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MGM.com Releases Clips from 100 Movies

MGM.com (http://www.mgm.com) has redesigned its website to include 3-minute videos clips from 100 of its most popular movies, behind-the-scenes footage and new movie trailers. The clips include famous scenes from movies like Moonstruck, Rocky, Rain Man, The Birdcage and Some Like It Hot. MGM has added the streaming video to create a more interactive entertainment destination for movie fans, and gain product exposure online.

Microcast and Virage partnered with MGM to complete this project. Virage was selected by MGM to encode and categorically tag their film clips to enable site visitors to search for their favorite scene. The search is run on Virage's server, and then once the clip has been selected by the viewer a signal is sent to the Microcast server. In addition to serving the selected clips, Microcast is storing the clips, and providing their modified Windows Media Player. The Microcast player is designed to promote sales at MGM's Online Store. A customer can click on the sidebar while viewing the clip and proceed to purchase the entire film in either VHS or DVD format.

"Microcast is excited to pact with MGM.com and showcase our value to the Hollywood community," said Lance Klein, VP of west coast operations for Microcast.

Although MGM currently has no plans to use the internet as a distribution medium for full length films, they have recognized the power of searchable streaming video to promote e-commerce.

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