Launches Broadband Programming

Programming offers videos, spoof commercials, and documentaries.

PitchTV to Feature Acclaimed Collection of Zagreb Animation

The content site believes that channel sponsorships will be the key to profit.

UPN Teams with AntEye to Promote

Comedian D.L. Hughley's ranting shorts syndicated to and

Sonic Foundry Sacks 20 Employees

Company will combine Santa Monica offices to improve Inks Licensing Deal With AtomFilms

First George Lucas Sci-Fi Film,

BMG To Release Music for Digital Distribution

Company will use Digital Island's hosting and content delivery services.

New Patriots Stadium Complex to be Named, 'CMGI Field'

CMGI-affiliated companies will become preferred technology partners.

Chatfish Secures $4 Million in First Round Funding

Company hopes to develop new breed of interactive webcasting software.

The Independent Film Channel and iFilm Form Strategic Alliance

Together, the companies will promote independent film across various media.

The FeedRoom Receives $30 Million in Additional Funding

Company will use funding to launch national site.

Stan Lee Media to Launch Backstreet Project

The musical group will be portrayed as animated

Be Here Covers X-Games with 360-Degree Web Coverage

Fans can take a virtual run on the street luge at

Audible Announces New Programming

Company refutes reported financial figures.

LAUNCH Launches "LAUNCH Underground" Affiliate Program

LAUNCH Partners with Be Free in hopes to drive traffic to its site.

Eveo's Short Videos to Be Listed on Apple's QuickTimeTV Network

Eveo will also add the QuickTime format as an option for viewers.

Microsoft Releases Final Version of Windows Media Encoder 7

Latest version was created with cooperation of content developers.

Content Site Trying to Cross Over

The company tags celebrities (Jerry Springer, Tom Arnold) for voices plus is in negotitations to sell its Web shows to Fox and UPN networks. Releases Clips from 100 Movies

Movie fans can search through notable scenes on MGM's redesigned site.

RealNetworks Launches Subscription Service

Final Releases of Real Player 8, Real Jukebox 2 and RealDownload 4 also announced.

Spoken Word Gets Boost From Rioport Releases

Pseudo To Cover Democratic National Convention

After full coverage of the RNC, Pseudo will cut back its live webcast for the DNC next week. Tries Its Hand at Web Programming

Thomson Multimedia Swallows

Consumer electronics giant buys search company and makes its move into the digital media and streaming industry.

Aimster File Sharing Application Introduced

Features File Sharing Integrated with AOL Instant Messenger

Sales of MP3 Portable Players Declined in July

Napster controversy had little effect.

iClips Secures $4.6 Million

Financing provided by Opticality Ventures in conjunction with Schoffstall Ventures

IBeam to Power Audio Webcasts of Vikings Games

Video streams unlikely in the near future for NFL

Verizon and NorthPoint to Merge DSL Businesses

Verizon will invest $450 million in network expansion.

IUMA Introduces the

Cries of Teams with Axient For Olympic Coverage

No live webcasting, but companies team to offer broadband fans in the US highlights of Olympic action. to List Events on

Company also plans to pursue the sale of their content offline. and Enron Broadband Services Join Forces spokesman compares the deal to the intervu/akamai relationship.

Universal Music Group Releases New Secure Music Format

Bluematter gets in your ears.

CDNOW Launches Radio

Background Music To Encourage Sales Japan Launches

Several Strategic Partnerships Also Announced

Liquid Audio Reports 2nd Quarter Results

Company Banking on Continued Expansion

eSynch Announces Availability Of ChoiceCaster Media Player

New Partnerships with Content Companies Also Announced

Evoke Communications Announces Agreement With the William Morris Agency

Company Seeks to Strengthen Its Position in the Entertainment Industry

Piranha Releases ‘Piranha Stream’

Technology Offers Real-Time Encoding of Videos at Full Frame Rate

Napster Traffic Increases by 92%

Some Analysts Ponder the Effectiveness of the Courtroom Battle To Release “Living Room” Internet Appliance

ZapStation Universal Media Player Can Be Pre-Ordered on Their Site

LoudVox Launches Web/Radio Production Services

Firm to Create Syndicated Radio Content and Help Business Create Web Audio Programming

Liquid Player Five Now Available

New Security and User-friendly features added

Chello Broadband to Merge with Excite@Home’s International Operations

Excite@Home Agressively Investing in International Marketplace

EMI Recorded Music Announces Large Release of Digital Music

Many Popular CDs and Singles Will Be Available for Secure Digital Download Unveils PIXSTREAMER

A New Streaming Audio Software Solution to deliver Streaming Audio Billboards

XM Radio Receives Additional Funding

Company now fully funded through commercial launch

SoftwareWow Introduces Streaming Software

Software Can Be Streamed From Publishers' Sites to Consumers

Media 100i Defines New Category of Interactive Streaming Solutions

Solution allows viewers to directly interact with streaming content

i3 Mobile Partners With

Music Fans to be notified Via Wireless Devices Announces Free Internet Media Streaming Service

Showiz to provide a free streaming software and hosting Acquires Rights to 1500 Records

Deal Will Meld Traditional Record Label Services and Promotion Through Online Music Site