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Live Webcasts of the Olympics Available in Sweden.

A limited number of fans in Sweden will be able to tune in to live broadband webcasts of the Olympic Games. Kamera Interactive (http://www.kamera.com), a European Internet TV company, has been granted the right to deliver the live broadband broadcast by Bredbandsbolaget (B2) ( http://www.bredband.com).

The event will be distributed live via multicasting over B2's network in Sweden; however, it will only be available to select households in Stockholm. There will also be six demonstration centers for the media and guests in the Swedish cities of Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Umeå, Växjö and Örebro.

The broadcast will use an encoding technique developed by Sorenson Media Inc. together with Kamera Interactive, and will offer six simultaneous live streaming channels each focusing on different sports.

The program is seen by B2 as a test of their product development, and both parties, Kamera Interactive and B2, state that this is the beginning of a long cooperative effort between Swedish television and broadband.

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