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Harmonic Inc.

Harmonic Inc.
  • 2590 Orchard Parkway
  • San Jose CA 95131
  • United States
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Harmonic, the worldwide leader in video delivery, enables media companies and service providers to deliver next-generation streaming and broadcast services to consumers globally. Powering millions of simultaneous streams, thousands of live channels, and countless VOD requests, Harmonic's VOS® innovative cloud and software-based offerings simplify all stages of media processing and delivery for exceptional-quality video experiences. To ensure the highest service availability, Harmonic’s worldwide DevOps team provides 24/7 monitoring of the cloud platform. Whether powering live sports, ad-supported TV, TV everywhere or cloud broadcast delivery, Harmonic enables operators to meet the demand for scalable video services.



Product Description

VOS®360 Media SaaS

Harmonic’s VOS360 Media SaaS simplifies all stages of media processing and delivery for premium video streaming and broadcast services. Running on all major public clouds, the end-to-end video platform provides unparalleled agility, resiliency, security and scalability for a superior viewing experience.

VOS360 Media speeds up the creation of linear channels, sports events and streams for direct delivery to consumers or syndication partners. Unifying the entire media processing chain, VOS360 features the essential media processing functions: ingest, playout, branding, transcoding, statistical multiplexing, encryption, packaging, origin, server-side ad insertion and delivery. VOS360 Media is based on a flexible SaaS business model that allows service providers to only pay for what they use. 

To ensure the highest service availability, Harmonic’s worldwide DevOps team provides 24/7 monitoring, and VOS360 Media can be deployed in a geo-redundant configuration. VOS360 Media is an ideal solution for a variety of video streaming and broadcast applications, including: 

  • Sports events: Real-time scaling, geo-redundancy and other advanced features on VOS360 Media enable sports events to be delivered reliably and at scale, with targeted ads and pristine video quality. 
  • TV Everywhere: VOS360 Media features best-in-class linear streaming capabilities so that operators can stream to any device and expand audience reach globally with an outstanding linear and VOD experience.
  • Broadcast: VOS360 Media unifies workflows and helps service providers launch TV channels faster, with greater agility and flexibility by supporting ingest, transcoding, playout, branding, statmux and multiplexing of transport streams for all types of broadcast delivery (i.e., IPTV, cable, DTH, DTT and ATSC).
  • Ad-supported TV: Launching FAST channels and AVOD platforms is simple with VOS360 Media. The SaaS solution enables service providers to drive new revenue streams, enhance direct-to-consumer reach and boost engagement.
  • Cloud distribution: With VOS360 Media, operators can distribute linear channels globally, securely and reliably using a public CDN, enabling stream customization and increased flexibility.
  • Channel origination: VOS360 Media enables scalable and efficient scheduling and channel origination in the public cloud. 

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • VOS360 Media SaaS
    Harmonic's VOS360 Media simplifies all stages of playout, media processing and delivery. Running on all major public clouds, the end-to-end SaaS solution provides unparalleled agility, resiliency, security and scalability for a superior viewing experience.
  • VOS Media Software
    Video processing and delivery from a cloud-native software solution, VOS Media Software allows you to elevate your services and define the workflows your team is used to.
  • VOS360 Ad SaaS
    Harmonic’s VOS®360 Ad is an industry-first, innovative stand-alone server-side ad insertion (SSAI) solution that is fully cloud-native, enabling targeted ad delivery to millions of concurrent viewers for live, linear TV and VOD streaming, including FAST channels. Using VOS360 Ad, video service providers can deliver personalized ads, including virtual product placements, squeeze back and double box ads, in the same stream. The comprehensive solution includes ad ingest and processing, ad serving, frame-accurate server-side ad insertion, ad decision server and supply-side server capabilities.
  • SVOD vs TVOD vs AVOD vs HVOD: Video Monetization in VOD Explained
    The streaming video market is rapidly transforming the entertainment industry. The global OTT market is projected to reach US $325 billion by 2024 and $420 billion by 2028. This growth reflects a shift towards more personalized and diverse viewing experiences and increased user numbers. Understanding the nuances of various monetization strategies and insider terms, like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, FAST and HVOD, becomes essential for success and planning out your video strategies. In this blog, gain insights into the evolving landscape of video monetization and make informed decisions for your content strategy.
  • Video Industry Trends and Technologies to Follow in 2024
    The landscape of video streaming and content delivery is evolving rapidly, with 2024 poised to be a pivotal year for the industry. This transformation is driven by a convergence of technological innovations, changing consumer behaviors and a strategic shift in the industry's focus from growth at all costs to profitability and sustainability. Let's delve into the state of the industry and the significant trends shaping the future of video streaming, technology and content delivery.


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