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PayForView.com to List Events on Yack.com

PayForView.com announced today that it will be listing several events on YACK.com , an online programming guide. YACK.com will promote two of PayForView's most recent acquisitions: the USA vs. Norway Women's Soccer Game and the live Carlsberg Belfast Challenge.

"Promoting our soccer programming through YACK's vast distribution network should help drive traffic and increase our brand awareness tremendously," explains Dan Scott, Chief Marketing Officer with PayForView.com. It remains to be determined if consumers will pay for content on the web. The pay-per-view model is relatively new and untested.

"The jury is still out on that issue. It's very early in the game," said Jeff Moris President and CEO of YACK. Jeff predicts that the pay-per-view business model of internet content distribution will become more and more viable in the future as the price of connectivity decreases.

PayForView.com is not entirely dependent upon generating revenue from their internet broadcasts. They intend to pursue the sale of their content offline as well. Their focus is on the production and broadcasting of niche sporting events, comedy show, and other types of programming that appeal to special-interest groups. They recently sold the International Female Boxing Championship Bout to both Madison Square Garden Network and the Fox Network.

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