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Showiz.com Announces Free Internet Media Streaming Service

Showiz.com (http://www.showiz.com) announced the launch of StreamFree, a version of ShoStreamz One-Click URL. The software is to be made available free to artists, producers, arts organizations, Web developers and other Internet users. Of course, the capabilities of the free service are limited; however, for a novice they could be of great use.

"Showiz wants to provide this no-risk option so that as web sites gain streaming experience and scale-up their operations, Showiz is there to provide additional media packages to meet their increased needs," said H.L. Wu, CEO of Showiz.

StreamFree easily converts and encodes audio and video content into easy-to-use URLs for placement by artists, content owners and Web developers to stream content instantly to viewers.Showiz is an Application Service Provider (ASP) for artists, content owners and Web site developers. Its ShowStreamz simplifies the process of adding audio and video content to a Web site. Using Web-based controls, Showiz converts, encodes, and hosts the audio and video media content from AVI, MP3 or WAV format and supplies the content owners with ShoStreamz One-Click URLs to post on their Web pages; while the bulk of the web site's text content remains with the customers' own Internet Service Providers (ISP). When Web surfers click on the link, Showiz delivers the content using Showiz's high bandwidth network infrastructure.

The StreamFree service uses Windows Media, and allows up to 5 concurrent connections, 10MB of storage, and 360 monthly minutes of streaming (based on 56 kbps rate).

Showiz is located in Fremont specializes in providing user-friendly media streaming to individuals and corporations.

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