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Be Here Covers X-Games with 360-Degree Web Coverage

Be Here (http://www.behere.com ) debuted its 360-degree camera technology at last year's X-Games, and this year it is returning to allow sports fans once again to immerse themselves in the games over the Web, at EXPN (www.expn.go.com).

Be Here's technology is especially well suited to extreme sports coverage, as it lets viewers experience some of the thrill for themselves. Dan Patton, vice president of marketing, believes that the key to Be Here's success is the interactive consumer experience.

"In the end, it is all about the viewer's ability to create his own experience. Somebody who would never do it themselves can feel as though they are barreling down the hill on the street luge," Patton said. Be Here will also take viewers into the air on dirt bikes, onto the half pipe with the top skateboarders, and down the ramps with BMX riders.

Since last year, Be Here's production team has innovated to get the best shots possible. In some cases, it is actually rather low-tech innovation that pushes things to the next level: The team has devised a way to place all of its equipment on a moveable cart with a battery generator, so it can be rolled to remote locations for better shots.

The crew has also enlisted a little cooperation from the athletes. Dennis Derammmelaere, the 1999 street luge gold metal winner, took a practice run with a beta camera. He had to modify his style a little to accommodate the camera, but the viewer can get a real feel for the experience on EXPN.

Patton believes that Be Here's ability to capture interactive content will put the company in a very competitive position in a future where digital televisions and set-top boxes figure prominently. Already, Be Here is making its mark on both the political and sporting webcast fields, proving that its technology is flexible and that viewers appreciate the ability to control the Web experience.

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