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Optibase - a company portrait

Optibase is an award-winning, global leader in broadband digital video-streaming solutions. The company has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel and operates in North America through its fully owned subsidiary, Optibase Inc, with offices in San Jose (CA) and Burlington (MA). In addition, Optibase has offices in the United Kingdom and Japan. Founded in 1990, Optibase employs more than 110 people worldwide.
By combining powerful software applications with hardware platforms, Optibase offers a suite of products that enables video streaming over IP and ATM networks for applications such as distance learning, business TV, monitoring and video-commerce. A publicly traded company, Optibase (NASDAQ: OBAS) has experienced significant increases in revenues in recent years — from $14.4 million in 1997 to $20.4 million in 1998. During the first half of 1999, the Company's revenues were $12.2 million, with a net profit of $2.2 million.

Optibase has core competencies in the area of video networking and MPEG digital video. Utilizing this expertise, the company has developed proprietary technologies relating to audio encoding, low bit rate MPEG-1 encoding, variable bit rate (VBR) MPEG-2 encoding and audio/video synchronization. Several patents are pending in these areas. The company is currently involved in activities relating to emerging MPEG-4 technologies. In the networking field, the company offers video-networking solutions for video streaming over the Broadband Internet and video networking over corporate LANs and WANs. These networking solutions utilize different protocols, including IP and ATM. Optibase's networking technology enables graceful recovery when network errors occur and continuous video/audio synchronization. Addressing both networking and content creation, Optibase's line of products includes award-winning MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding and playback hardware as well as software applications and software development tools that enable immediate integration into large-scale streaming and multicast networking applications.

Optibase focuses on two markets within the digital video realm: video networking and the creation of digital video for distribution on networks and other media.
The proliferation of networks and increase in bandwidth together with investments in the Internet backbone, access networks and network infrastructure, have enabled the use of high-quality digital video for a wide range of applications. Large system integrators and strategic partners use Optibase's networking products for mission-critical video applications where quality of video and quality of service are paramount. Chief among them is distance learning, on-demand video services, monitoring and video commerce.

Optibase has a well-established network of strategic partners and customers who deliver its digital video solutions directly to end-users and through system integrators. Among these are market leaders such as Cisco Systems, Fore Systems, GTE, Gilat Satellite Networks, Gilat Communications, Hughes Olivetti Telecom, Oracle Corp., SGI, AstraNet, Ncube, Harmonic Systems, IBM, FVC.com and PictureTel. Optibase is able to address the needs of individual partners by providing specific features that meet the needs of their products.
Through its network of strategic partners and customers, Optibase's networking and content creation products reach end-users such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Hughes Olivetti Telecom, CNN, Bloomberg, The Boeing Company and leading universities such as Stanford, Harvard and Princeton.

Optibase's digital video networking solutions and content creation tools are marketed in over 40 countries. The company sells its complete range of products through a combination of direct sales, independent distributors, authorized resellers, system integrators and OEM partners. Optibase's worldwide technical support provides customers with on-site, e-mail, telephone and fax assistance. The company also organizes technical seminars for distributors and resellers to further enhance their knowledge of Optibase products and solutions.

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