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CDNOW Launches Radio

CDNOW announced the launch of CDNOW Radio today. CDNOW Radio features eight programmed "destination" channels focused on lifestyles and an additional 14 genre-specific channels.

Each new "Destination" channel is specifically programmed for a different demographic market segment. For example, the Destination called "The Vineyard" features music by Steely Dan, Carly Simon and other artists appealing to baby boomers. CDNOW Radio also features 14 "Styles" channels focused on specific music genres including Alternative, Blues, Classical and so on.

CDNOW Radio was added to the site with the dual intent of providing an additional service to the customers while increasing their revenue. The radio stations are designed to keep the listener on the site for a longer period of time while they browse through their online catalogs. The radio channels also provide an opportunity to sell advertising geared towards a specific segment of music fans.

"Listeners can get instant information through the radio player on the artists playing by clicking to view bio information, album reviews, news, interviews, Webcasts and more." Said Ali Castellini, Director of Radio at CDNOW.

The Radio plays using Window Media Technology and was designed by RadioAMP. Currently, the service is only available on PC.

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